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03 Sep 2012
Oltra and the players believe that Depor could have won the game, but also that they could have lost; so everybody was content with the result, mainly has Deportivo have extended its unbeaten run in this beginning of season.

Coach José Luis Oltra was content with the performance of his team, “It’s important to add, but it’s also important how you add the points and the impression that you transmit. We always go out for the three points; we always go out for the game. After the goal Getafe was better and we missed depth, but after the equalizer the team regained control of the actions and it never dropped it again.”

“It was a very dangerous game, because Getafe could have made a lot of damage in the transitions. We missed punch and depth, but in a general sense my team was the one that searched the most for the goal. The modifications were made in order to win, but when you can’t achieve a victory then it’s good to add; it’s the important thing and I remain with that.” He added.

The Valencian coach also said that Depor still has room for the improvement, “This is the beginning of the tournament; I asked for an adaptation period; we could be fine in terms of points, but still can improve. We must work in some aspects. Three games having positive feelings help you to grow up, but it’s useless as a lot still ahead.”

He refused to criticize the job of the defense, mainly Evaldo, “The centre backs and the side defenders were fine. I like to defend with the defensive line performing in an advanced position, but not always you can take the same risks.” Finally, Oltra emphasized the great game of Riki, “He scored a great goal. It was a prepared play, but the merit isn’t mine. It was perfect, because Riki understood it right; the merit is of the players.”

Dani Aranzubia was satisfied with the final result, “When you can’t win then the important thing is not to lose. We were expecting to end with nine points, but well... we lost the control over the game and regained it in the second part. “

“We were unable to score and second and must think that the draw was good. We tried to do the right things, but missed that second goal. In the first part there was the feeling they were close to score the second, but in the second part we improved and were better." The keeper added.

Javier Camuñas entered in the second half and improved the game of the team; he commented that, “The point doesn't taste so good, but we have added five points and still undefeated. The feeling after the game is that, if some side deserved something else in this game, it was Deportivo. The team is coming from Segunda, but we were fine. Getafe pushed and we could have scored more goals at the beginning; we later missed more aim, but I believe that the team still can improve.”

Riki completed a great game and scored the goal for Deportivo, his second on this season, he was commenting the play of the goal,  “It was a lateral free-kick; Pizzi passed the ball and I saw a rival coming, so I ran a few meters and attempted to score. Fortunately it was fine.”

The Madrilenian attacker was saying that the final result was fair, “It's always special to return to Primera. I feel fine and the team is strong, though we only clinched a draw at home. The goal is always to go out for the victory. Despite the team had several opportunities I do believe the final outcome was fair. Their goalkeeper made several saves, but the result was good."

Meanwhile, Carlos Marchena was stating that he’s feeling adapted to his new team, “It’s pretty easy to adapt to this team, because I already knew several of the players. I was also surprised by the fans. They are always cheering up the team.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro also described the outcome as fair, “Both teams wanted to score more goals and I believe that the result was fair. We had our opportunities and we must admit that they also had their chances. I truly believe that the result is fair. The true is that any side could have won the game."

Later the president of Deportivo said that he’s happy with the performance of the team in this beginning of the season, “The balance is positive so far. Getafe put things difficult to us. We were hoping to win today, but we weren't expecting for the draw at Mestalla, so for me the beginning of the season has been solid. It has been pretty good."

At Getafe, coach Luis Garcia Plaza admitted that any team could have won the match, “In the end what matter are the results. In the first half we were superior, but went to the changing rooms with the draw on the scoresheet. That was the key. Later, with the exchange of blows of the second half, we could have won with a chance of Xavi Torres, but could have also lost.”

“Four points in this beginning of season isn’t bad; the team is growing and improving. This is a team with ambition. We have tried to go out for the game. The beginning of the season has been different to the one of the past year.” He finalized.



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