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24 Sep 2012
Depor’s trainer believes that his team is living a curious start of season, undefeated but winless within the last three games. He expects for a great encounter. Meanwhile, Sevilla’s trainer confirmed that he will probably name an unchanged team.

José Miguel González Martín del Campo, ‘Michel’ is a former Real Madrid’s player that conquered fifteen titles throughout his career at the Madrilenian club. He debuted at the first team during the year 1981 and retired in 1997 at Atletico Celaya (Mexico). He was a commentator for Televisión Española (TVE) and for the summer of 2005 he debuted as a coach after signing for another Madrilenian club, Rayo Vallecano, team that at the time was playing at Segunda División B.

The Madrid-born manager didn’t achieve the promotion to Segunda and left his job at the end of that year, this in order to take control of Real Madrid’s B squad (Real Madrid Castilla). After one year there he was promoted to the role of youth teams’ director; he only lasted two years in the job after a confrontation with former president Ramón Calderón. Then he signed for Getafe as the substitute for Victor Muñoz and barely achieved the permanence at the last matchday of the season 2008/09.

And things improved on the following season as his Getafe ended sixth on the liga campaign 2009/10, reason why they played the UEFA Europa League for the first time. The Madrilenian man just stayed one more year at the club and later spent eight months without working; after been linked with several clubs he landed at Sevilla CF on February 7, 2012 as the replacement of Marcelino Toral. Sevilla was in crisis and Michel was unable to qualify the team to Europe, breaking a streak of nine straight appearances in continental competitions; still, the club trusted in him and his contract was renewed for the present season.

Now Michel want to repeat the achievement made with Getafe and attempts to put back Sevilla in Europe; this is the fourth official confrontation between him and José Luis Oltra. The current Depor’s coach achieved one victory in the series as his Tenerife defeated Getafe on the season 2009/10 (3-2). The other two games were won by Michel, starting with a 2-1 win of Getafe over Tenerife on that same season and two years later a 3-2 victory of the Madrilenian club visiting UD Almeria.

Short press conference of Depor’s trainer; he only talked for twelve minutes with reporters on Saturday’s morning, he started talking of Sevilla, “Yes, a pretty game, highly motivating, because an important team is coming; besides they have started strongly and have a clear idea of what they are doing. They are living a good moment and they defend pretty well. They also have a strong attack and are solid in set-pieces. They are coming with a high morale after defeating Real Madrid and that’s always important.”

“Evidently, they’re a team with enough arguments, but we are also living an important moment and are playing in front of our fans. We are competing at the top and also have enough arguments, so this is going to be a great game and there are a lot of expectations on it, always knowing that we are facing a great rival and that it’s going to be pretty difficult.” He added

Then the Valencian trainer admitted that Depor is living a curious situation, undefeated after four liga games but also winless within the last three clashes, “We can’t be pending on the numbers; there’s people already saying that we have spent three weeks without achieving a win, but others tell you that we’ve spent four games without losing, and both positions are right. For me, beyond the result, what matters is what the team transmits, and to me the team transmits confidence, secureness and optimism. On Monday we can lose playing well and nothing will happen. I will make my final conclusions depending on what I see and can’t be thinking at this point that later we are playing against [Real] Madrid or making any other visit.”

Later he said that other teams would like to live the current situation of Deportivo, “We are among the top places at the standings, but what matters are the feelings left by the team on the pitch, and I believe that many teams would love to exchange their positions for ours. We have to fix some things, but are also making several things right. We’ve added three draws, but I believe we have been closer to win those three matches.”

Asked about the fact of having a full squad available for the first time, Oltra was explaining the status of Camuñas, “It’s always important to have a full squad available, always. Camuñas has been out for precaution reasons, he requested the change in the last game and was out at the beginning of the week, but yesterday he completed the training session and it seems that he’s better. We will see tomorrow and make a decision. If he enters into the list it is because he’s fit to play; if not it would be because he isn’t ready.”

The Catarroja-born trainer also explained the situation of Riki assuring that the striker is ready to play, “Riki has been fine; he has only been training with a special protection and for the moment he’s available; nobody has told me that he isn’t ready, so he’ one more player at the team. “

There was a question regarding the reason why Valerón was benched against Granada and the response was, “I would be a bad coach if I put him when people request it or because the media asks for him. I put Valerón because I believe he will bring some things, and when I remove him from the pitch it is because I’m convinced the game isn’t suiting his skills. This isn’t Valerón’s Deportivo, neither Oltra’s Deportivo nor Lendoiro’s Deportivo, this is Deportivo La Coruña. He has played a lot until now.”

Finally, Oltra was once again asked regarding Evaldo; this time, and after the polemic discussion of last week, he was calm and stated with a smile on his face that, “I do believe that Evaldo has been fine; I think he has been great, just like the rest of the past weeks. I think that he was great, like in the previous games.”

Sevilla’s coach gave his press conference on Saturday’s morning; he has a full squad available for Monday’s game and also a team full of morale after the win over Real Madrid, but he asked for precaution, “There’s a lot of competence and we can’t stay with what we did on last Saturday. All of this has been reflected on this week and we aren’t going to let loose. We can’t afford that.”

“We have a full squad available, but will also have to rule out six men. You must make decisions and there are also emotional factors. A lot of people is working at the top and aren’t rewarded with the fact of been picked for a game. This is the worst part for any coach; that’ why I like to have short squads, because it’s hard to leave six men out.” He added.

Regarding Deportivo, the Madrilenian coach was making comparisons with the past win over Real Madrid, “It’s time to endorse what we did in the past game, but regardless what we do on Monday I hope we can complete a great season. Against Depor we will go out for the game, just as it happened against Real Madrid; perhaps not with the same adrenaline than against Madrid, but with the needed one.”

“I warned before that we were fine and that a win in the past game was going to be a boost for us, and it turned to be like that. Our job was to defeat Madrid and that was a step forward, but at the Riazor we are facing a test that’s exactly as hard as the past one; we are meeting an undefeated team that plays well, with a lot of alternatives and having a good strategy. We can’t relax. You can meet an obstacle at any place. They are a stable team that’s never disarmed; they don’t give any space to the rival and know what to do with the ball. Last year you can notice they were a Primera team. Oltra has been great and are living a comfortable situation. Besides, Riazor is a stadium that puts a lot of pressure.” He added

He practically confirmed that Sevilla will play with an unchanged lineup, though with a different tactic, “If something is working the best is to not touch it. It’s highly probable that we will have tactical novelties, but I don’t think we will change the players. We can’t play in the same way than on the past week, because the rival will be able to counteract us. We will make changes, but perhaps not related to the players, but in the way we play.”

Finally, Michel stated that he’s feeling fine in Seville, “People have been great with me; it was the same since my arrival, though in February we didn’t have good results. It’s a good thermometer. But for me the best thermometer is to see people hooked up again.”



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