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17 Oct 2012
Tiago Pinto is one of the players that haven’t debuted yet in liga; his case is strange as the player arrived at the last day been the third choice for his position. For now the Portuguese remains optimistic of his near future at Deportivo.

In recent times Deportivo’s fans have been used to weird stuff in terms of signings, from the exotic cases of left-back Knut Rindarøy and Argentine striker Pepe Sand to the “X-file” of winger Javito. And on this season the extravaganza came with the signing of Portuguese left-back Tiago Pinto.

First to all he was signed just hours before the closure of the summer market, later he was the third left-back at the time as Ayoze Diaz stayed at the club while Brazilian Evaldo Fabiano, who was criticized from day one, landed in A Coruña at the middle of the pre-season. Everybody wondered why this player was signed if there were other choices at the squad.

At the beginning it was understood as a ‘fear signing’, because Oltra was afraid of the problems at the left-back position, but later it was clear that the signings was decided by the club’s officials, mainly president Lendoiro. And it’s that Tiago hasn’t been picked for any of the first seven matches in liga played so far; his role has been reduced to train at Abegondo and to play two friendly games against Dubra and Pontevedra.

Oltra has been stating that the player is still adapting, while he constantly assures that he always put the best players in the games, but many people are already questioning why the Portuguese defender was signed. Some even believe that Pinto might even end up sidelined as it happens with Diego Seoane, Saul or Rodolfo Bodipo.

In the meantime the player hasn’t lost the faith and believes in his chances of playing for Depor in the near future; as he told on last week to reporter Zeltia Regueiro from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, ”Beyond a hope the goal is to be able to compete in la liga. Been hopeful means that you must wait standing up, while having a goal forces you to work hard.”

In this sense he was happy as he got some minutes in last week’s friendly against Pontevedra, ”The training sessions are important, but the good thing is to have matches in order to gain pace. My team mates are helping me a lot and it was important for me to play, because I am not having minutes and in the end I was able to play.”

Finally, Tiago Pinto was saying that the responsibility for the latest result belongs to the whole team, ”The results aren’t only the responsibility of the defense. People talk a lot of the defense, because we are the last men at the back, but any team is composed by eleven players. Anyhow I’m optimistic; we’re fine and doing our job. We have quality and will demonstrate it against Barca.”



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