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16 Nov 2012
A stuck game in the first part that turned into a game full of excitement in the second half; Deportivo B scored twice within the last 11 minutes and clinched its second straight victory, enough to approach to the promotion zone.

Right-back Iván Garrido was the newest casualty at the team due to the injuries; winger Diego Vela remained out and the other three players sidelined for the same reason were centre midfielder Richi, right-back Adriá Gallego and winger Victor Díaz.

The draw was a 4-1-4-1. Marc Martinez was the starting goalie; Marcos Caridad was the improvised right-back, Ángel Martinez was playing on the left, while Uxío was joining Pablo Ínsua at the centre of the defense. Oumar Sidibé was the lonely pivote; Paolo Teles and Juan Carlos were the two playmakers, Álvaro Lemos performed on the right wing, Jorge Cano did it at the left and Jorge Romay was the central attacker.

The rival was Vigo-based club Rápido de Bouzas; the team coached by Juan Carlos Andrés had a slow start only winning one of the first six matches, but later won three of the last six and are dreaming with the promotion seats. Surprisingly, the top-scorer at the team, José María García ´Chema´, was on the bench and only entered when his team was losing.

Everyone at Abegondo was waiting for a close and stuck game; after all Rápido de Bouzas was the best defense of the Galician group at Tercera with only eight goals allowed, and the game fulfilled the expectations, at least in the first part. The visitors were feeling more comfortable before a rival that spent a hard time trying to break the deadlock, but things were completely different in the final half, because the game turned into an exchange of blows with both sides claiming the lead at the end of the encounter.

Fabril looked pretty insecure within the first part, at least at defense; the rival was putting a lot of pressure and released several attacks that gave a lot of problems to Devesa’s boys. But at the same time the locals were looking accurate up front, mainly when Romay and Lemos had the ball at their feet.

In this sense Depor B had the main three goal attempt within the first half an hour; first Teles attempted from long-range with visiting goalie Roberto Páramos clearing the danger to corner-kick (19’), in the next play Cano missed the target from close range after collecting a loose ball inside the area (23’), and then Angel Martinez couldn’t resolve a one-on-one action before the keeper (29’).

In the meantime ex-Celta Pablo Carnero was going to have a chance in a direct free-kick that was saved by Marc Martinez (26’). Both men were going to face each other again in the second part. And just when Depor seemed to be losing presence in attack a doubtful penalty meant the first goal in the game. Lemos, pretty active in the whole game, was trying to release a short cross that hit the hand of Sergio Cotilla and referee Formoso Doval whistled the penalty. It was a similar action to the penalty of Tiago Pinto with the first team at La Romareda. In any case Teles scored his second goal on the season firing from the penalty spot.

The script of the game change completely for the final part, Rápido based its game in the ball possession and forgot about putting pressure up front, therefore the game turned to be an exchange of blows in which the visitors changed the tide in just fifteen minutes. Rápido scored twice and it did it in weird plays.

In the first, midfielder Yahvé Prieto found the ball at midfield and attempted a long-range shot, it seemed like an easy catch for Marc Martinez, but the ball hit a defender and changed the direction crossing Depor’s goalie. Just fifteen minutes later Carnero released a strong shot in a free-kick from the edge of the area, Marc Martinez made the save, but somehow the ball returned into the path of Carnero, who attempted again from the same sector, the ball never touched the ground and went into the left corner of the goal.

Twelve minutes were remaining and by the time Devesa had already ordered the three modifications; he switched the draw into a 4-4-2 with the entries of Luis Fernandez, Álex Pérez and Adrián Martinez, this last one replaced Teles, who was stretched off after suffering a knee injury.

But the changes were going to be decisive as two of the three substitutes were going to score twice in a matter of seven minutes to claim a surprising comeback. Both goals were counterattacks lead by the best players in the game: Romay and Álvaro Lemos. In the first Romay chipped the ball to Lemos, who later entered into the area by the right side to elude a rival and release a volley that Álex Pérez headed into the net.

 In the second the same connection appeared as Romaymade an impressive run at midfield eluding two rivals to end drilling the ball into the right wing, again Lemos was there to release an accurate and low cross that Luis Fernández met at the penalty box; the strong shot of the striker hit the crossbar and entered into the net. It’s the first goal for Luis, who is just returning after spending the last six months injured with a knee problem.

A match with two different stories; in the first half a stuck game in which the lonely goal came from the penalty spot; in the second an exchange of blows with Rápido clinching the comeback, but Lemos and Romay rescued Fabril as both players fabricated two goals in a matter of seven minutes to leave the three points at Abegondo. It’s the second straight win for Depor B, now the team is fifth at the standings, tied in points with fourth place SD Compostela. On Sunday, the team has a new tough meeting as it visits Alondras CF, another aspirant to the promotion places (O Morrazo, 16h30 CET).

Comments of Devesa: ”We are far from what we want, but the team was willful before a  tough rival that put things difficult to us. Besides, I believe we spent a hard time trying to read the game against Rápido de Bouzas. The rival had its options and planned a competitive game. Both sides tried to have the ball possession.”

Deportivo B: (4-1-4-1) Marc Martínez - Marcos Caridad, Uxío, Ínsua, Ángel – Sidibé – Lemos, Teles (Adrián Martinez 79’), Juan Carlos (Álex Pérez 74’), Jorge Cano (Luis Fernández 67’) - Romay
Rápido de Bouzas: (4-2-3-1) Roberto - Marcos, Kiko, Portas, Cotilla (Pardavila 57’) - Diego Diz (Jorge Fernández 81’), Jacobo - Jesús Varela, Nacho Franco (Chema 57’), Yahvé - Carnero.
Goals: 1-0: (43’) Teles (penalty), 1-1: (61’) Yahvé, 1-2: (78’) Carnero, 2-2: (79’) Álex Pérez, 3-2: (86’) Luis.
Referee: Formoso Doval. He showed yellow card to Insua, Sidibé, Lemos, Romay; Cotilla, Kiko Insa, Jesús Varela and Jacobo.
Venue: Abegondo (500)
Stats: Attempts to score (10 – 9); Corner-kicks (4 – 6); Fouls committed (10 – 17)




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