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08 Dec 2012
Winger Javier Camuñas offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Madrilenian is convinced that the team has the potential and desire to achieve the permanence and confessed to be ready to play against Atletico Madrid.

Q: Atletico have won everything at home and Depor still winless away. As they say, is a game to break the statistics?
A: It's a rival that’s playing at a very high level in all competitions. On the contrary, we are living difficult times and we know that the team is short of points.

Q: Is it so important to not sign the tie?
A: It is always difficult to add points on the road, and especially against a team like Atletico. Maybe after the meeting a point there can be very good, but at the beginning we’re in relegation and we’ll try to go to the Calderón in order to win the game.

Q: That goes, especially, for improving the balance at defense, right?
A: We understand that the only way to change things is to work hard and fix some issues, we're having a lot of mistakes. It is costing us the games. Up front we´re scoring goals, maybe that daring behavior is forcing us to throw the blanket and the defense is exposed. We can change the situation and for that we have to work and rely heavily on what we're doing.

Q: The urgency is to have a more compact team.
A: We’re conceding too many goals. Especially away from home and we need to be more aggressive, more compact and the rivals should believe that they need to make the things pretty good in order to score a goal against us.

Q: Perhaps you are missing a point of aggression?
A: In the best sense of the word, yes. We have to commit more fouls and be even stronger, always going to the ball, but seeing the rivals realizing the difficulty of attacking Depor.

Q: It isn’t a problem of will or desire, because Depor shows each day that the commitment of the players is on.
A: Certainly. The team can be blamed from other stuff, but the true is that the players are heavily involved with the cause, pushing at the top and having a positive attitude. You may criticize some aspects, and people are in their right to do it, but the level of humanity of the team, plus the union inside the changing room, are high. The fans need good results in order to be happy and we need to correspond to their support. It shows up that people are with the team until death, something that isn’t happening at every city. We need to valorize it. We have to feel responsible and I particularly see that the squad is strong, is united and knows that the only way to get out of this is to keep working and improving.

Q: Is more exciting to return to the starting eleven in a field like the Calderon?
A: These are pretty tough games in order to play. The coach hasn’t said anything about the team, but I'm ready for whatever he wants. It is a complex field, but it’s also nice to find that turning point that will help us to change the dynamics, especially the results.

Q: You aren’t a starter, but have had minutes in all the matchdays. How do you measure this?
A: I'm trying to change that situation and work at the top every day to find that place at the team. I'm waiting for that opportunity. I always tried to seize the minutes that I have had. Especially in difficult times, like now, I try to stand up more than ever. I am a player that, despite things are wrong, like to be involved. From there is the coach who has to decide.

Q: Is anything similar to what you lived last year at Villarreal?
A: There is no comparison. That was another squad, made to play the Champions League and that was joined by many absurdities. Deportivo have a different mentality, it is coming from Segunda to consolidate itself at Primera and the goal is salvation. These are two very different teams. It is very unpleasant to live down there. It leaves you forever marked. You aren’t happy. It's a big blow and don’t want to think about that. We're focused in changing this. Just think of meeting the goal of the permanence.



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