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11 Dec 2012
As it could be expected, huge criticism towards Deportivo and the passive performance showed against Atletico Madrid. The papers mourned the gory ending of a team that did everything wrong at the Calderón stadium.

La Voz De Galicia: Sparring for Falcao. Deportivo had not too much to say at the Calderon stadium. In a game with a chill atmosphere and the aroma of routine for the locals, Atletico Madrid aired the matter in 20 minutes, frame when they concentrated three goals that ended the debate. It helped the inexperience of the Galician defense, the fragilities of the team if not the errors of an emergency lineup. Neither Roderick nor Insua could face Diego Costa and Falcao, duo that regained their spot against Depor. The Colombian, to the point of becoming the first player ever to score fives goals in a game with Atletico.

Diego Costa was coming after been sent off in the Europa League and pointed for his mercurial character in the derby against Real Madrid. Simeone, however, was clear during the week: Diego Costa and ten more. The former Celta man responded with mobility at the sides and a goal, taking advantage of the poor move of Aranzubia after a corner-kick and the fact that Insua was unable to stop him. Meanwhile, Falcao had only scored a goal within the last five games, and it was a penalty against Sevilla. The Tiger was stuck, but against Depor he found a corridor in a counterattack of Atletico and a crossed a shot before Aranzubia. At half-time, a throw-in poorly defended and a violent kick made it 3-0.

Depor arrived until that point in the game, ragged at defense, regretting more than ever before for the casualties at the back zone. In a soulless game, without tension, because it gave the feeling that the rival and their fans took the outcome for granted. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña:  In free fall. Deportivo could take refuge in bad luck, as they did after the home defeat against Betis on the past weekend. They could argue that if the header of Valerón, with the 1-0 on the scoresheet, wouldn’t hit the woodwork of Courtois then the result would have been different. They could do it and keep looking the other way when it comes to analyzing the gaps of a team that, yesterday, against Atletico, at times showed a ridiculous performance.

It took six goals, five of Falcao, half the fruit of their own weaknesses and the other half due to the indolence with which they faced certain situations. Because while it may be argued that the Blanquiazul team dominated until the first goal the true is that, until the attempt of Valerón, Deportivo had fired only once. That was the only attempt translated from the dominion of Oltra’s men and their ball possession over an Atletico that, until this point, it had barely stepped into the area of Aranzubia. It happens that football is also a reflection of the attitude of their coaches. Hence arises the personality of each team and Los Colchoneros are a faithful image of Diego Pablo Simeone.

They refuse the ball; neither they care of giving it to the rival, as indeed happened yesterday in the first half hour of the match. They are nurtured on the philosophy instilled by the Argentinian coach, but it doesn’t stop of being a vulgar team regarding the game that’s practiced. It is, however, forceful. It presses with voracious anxiety the output of the ball and when the rival isn’t stuck, which rarely happened to Deportivo in yesterday’s game, then they don’t doubt in retreating to their goal to defend in superiority. That recipe was cruelty used against a Deportivo that was weaker than ever before.

The ordered start of the first half vanished with the goal of Diego Costa and the first of Falcao sunk the Blanquiazul outfit; they deployed in order to drown the precise transitions and rapid recoveries of the rival. If something could have been rescued by Deportivo in the second part was the honour and makeup part of the fainthearted image offered against the, it should not be forgotten, the second place at the standings. Far from doing so, however, enhanced its reputation of a soft team and showed a disturbing moral damaged with the other three goals endorsed by Atletico. All of them scored by Falcao, one from the penalty spot, which ended a dismal afternoon for Deportivo before receiving Valladolid at the Riazor on next Monday with no further margin than the victory. Marcos Otero.

Deporte Campeón:  Total disaster in Madrid. That we expected a defeat? Yes, we aren’t going to fool ourselves. That we were expecting goals? As always, too. That the result would be a 6-0? Blunt and disappointing, that was something that no one wanted to think, but in the end the reality is as hard as clear. Deportivo cannot put the rival in trouble, the opponent does it and, sometimes, the same Blanquiazul players are the ones allowing the self-immolation with their mistakes.

The team jumped into the grass and gave a hard battle, it cannot be denied. After an attacking move of the Madrilenian outfit the Galicians responded by sending the ball up front and earning a corner-kick. It looked, from the beginning, that the game would be a give and take, what happens is that the opponent always takes while Depor never give.

Yesterday the team played against the second place in the league, against Falcao and a team that is much better than Deportivo. There is no doubt of it, there is no objection. The defeat is logical, it’s what usually happens. But if someone of the coaching staff or of the team is able to stand up and face the public for the poor impression that was left in this game, then  simply they won’t have an  answer. We’ve to react now. No more excuses, no more thrashings, no more ball possession, no more bad luck and neither silly excuses. Nobody enjoys with this Depor. Alberto Torres.

Marca: Falcao has no limits. Valverde already said it in his preview of the game between Valencia and Osasuna: when you try to shut the fire with gasoline the result is often devastating. Deportivo attended to the Calderon with a defense of circumstances that demonstrated an unworthy level of a Primera team, and the Tiger, pure fire and nerve, feasted as he could. And it’s that for something the Colombian is the best '9 'in today’s world.

Come on, that the script was written before the game started and that the ball was rolling, because right now the difference of game and confidence between the two contenders is abysmal. Falcao is a total predator that invents a goal from any play and Roderick is a short centre-back without pedigree that was destined to end up in the box of broken toys. Another thing is what you can imagine, but the reality, unfortunately for Oltra, often is tough.

The funny thing is that Depor went out right planted on the field and held the first 20 minutes, among other things because Atletico were still studying the rival. It found out that the Galicians were pure fireworks and later launched themselves unceremoniously to the jugular and the result was devastating.

The final whistle ended the ordeal of a Depor that´s playing with fire, because the squad is what it is and besides Oltra is not finding the right key. As for Atletico, it remains committed to dispute the league to both Barça and Madrid, although obviously in disadvantage. Yes, they have Falcao, a Tiger who has a limitless appetite and this Sunday he had a feast for the championship. With him, dreams can come true. Tomás Campo.

AS: Two straight losses were enough to re-launch from the bowels the most strange dreams for the Rojiblancos. It was time to rethink and say aloud, like a Don Quixote, "I know who I am." And Atletico was a torrent of pressure, a team that offers no margin of error to the rival, a team of resources, intense. Cholo Simeone's team. There was attitude, but above all, there was much Falcao. He scored five of the six goals through all circumstances. Ideal to illustrate the manual of the good striker. Bring all the adjectives that you want for the feat that  he Colombian wrote today. I won’t dare to do it. They should reserve pages and pages in the encyclopedia of Atletico, the written and oral, for the December 9, 2012, Radamel Falcao scored five goals as five suns in the league. Pablo Bargueño

El Pais: Falcao shatters Deportivo. Ravager. No mercy for a couple of centre-backs too tender for so many striker, Last night Falcao had a historic feast. Five goals, no less, each in all kind of plays. He resolved a one-on-one play, fired from the edge of the area, converted a penalty, haunted a loose ball and closed his glorious performance with a counterattack, a cut and a shot. All the posts were touched and executed in five accurate shots. A figure that kinship with the great names of the area who have passed through the league.

His was a supreme exercise of shots and unbalance, unattainable for Roderick and Insua, the rookie couple that Oltra had to align due to the casualties caused by the injuries and suspensions. A bargain, easy prey for the best striker in the world playing inside the area, who had no compassion whatsoever. Falcao triturated them, but first Diego Costa crushed them. No lost in ground wars. Focused, only in football, which is his job. To give his best in each counterattack, without quarrelsome gestures, Diego Costa, the other striker at the team, plucked first Deportivo, a chicken that was plucked by themselves due to their own ingenuity.

Neat and tidy in the proposal as Deportivo was, Atletico have too much venom in their football for a team so soft. It is a dogcatcher squad that usually breaks the contrary by the weak areas. Oltra travelled to the Calderon with those two centre-backs from the academy, and from there it bit Simeone's team from minute one. Ladislao J. Moñino



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