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11 Dec 2012
Oltra and the players were sad after the humiliating defeat at the Calderón stadium; the coach believes that the team had reached the bottom and that everything should improve from now own, while the players target the next game against Valladolid.

Coach José Luis Oltra commented that the game was divided in two different parts, “Without doubt this is a painful defeat, all the defeats are painful. There were two different games, at minute 30 of the first half nothing was pointing that things were going to end like this. Until that point we had our opportunities, the team was playing well and had the control of the football.”

“Atleti didn’t have too many chances until this point; we even had opportunities after the first goal of Atletico, mainly in the play in which Valerón hit the woodwork, but Atletico is a great team, with effective players and the game reached to the pause with the 3-0, a tough result to overcome for a team like us. You arrive to half-time losing 0-3 and it’s pretty demotivating. The returning trip will be tough and starting tomorrow we need to train and forget what happened today.”

The Valencian coach was questioned for his previous comments when he said that the fans are enjoying watching Depor compared to previous years; this time he said that, “My perception is that the fans of Depor feel more identified with this style. What people want is to win. People are watching a team with a defined style, which is usually attractive, but today I cannot say that people have enjoyed.”

About Radamel Falcao, he commented that, “I already warned that, possibly, he’s the best central attacker in today’s football. His game was pretty solid, though we didn’t had our best game in a defensive sense. He’s a top player. He’s matching the level of the best and is capable of beating any defense.”

Finally, there are rumours that Deportivo already contacted Marcelino in case Oltra is fired, but Depor’s coach is confident on his continuity, “I don’t see any danger, though it’s useless what I can say on this subject. I am convinced that we´re going to improve. Today we reached the bottom and since now we can only go up. We´re going to improve. Today we see that everything is black, but I’m hopeful that everything will be better tomorrow. The union of the group is helping us. Despite what the number say the situation isn’t insurmountable.”

Daniel Aranzubia saw the ball ending six times at the back of the net; he commented that, “Nobody likes to suffer these defeats, but the only thing we can do is to stand up and continue. The keepers don't like to allow so many goals. We need to forget it and try to win the next game.”

“It's difficult when you have players like Falcao in front of you, because he always tries to seize the errors.
We must try to stand up and win the next game against Valladolid. We don't deserve to be down there, but the standings are marking the reality. We have tried to fix the errors at defense, but haven't been able to do it until now.” He added.

Valerón also talked to reporters after the game, “It was a hard day, for both the game and the result; you leave with the idea that it was a big punishment, but the real thing is that we need to accept it and later to move forward. Things can only be improved through our strength; we need to give everything and must face the next two games; in the following match we are playing for everything. The errors have been expensive.”

“You never know what could have happened if I had scored, but that goal would have brought strength to us, mainly in the current situation that we’re living. When you see that the ball isn’t entering and in if in the next play they score, then it ends up scraping you. In the second part things were uphill for us. It will be a difficult week, but we must prepare for the next game and demonstrate that we want to win it.” El Flaco added.

At Atletico Madrid, ´Cholo’ Simeone was content with the victory, “I’m content for the reaction of the team and  how they read a match that was equal at the beginning. Each time this team has a bigger potential up front. In the first part, after the first 25 or 30 minutes, the team was plugged into the game and the result was rounded with a solid second part that leaves us with 37 points.”

About the five goals of Falcao, he commented that, “I’m happy for everything that happens to him. Atletico Madrid is enjoying, his people love him, his partners respect him and he’s followed inside the pitch, Today is an historical day for him. I don’t know if any other player of Atletico is going to score five goals in one single match. Falcao is ambition, hope, he always wants something more… he really is a difficult player to mark.”

Radamel Falcao, the big hero of the game, talked to reporters and stated that, “I have to highlight the game of the team. Thanks God for living these kinds of games. When I arrived to Atletico I wanted to leave a mark and make history. We are growing up in a mental sense. Inside the pitch the group is strong. There have been tough moments, but we’re strong.”



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