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12 Dec 2012
The latest results have left Depor at the bottom of the standings in la liga; it’s the second time in 40 years that this situation happens to the Galicians. The main reason for the debacle is the weak defense, the worst among the big European leagues.

Deportivo have only added one point within the last five liga matches; as result of this poor run the Blanquiazul outfit is the currently the last place at the standings. It’s the second time that this situation occurs for the Galicians since the season 1972/73.

On that campaign la liga was composed by 18 clubs; Deportivo ended the first round at the 14th position, but two straight defeats at the beginning of the second round (0-1 Vs. FC Barcelona & 0-2 at Granada CF) sunk the team coached by Arsenio Iglesias into the last place at the standings. Never again on that tournament the team lived at the bottom; still, Depor suffered the relegation ending 17th three points above last-place Burgos CF and only two points below the safety.

Then, on the season 2010/11, Lotina's Deportivo were the last place on matchday 06 after a new big loss: 1-6 at Real Madrid. It was the only time on that season that Depor was at the bottom; still, the Galicians ended at Segunda.

The main reason for the current debacle is the poor defense of Deportivo. Oltra’s team has allowed 37 goals in 15 matchdays; it’s the worst mark at Primera División since the season 1981/82; at the time CD Castellón had allowed 41 goals after the first 15 games in the tournament

Depor are not only the worst defense in Spain, but it’s also the worst among the big leagues in the continent. The average of goals allowed by the Galicians (2.47) is the worse among the five big leagues in Europe. The worst defenses in the other leagues are: TSG 1899  Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga (2.38), SC Bastia & ES Troyes at Ligue 1 (2.06), Southampton FC at the Premier League (2) and Genoa CFC at Calcio (1.75)

At least the current situation is pretty thigh in la liga and the difference between the last six places at the standings is only of four points, so a lot of things can change within the next week, period of time when the last two matchdays in 2012 are going to be played.



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