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13 Dec 2012
Deportivo is the last place at the standings after a disastrous game against Atletico Madrid; many people didn’t like what they saw on the weekend. The coach and players like Manuel Pablo have been criticized.

Nobody likes to see their favour team losing and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the protest of the fans after the big loss at the Calderón stadium (0-6), result that left Deportivo at the bottom of the standings. The feeling of impotence isn’t new; it was already present after other disappointing presentations, like the 1-6 loss at Real Madrid or the 3-5 at Real Zaragoza.

On Monday’s morning one of the walls at the Riazor was showing a message dedicated to the players: ”“Vergońa, non deixaremos que nos afundades” [“Shame, we won’t let you sink”]. The message was signed by the Riazor Blues. It isn’t the first time that this group transmits their feelings through the walls of the stadium and is considered as a proof of the frustration among the fans

The message at the Riazor

The players are also under fire; after Atletico Madrid scored the fifth goal the broadcast of the game showed the image of Manuel Pablo laughing on the sidelines. The capture of the image spread like wildfire in the Internet and the fans complained of the behavior of Depor’s captain.

On Wednesday, the Canarian man defended himself during a press conference. He was asked about the incident and apologized for it, ”I want to ask for forgiveness to anyone who fell offended. The other day I was talking to the physical trainer of the team during the warming up, it was cold and I was joking about it; that why I was laughing. The image is there and you can read my lips, but I understand that people might think otherwise. I just ask for apologies to anyone that felt hurt. I just try to help.”

Manuel Pablo laughing after the fifth goal of Atletico

There were other players on the spotlight after the defeat, starting with Roderick; who was asking for the shirt to Falcao when the game was still on. Many people complained of his behavior in a painful moment for everyone.  There’s also the comment that the one that wanted the shirt of Falcao was Abel Aguilar and that Roderick was only an intermediary.

Abel Aguilar and Falcao during Sunday’s game

Om this issue, Manuel Pablo commented that, ”We understand why the fans are upset. For some people this situation might be… wrong… but it is something that we all do in all the games. We’re just aware that anything after a big defeat can’t be misunderstood.”

The captain also asked the fans to support the team during the coming game against Real Valladolid, ”I ask the public to cheer us up throughout the ninety minutes. We need them. The team might be affected at this moment if we don’t feel their love. Later, after the game, they could manifest whatever they want. Let’s hope we will bring joy to them and also to us.”



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