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14 Dec 2012
The current situation at Deportivo is putting a lot of pressure in the shoulders of Oltra; the media and the fans already lost the patience and many people are asking for his exit. Lendoiro, meanwhile, will not make his move before next Thursday.

Tense days for José Luis Oltra in A Coruña; Deportivo is the last place at the standings as the Primera tournament approaches to the end of the first round and the Valencian coach is pointed as one of the main responsible persons for the debacle.

Far are the days when he was hailed for his offensive approach or when the fans carried him on their shoulders after the victory at Balaídos. The present is what counts in the minds of the fans and many are already asking for his destitution. A few surveys were opened and many of them are asking for his exit, at least to consider the possibility in case of a defeat in the coming matches.
The survey of RCDLC.com in Facebook is divided between the alternative of firing the coach now or to wait for the result of the match against Real Valladolid. In other surveys the responsibility of the current situation is shared between the coach, the players and the club’s president.

Oltra started to lose points with the fans since his team suffered a 3-5 defeat visiting Real Zaragoza after been leading 0-2, but the toughest criticism appeared after the polemic substitution of Roderick with Bodipo when the score was 2-2 in the home meeting with Real Betis, a change that broke the team in two and that provoked a new defeat (2-3).

And the unpopularity  of Oltra reached a new height after his Deportivo left a new pale impression in the visit to Atlético Madrid, the 0-6 loss turned to be the worst defeat of the Galician team since the season 1964/65 (0-6 at Córdoba CF).

There are more internal problems; Oltra is represented by Bahia agency, and before the visit to Atlético, the spokesman of the agency, Antonio Sanz, criticized the club and the sporting director, Ernesto Bello, for making business with agent Jorge Mendes and even said that only one or two of the players that joined the club thanks to the Portuguese agent are worth of playing at Primera.

Sanz is also the agent of Fabril’s Juan Carlos, who had a conflict at the club during the summer window. Some journalists were upset with this criticism; veteran Gonzalo Soto even asked for the resignation of Oltra if the Valencian coach was thinking the same than Sanz. Later, Oltra said during the press-conference at the Calderón stadium that he didn’t agree with the words of Bahia’s spokesman.

There are divided opinions on what president Augusto César Lendoiro will do in case this situation continues. Since his arrival to the club twenty-five years ago only eight coaches have sat at the bench of the  first team, and only three of them were fired at the middle of the season, the first was Marco Antonio Boronat (91/92), then John Benjamin Toshack (96/97) and the last one was Carlos Alberto Silva (97/98).

Two years ago supposedly there were some ultimatums over Lotina as Depor lived at the limit during big part of the liga tournament, but the president always relied in the Basque coach and Deportivo ended at Segunda División. Now it isn’t clear how Deportivo’s boss is going to react in case of new failures.

Many journalists believe that the results in the coming week will mark the near future of Oltra, starting with Monday’s meeting against Real Valladolid. In the meantime, Radio La Red in Argentina informed that Deportivo have already contacted Julio César Falcioni, who three days ago left Boca Juniors.



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