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16 Dec 2012
Striker Nélson Oliveira offered an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeón; the Portuguese player confirmed that he’s ready to return and analyzed the current situation in la liga. He described the game against Valladolid as a final.

Q: Are you ready to return?
A: Yes My recovery process has gone very well, I am responding in training without having any problem and I'm ready to play.

Q: And I guess willing to jump into the grass wishing to demonstrate your level after a month on the sidelines.
A: Yes, it's true, I’m willful, because things were fine for me at the beginning, but the injury cut my progression at Deportivo, so I’m really wanting to demonstrate people why I came here and show my skills as a player.
Q: You started pretty well, but gradually lowered your performance. Is it too hard to do a lot of things within the 30 minutes you are receiving per game?
A: When you are a substitute the peace isn’t the same and things aren’t as well as when you are a starter. Maybe that's the reason of my problems in recent games, but I cannot explain why.

Q: Is the team nervous about the situation at the standings and after the big loss at the Vicente Calderon?
A: No nerves, but we´re anxious to get out of this situation and make things right. We're not going through a good moment, but we believe in the squad; we believe in what we are doing and we’re convinced in leaving the last places, because we're wrong, but aren’t so far from salvation. In this league everything changes with a couple of games, so let's try to win on Monday, which is a very important game and certainly if we win, then the situation will be a little more comfortable.

Q: It's good to see that you having confidence, but the matchdays are passing and although you say 'we will win' the situation doesn’t change and you remain at the bottom of the standings.
A: I don’t know how to answer that. The most qualified persons to do it are the coach and the coaching staff. I can only tell you that the team is trying to make things right, to change the momentum and to dedicate the victory to the fans who are supporting us so much.

Q: What's wrong?
A: If we’re last in the league it is something that isn’t right, but it's the coach who should know better. To allow so many goals isn’t only a failure of the defense, because we’re a team and we attack and defend all together. We must improve together, talking and doing it, because if we are the last place it is because things aren’t working out.

Q: Will we see the real Nélson Oliveira in the second round?
A: That's what I will try to do, to work at the top and give everything on the pitch, to help the team and give back to the fans all the enthusiasm they have shown to me.

Q: Are you worried that some people are questioning the level of the players brought by Jorge Mendes?
A: I have nothing to say about that. Each person can have their opinion, but I don’t have to judge Mendes’ players or players who come from elsewhere. We’re a team and we’ve to judge the collective work, and if this work is not good, then it is normal to be criticized, because something is wrong, but if we are not well, then it is the whole package who have to give more, not only Mendes’ players.

Q: How do you see Valladolid?
A: It’s very complicated, but I think we have a good chance to win, because at the Riazor we´re playing pretty well

Q: Is the first final of the season for Depor?
A: It is a final because we only have a few points and we want to begin the comeback; we need to react, but there will be more opportunities.



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