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27 Dec 2012
Only seven players at Deportivo have a contract lasting beyond June of 2013; the rest of them could leave during the summer. Lendoiro is negotiating with five players that are ending their deals with the club, including Riki & Ze Castro.

Busy days for Augusto César Lendoiro, Depor’s president is battling in two fronts as he’s dealing with the delicate financial situation of the club, something that could lead the club to administration; at the same time he’s also analyzing the sporting needs of a team that’s currently the last place of Primera División.

These needs include the possible destitution of the coach, the exit of players that haven’t matched the expectations and the arrival of reinforcements. And the new year is bringing a new front for the president: the players ending contract in 2013 and that will be free to negotiate with other clubs starting on Tuesday.

And it’s that only seven of the twenty-six players at the first team (27% of the total) have a contract with the club lasting beyond June of 2013: Laure (2016), Álex Bergantiños (2016), Aythami Artiles (2015), Bruno Gama (2015), Carlos Marchena (2014), Ayoze Diaz (2014), and Manuel Pablo (2014).

Laure and Álex signed their extensions of contract within the last two months, while Manuel Pablo hasn’t signed the new deal, but he already have a verbal agreement with the club in order to play until 2014 and later join the club’s staff. There’s also the special case of Juan Carlos Valerón, who could announce his retirement within the next six months in order to become a club’s official.

Everybody else is ending their links with Deportivo in June of 2013, starting with the nine players that are on loan at Deportivo: left-backs Evaldo Fabiano and Tiago Pinto, centre-back Roderick Miranda, centre midfielders Abel Aguilar and André Santos, left wingers Pizzi, Diogo Salomão and Javier Camuñas, plus striker Nélson Oliveira.

Then, there are nine men ending their contracts in June of 2013 and that will free to negotiate with other clubs starting on January 1st: goalkeepers Daniel Aranzubia and German Lux, centre-back Ze Castro, right-back Diego Seoane, right winger Saúl Fernandez, centre midfielders Jesús Vázquez and Juan Dominguez, plus strikers Riki and Rodolfo Bodipo.

Of this list three players will surely leave during the summer: Saul, Jesús Vázquez and Bodipo, because the club will allow their exits. In the case of Seoane, the club’s official already presented a renewal offer, but the player hasn’t accepted and is highly probable that he´ll leave.

The other five players have a chance of staying and the club is already negotiating with their agents. Three of these five men are normal starters with Oltra: Riki, Aranzubia and Ze Castro, while the other two have had an important role at some points of the season: Lux and Juan Dominguez.



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