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31 Dec 2012
Portuguese Domingos José Paciência is the new coach of Deportivo. The 43-year-old man, and represented by Jorge Mendes, is assuming the challenge of trying to save the spot at Primera División after the departure of Oltra.

Three hours after announcing the departure of Oltra, president Lendoiro announced the name of the new coach: Domingos José Paciência. A former striker that was close to join Deportivo during the 1990’s. He is well known for been the coach that put SC Braga into the final of the UEFA Europa League during the season 2010/2011.

He is represented by Jorge Mendes and signs a contract until the end of the season. He will be joined by his coaching staff; all of them will be presented tomorrow at noon after the training session of the first team, the first after the Christmas vacations (13h30 CET). 

The press conference of Lendoiro only lasted a few minutes and as the president ended the negotiations with his agent. He promised to give more details during the presentation of the new coach, but for now Depor’s boss stated that Domingos won’t have any special clause in his contract allowing his continuity in case that Depor achieve the permanence at Primera División.

Domingos is 43 –he’s only three months older than Oltra- and is considered as a coach that works hard at defense and that likes solid teams playing on the counterattack. His last club was Sporting CP, he was sacked after a confusing situation and as that the “Lions” accused him of been negotiating a move to FC Porto.

Domingos Paciência is the 59th coach in the history of Deportivo, and the first one coming from Portugal. He’s also the 12th coach of the club in the era of Lendoiro; Depor’s boss is about to celebrate 25 years as the president of the club.

The coaches in the era of Lendoiro:
Arsenio Iglesias Pardo (1987-1991)
Oleg Romantsev (1991)
Marco Antonio Boronat (1991-92)
Arsenio Iglesias: (1992-1995)
John Benjamin Toshack (1995-1997)
Carlos Alberto Silva (1996-1998)
José Manuel Corral (1997-98)
Javier Irureta (1998-2005)
Joaquín Caparrós (2005-2007)
Miguel Ángel Lotina (2007-2011)
José Luis Oltra (2011-2012)
Domingos Paciência (2013-now)



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