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01 Jan 2013
Domingos Paciência was presented on Monday as the new coach of Deportivo; he’s coming with three assistants and assuring that he’s prepared to save Deportivo. Lendoiro confirmed that he signs a contract lasting until the end of the season.

One hour after Oltra said good-bye at Abegondo, the club was presenting the new coach at the Riazor. President Augusto César Lendoiro was joined by his advisors and confirmed that Domingos Paciência is signing a contract lasting until the end of the season. He’s joined by two assistants, Joao Carlos Costa & José Miguel Cardoso, plus physical trainer Rui Miguel Santos.

The current physical trainer of Depor, Jose Ángel Franganillo, and the keeper’s trainer, José Sambade, will remain at the club. There was a lot of expectation at the Riazor for the presentation, there were several reporters coming from Portugal and the presentation was transmitted live by canaldeportivo.tv

Lendoiro talked first during the presentation; he remembered that the club tried to sign Domingos when he was a striker at FC Porto, “We have the pleasure of presenting the new coach of Deportivo; he will be here, at least, until the end of the season, he’s Domingos Paciência. We tried to hire him when he was a player at FC Porto, but Tenerife got in the way. So the dream has been fulfilled today, though under this stage as a coach. We are confident and hope that we are going to save ourselves, so we count with his work and the support of his staff.”

Domingos Paciência and Lendoiro during the presentation
Then Domingos, wearing a scarf of Deportivo, addressed the media and said that, “At this moment it’s important to allow me to say what I fell: It’s special to me to have the chance to join Depor. I arrive hopeful and trying to do what we all want: to do a better job, because it’s important to clinch the goal of the permanence. For this we need the commitment of the players. It’s a hard task, but I like it, and that’s the reason why I’m here.”

He described what his style is, “I like to see my teams playing well, because if we play well then we’re closer to win. My teams score a lot of goals and allow less. If you score more goals then you have more options of winning. Tactics? 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, it depends of what suits the football that you try to practice. I’ll just try to put the best players in order to win the games.”

“We should know the right moment to defend and when to attack. We want a solid team in defense. It’s the balance that we’re seeking. We must try to not allow goals. We must search for a balance, if we are strong at defense, then the midfielders and attackers will feel safer. We know that we need to win in order to leave the current situation. Tomorrow we’ll talk with the players about the coming games, starting with the one with Malaga. Will I make changes? You will see it on Saturday” He added

The Portuguese man explained why he chose to join Deportivo, “I want to remain active, and what better place that a team with history. I had other chances to coach, but decided to wait. It’s a pride for me to coach Depor. If I accepted to come it is because I’m convinced that I can help Depor. It isn't the first time that I coach a team living this kind of situation. Académica Coimbra was passing through the same and we ended seventh at the standings.”

Finally, Paciência said that he won’t have any problem to adapt to Deportivo, "My advantage is that I met some of the players at Braga, besides I've watched the matches of Depor, so I know who the important players are. There won't be a problem with the tactics, but for me it doesn’t matter the nationality of the players. I know that important Portuguese players like Ze Castro, Pizzi, Bruno Gama and Nélson Oliveira are making a good season here, but I don’t prefer the Portuguese players.”




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