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28 Jan 2013
The papers believe that Deportivo fell once again in la liga due to their defensive errors. The expulsion of Silvio was another of the factors to explain the defeat, while the media in Valencia hailed the performance of Juan Bernat.

La Opinión A Coruña: Death in the trenches. The expulsion of Sílvio after half-time truncated the meritorious comeback of the Galicians with two goals from Riki. Depor defended with courage and caressed the tie, but Ricardo Costa sunk the bottom club in la liga. Depor deserved more. They died in the trenches, forced to retreat after Sílvio was sent off at the very beginning of the second part. Both goals of Riki were useless after the Galician team overcame the early goal of Jonas. In the end Valencia won thanks to Ricardo Costa's header in injury time. Depor died last night in their battle, but at the same time showed that they still alive, for their courage and sacrifice. All the players left their skin on the pitch. At least, there’s no doubt about it. Eugenio Cobas

Deporte Campeón: More errors, more defeats. Deportivo fell once again in this league due to their own demerits, they made a sovereign effort throughout the game and ended up losing a game that could and should have won. In fact, with the 2-1 on the scoresheet, Silvio’s expulsion ended the dreams of adding points against Valencia. A second yellow for a foul that wasn’t necessary marked the evolution of the game. All misfortunes came together once again to suffer a new defeat. The win was more feasible than ever before against Valencia, but in the end there was a cruel result leaving the team at the edge. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: The ballast of the old vices. The back of Aythami and Silvio. Depor fell to old vices and squandered two goals in favor without getting any single point. Gross defensive errors that could have been more expensive. The offensive line of Valencia had little aim and Aranzubia many reflexes. The best chances for Valencia came by the back of Aythami, usually out of place before the mobility of the visitors’ offensive line. Paciência tried to gather the lines moving forward the defense, but the slowness and lack of placement of the defenders converted the idea into a suicide. The shock of yesterday’s game gave the reason to the coach as he was demanding reinforcements.

The errors of Aythami were joined by Manuel Pablo, who turned Bernat into Maradona, and especially Silvio (the left-back position remains to be a desert). Not only encouraged the reaction of Los Ches with his expulsion, but frequently lost the place and failed to cover his zone during the first goal. Deportivo’s coach ventured as he only picked four defenders and Jesus Vazquez had to debut in a position in which he isn’t used to. He paid with his failure in the 2-3.

Riki removed his spine. Three shots, two goals. Riki's reunion with Valencia at the Riazor left an improper stat for the Aranjuez-born player, exceptionally effective in this match. Deportivo was once again favored by Paciência’s  offensive strategy. The output is fleeting in search of the opposing goal, without entertaining the ball in the development. Pizzi and Bruno Gama alternate their positions opening the gaps for Riki, creating opportunities and setting defenders. Thus came the 2-1 when the striker found a crack to fire with his left leg.

Aranzubia’s role. The first pass in the counterattacks. Immense reflexes, Aranzubia not only held the team until the 91st minute with several phenomenal interventions, also was the origin in the counterattacks. During the week, the goalkeeper tested several times the long passes and yesterday he put it into practice to become the solution for Depor before the pressure of Valencia.Xurxo Fernandez

AS: For twenty years, the matches between Deportivo and Valencia were something more, and yesterday was no exception. Beginning with the goal of Jonas after only 31 seconds in the game. Then, the revenge of Riki. On May 22, 2011 Depor suffered the relegation before their bitter rival. That day the Blanquiazul outfit had one, two, three, four... thousand opportunities without luck. The equalizer took a load off and the second overflowed their euphoria at the edge of half-time. It was the comeback, the epic and the prize for the Madrilenian striker.

But yesterday the story was longer. Valencia had dominated and could have sentenced, but among their own errors and Aranzubia, Domingos’ men turned things upside down. In the second half, with the pace controlled, Silvio was sent off with 37 minutes left and Depor, without defenders on the bench, was left at the feet of the horses and Valdez took ten minutes to seize it. In the final stretch the insistence of Valencia had a reward and Ricardo Costa took advantage of another defense mismatch to sentence. Luis de La Cruz

Marca: One of the most criticized players after the triple showdown against Real Madrid, Ricardo Costa, gave the victory to his team at the final moments of their visit to the Riazor. A meeting that was born crazy, with a goal from Jonas after 30 seconds left Deportivo knocked down for a quarter of an hour, moment when Valencia had enough chances to sentence the game. They didn’t do it, either by Aranzubia or by the lack of goal from Piatti and Valdez, something that invited Los Blanquiazules to dream, so overwhelmed that they only had one chance to reach the area of Alves.

Riki, with a header after a cross of Pizzi, equalized to ratify the condemnation of the ones that forgive lives. And Riki himself, just before the break, again beat the visiting goalie with a counterattack from the manual that he finalized. Both Deportivo’s winter reinforcements ended expelled. Particularly serious was the second yellow of Silvio, who left his team with ten men with the entire second half still to be played, he didn’t  measure his strength and neither the consequences after committing a foul over Piatti. Assunção, in the closing stages, saw a straight red for an elbow to Valdez.

Valverde didn’t waste time and allowed the entry of Bernat, who claimed a starring role with a few exceptional minutes culminated with a great assist to Valdez, who scored the equalizer. Valencia had patience and had enough chances and, although they could have lost in a counterattack that was missed by Pizzi, eventually won the match when the forces could not stand to Deportivo. Álvaro Olmedo

Superdeporte (Valencia): Bernat spread the spirit of comeback. Against the bottom team and with one more player on the pitch you cannot suffer so much. Valencia CF pulled through the back door of the Riazor three points from one game in which Valverde’s men managed to turn it around in the second half infected by the arrival of a youth player.

Juan Bernat showed to Spanish football and, in particular to Valverde, that it isn’t is necessary to look for young and quality wingers far beyond the 'Factory of Paterna'. No need to call Joao Bernardinho and neither to sign a player from Sao Paulo. It's as simple as relying on your own resources, the players from the youth system.

With a Manuel Pablo carrying a yellow card and playing at half speed, Bernat took the field with an adverse score and infected the rest with his bravery and quick skills in one-on-one actions. Valencia CF was listless and had problems to create scoring opportunities. Having reached the 96th minute it was a state of euphoria. Pepe Ros.



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