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31 Jan 2013
The winter window market closes its doors today; it should be a quiet day at Deportivo though. Coach Domingos was hoping to get two new reinforcements, but it won’t happen, mainly as the current situation inside the club isn’t allowing it.

Deportivo signed right-back Sílvio Azevedo and centre midfielder Paulo Assunção during the winter window, but new coach Domingos Paciência is expecting to get a new centre-back and a striker before the deadline, but the current situation at the club won’t allow it.

The administration that’s ruling the club isn’t open to hire more players as they understand that the club cannot manage more debt. It has been reported that Lendoiro has been trying to convince them to allow the incorporations, but the response has always been “no”. Depor was linked with centre-back Rolando and Roberge, but without the approval of the administration there isn’t any negotiation.

Also, the 25 spots at the first team are already covered and there’s no room for any new signing. The club tried to convince right winger Saul, striker Bodipo and centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez of leaving, but the first two players refused to it and the midfielder has been part of the plans of Domingos and prefers to stay and fight for a chance.

But there’s a solution for it. There’s the possibility is to sign a U-25 player and inscribe him as a B team member, just as it happened with Tiago Pinto during the summer –Fabril have four available spots- besides, centre midfielder Juan Dominguez can be inscribed as a Fabril’s member although he would continue playing for the first team, this since he fulfill the requirements. It already happened with Seoane during this season.

In any case, the only possible news on the day will be related to exits from the team. The same Juan Dominguez was linked with a possible move to a Segunda club, while in the latest hours it has been commented that David Rochela, who is loaned at Racing Santander, could end up in Israel playing for Hapoel Tel Aviv FC, also loaned until the end of the season.



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