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02 Mar 2013
Depor’s new coach didn’t want to talk of a final, but he’s aware of the importance of this meeting. Meanwhile, Rayo’s trainer is also aware of the significance of the game and is concern of matching the expectations.

Francisco ´Paco’ Jémez Martí is a well-known former player of the ‘Super Depor’ era that conquered the Copa Del Rey in 1995 with the Galician club, though he didn’t play in the final game against Valencia CF. He spent five years at Depor and completed 94 appearances at Primera División wearing the Blanquiazul shirt. He also made 21 appearances with Spain’s national team.

Later he played for Real Zaragoza, Rayo Vallecano and then he retired in 2006 at CD Lugo; one year later he started to work as a coach at RSD Alcalá, club that he promoted to Segunda B; later he moved on to Córdoba CF, but only spent nine months there as he was sacked before the end of the season 2007/08. The Canarian tactician worked with other two teams, FC Cartagena and UD Las Palmas, this time getting good results, including the promotion of FC Cartagena to Segunda A.

But Jémez was fired from both clubs after suffering negative streaks, and in June of 2011 he returned for the second time to Córdoba CF.  His team made a solid season and entered into the promotion playoffs at Segunda, but was eventually eliminated. Then he signed for Rayo Vallecano, club that’s allowing his debut at Primera División. So far his side is reaching the best marks in the history of the club.

This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez, who suffered two losses in his first two games at Deportivo. The Galician coach is facing one of his former clubs as he coached Rayo at Primera during the first 18 games of the season 2002/03, exactly ten years ago.

Deportivo’s coach addressed the media on Thursday’s noon; he talked with reporters for 25 minutes, as always mixing the Spanish with Galician; he started explaining his three goals at the club, “The number one objective is to play at the top, then adding points, which is important, and the third is to match the expectations of the people that come in order to watch us.  We must be able to play always abstracting ourselves from the environment, that’s the physiological preparation that we need for this game.”

For the first time in this press conference he was avoiding to describe the meeting with Rayo Vallecano as a final, “Everyone understands that we need the points, everyone needs the points, especially Deportivo, and we have been in this situation since the visit to Vallecas. So, all the games are equally important and people talk of finals, but it isn’t like that. Still, clearly all the points are vital.”

“As soon as we clinch the first victory the second will be easier; things are easier when you are winning. This is the first opportunity. This is a great opportunity to achieve a victory. Then we visit Barcelona and face Celta. We must try to win all the games. If you win a second game it will be easier to win a third match.” He added.

Regarding his former club, Rayo Vallecano, the Galician tactician commented that, “Their performance has been great and practice a joyful football, without worries, and that’s a consequence of their position at the standings. Things have been perfect for them, so it’s logical as their talented players are giving everything. We know how they will play and we must be prepared as it will be complicated.”

Vázquez also said that, in his opinion, Deportivo have been improving with the passage of the matches, “I expect that the team can improve according to my ideas, always leaving a positive impression; especially what I want is to see the team improving its performance. We’ve done this so far. It’s fundamental to see them team approaching to what I want, I hope it will be manifested on Saturday.”

A journalist asked if the double sessions had in the past two weeks can be interpreted as a mini pre-season for the team, this due to the physical charge over the players, “No, this isn’t a mini pre-season. I always do double sessions and if before I would have been the coach of Deportivo, then we would have had double sessions, at least once in a week, it’s very probable. The double session isn’t just to improve the physical aspects; it’s to transmit to the player the new knowledge.”

“I need time and sometimes it isn’t enough. I need to be close to the team. I also need to improve the level, which means the form of the player. I want to see all the players improving their form, and the concept isn’t only related to the physical aspect. I need in-form players. That’s what we pretend to do. Okay? What I want is a flexible team, a team that can reach an agreement with the coach and the fans.” He added

For him Deportivo isn’t inferior to the majority of teams at Liga BBVA, “The players depend a lot on the team, if they win or lose. So it affects the players. And when I talk of players I talk of the team, and I believe they aren’t inferior to other 14 teams at Primera División. Okay? If Deportivo is down there it is because, as a team, they didn’t perform at the top, which is a consequence to see that the players aren’t at their best. Comparing ourselves to others I believe we are there.”

Depor’s new boss also complained of the hour for the Galician derby, “It isn’t good for Depor, it isn’t good for Celta, it isn’t good for the fans, and it isn’t goof for the cities… I don’t think it’s appropriate. I know the Basque derby was on Friday, but don’t know why this game was chosen to be played on Friday, why no another game? I think it’s disrespectful. Surely only a few people will come from Vigo. It’s a game in which two groups of fans from the same region are together, and if the fans aren't there then it’s no longer a derby. Television is important, but football isn’t football with an empty stadium, we need to take care of the emotional aspect.”

Returning to the game against Rayo, Depor’s trainer refused to give any hint of the lineup and tactic for the encounter, “It’s something to be decided. We need to know how to face the game. It’s what I always say: these are strategic decisions and the players are told before going into the pitch. You can end up watching a race with the ball going from one side to the other, but it will depend on Deportivo. We know what Rayo will do, and it will depend in what we are going to do.”

“If we go up front searching for Rayo then it will be one thing, and it will be different if we decide to see Rayo going out with the ball from behind. It’s a different game, the dynamic of the game will be different. What are we going to do? It’s the answer I won’t give today.” He added.

Another journalist asked if emotional speeches towards the players are his specialty, “I don’t believe in words; you cannot win with words, the team has to win and compete, so I prefer to work, yes you need to talk to the players, it’s difficult to do it without talking to the players, but I prefer the work, and I try to do my job: to try to see the team performing better.”

Then, the Castrofeito-born coach reminded for the second time  that this game isn’t a final as the mathematics still giving chances to Deportivo, “It’s a matter of not surrender until the mathematics say otherwise, that’s a winning team. A winning team is the one that after a defeat is able to correct in the attempt to win again. I prepare the team in order to win against Rayo, if we don’t defeat Rayo then the mathematics say that we still can win seven or eight more games, so until that point we aren’t going to give up.”

“This isn’t the last opportunity, but a new opportunity to add the points that we need, because twelve games are still remaining, and who can tell me that we cannot win those games? Surely it would be difficult, but not impossible. I stand up with that. I say it before the game against Rayo; we can do as I believe we are able to complete that miracle.” He added.

Despite losing his first games at the club, the Galician man was quite happy with the performance of the players, especially in the past game against Real Madrid, “The players ran and performed in a better way. I believe the players liked what they did against Real Madrid, so despite losing the points I believe that the game was a victory.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was remembering his stage at Rayo Vallecano, “Well, Rayo is an intimate club for me. I arrived there with an idea and was fired at matchday 17 [18], though one month later they tried to recover me. It was weird, but still it’s an intimate club for me, so I will welcome them with love.”

Rayo’s coach offered his press conference on Friday; he was warning of the difficulty of the meeting, “the situation of Deportivo is complicated, but the great players can come out of nowhere and defeat you. I don’t expect to find an easy game, because they will try to use their options. They are down there and it’s normal to see them thinking that they can come out of this.”

“Their obligation is to go out for everything and surely there will be a special environment there. People are conscious and will push in order to see Deportivo winning the game, so we are aware that the environment will be at their side, just like all the stadiums that we visit. Deportivo are facing a complex scenario, but it isn’t a dead team.” He added.

The ex-Depor player was also talking of the motivation for his players, “For us it is obligatory to win if we want to achieve something extraordinary, because we want to keep bringing hope. If we don’t win, then we will have more games, but this is pretty important. What we can do in the future depends on it. It’s time to win and demonstrate that we are capable of beating a rival that’s forced to win.”

Jémez also remembered his stage at Deportivo, “It was a pretty experience, because I spent five years there; my house is there and I live there when I am not working as a coach. I feel love for this club and the city, though tomorrow I will do anything possible in order to win. Deportivo have given me  a lot, but there is no sentimentality, the things at stake are beyond that and my players should know this.”

There were some words for Valerón too, “He’s a player that keeps shinning with the passage of the years, he keeps the same quality. He has innate qualities, is exceptional and if you trust in him facing this kind of situation then he can bring a lot of things. With the ball at his feet he seed what others miss. We must be careful to not see him having the ball."

Before the press conference, the ex-Depor man  gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruńa; he analyzed the arrival of Fernando Vázquez to Depor, “When a new boss arrives then new stuff is introduced into the team, always. I’m sure Deportivo will give everything taking in mind their situation, but what worries me the most is to be able to match that level.”

Finally, Jémez talked of the importance of the results in football, “This isn’t a matter of how the team performs. In the end it’s all about the results, though I would want to run away from that. We are getting all the attention, because we are achieving the results. It’s an unfair situation, because you need to valorize other things. I have watched good games of Deportivo and they didn’t get the points in those meetings.”



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