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04 Mar 2013
The papers weren’t impressed at all by the performance of Deportivo; they look indifferent to the result and all of them agree to point out that Deportivo need more than a miracle in order to clinch the permanence at Primera.

Deporte Campeón: A point is not enough. Deportivo remain at the pit. They have added a point that doesn’t help too much and the options of the permanence are diminishing as the days pass. Still, they must keep fighting while there’s life, because hope is not lost in A Coruña. Never. In resume, both teams showed why they are at those positions at the standings. If Depor would have won it would have been a big step in the fight for salvation, since it didn’t happen they’re losing an opportunity to get the coveted victories.

On the positive side it should be noticed that, for the first time in a long time, Depor didn’t allow goals, although they could leaked a couple of goals. The result, according to what was seeing, can be considered as fair. It will be necessary to improve, especially in attitude, because it’s easy to be motivated against Madrid. The hard part is doing it against Rayo. Now to visit the Camp Nou. Almost nothing. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo La Coruña failed to win the self-proclaimed final against Rayo Vallecano. But the tie barely relieves a struggle for salvation now doomed to the miracle, it’s a lesser evil because the Galician team was the inferior side and was at the mercy of the Madrilenian outfit in the first half. Depor competed in the second half of the game, pushed by an unconditional Riazor, and had opportunities to break the deadlock. But they missed the injured Riki and the final expulsion of Marchena cut off their wings. Two months without a win may be too much for a Depor that gives small steps in their recovery, perhaps too slow taking in mind the urgency of the situation at the standings.

Away from the spotlight of the visit of Real Madrid and, despite the awareness and acceptance of the importance of the match against Rayo Vallecano, Depor didn’t give the impression of been at the edge. Or maybe that closeness to the abyss gripped the Blanquiazul outfit. They didn’t bite like last week and were not as incisive in attack. Rayo Vallecano submitted all their credentials that have transformed them into the revelation in the league: passes, courage, boldness. Deportivo was clearly exceeded in the first half , at least they competed in the second, but it was not constant and could lose at the 93’, which would have been a too hard hit. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: A point and lace. In other circumstances yesterday’s point would had been positive, even commendable, but it’s useless for Deportivo. It involves almost the end for Los Blanquiazules, who missed their last train for salvation. They gave for free the first half and then, when they really wanted to, they missed their Pichichi Riki, injured after 20 minutes. Depor didn’t allow goals, which already is news, but neither scored. It the end a fair tie that tastes like defeat for the bottom club, whose remote options for the permanence seem more a matter of faith than a real possibility. They need a miracle to save themselves, and a fat one, one of those that no longer exist in football. It isn’t enough to give everything, as they did in the second half, to stay at the elite.

With just ten men and almost without strength, Deportivo saw how Rayo took advantage of their numerical superiority to go out for the game in this dramatic stretch. Delibasic forgave the 0-1. Almost it would have been the same, because a draw, in the situation of Depor, added as much as a defeat: nothing. Eugenio Cobas.

Marca: Deportivo consume their faith. Zaragoza's defeat at Getafe gave a shy hope to Deportivo about hooking again into the fight for salvation. Fernando Vazquez's men could be at six points of Los Maños, but the road dictated by Riazor wasn’t followed until the second half. Before, Rayo could have repeatedly railroaded the triumph, usually with Lass as protagonist, who always missed the goal.

Los Franjirrojos were well above Deportivo in the first part. Los Blanquiazules, gripped before the importance of the points, didn’t look like the team that a week ago jumped against Madrid and just arrived alive to half-time due to the zero effectiveness of the visiting team, not by their collective performance. Riki's injury in the first part slightly awakened the Galician side, but it was until the second half that they pushed and transmitted the hunger for victory claimed by the public.

Like Aranzubia in the first half, a prodigious hand of Rubén before a shot of Valerón prevented to witness the first goal in the scoresheet in that –short- frame when Deportivo was launched for the victory. An offensive that ended with the expulsion of Marchena for two unnecessary kicks against Trashorras in the final part of the game.

Vazquez, rather than assume the risk, decided to delay the position of Abel Aguilar to play alongside Ze Castro at the centre of the defense. Rayo saw the opportunity and harassed the rival’s goal in the closing minutes, but could not beat it. Delibasic after a personnel move of Tito, failed to push the killer pass. Álvaro Olmedo

El País: Deportivo haven’t learned to win. After a few goalless draws it hides some games full of intensity and agony of alternatives. It was the one that marks a new notch in the countdown of Deportivo, side that has only won 3 of 26, which pushes the team to rely in the miracle to stay at Primera, a league in which the most worthy Rayo Vallecano will stay, they didn’t present to the Riazor willing to speculate with the emergencies or nerves of the bottom team. They came to win, as simple as complicated, because it implies to have football, but also to believe. Rayo believe and thus offer a beautiful lesson on this season, with a team that sniffs a Champions League place with an 8-million budget, five times less than Deportivo. It does so with a team that brings proletarians of the ball, veterans seeking redemption, unknown youngsters yearning for glory and a coach that doesn’t know fear.

Fear spare at the Riazor, place where the team holds based in their will. Flow slogans: "Union and commitment", "Yes we can", "Together we can", it appeals to the feelings, the glorious past, the colors and the badge, to the 107 years that the club meets precisely today. But the present is poor and orphaned of football. To enable certain fibers does little when there’s no corn beer and Deportivo is in the bones, it suffered an ordeal for the first segment of the game, surpassed in all concepts, unable to control the ball, rushed to the area, where only the absence of aim by Rayo saved them from allowing goals, seen what was saw in previous games perhaps an irreparable blow.

Rayo believe and thus offer a beautiful lesson this season with their budget of 8 million. Rayo fell while Deportivo lost their reference in attack. Riki left injured after 20 minutes and Vazquez opted in Salomão instead of Oliveira. And placed Pizzi in an advanced position, a playmaker. The decision, certainly justified on the feelings during the matches and trainings, altered the mechanisms of the group, used to find the striker in space instead of passing the ball to the feet, something demanded by the player property of Atletico. Either way Deportivo didn’t reach the area, they were relieved with Valerón, but not imposed until they appealed to the heroic moments during the second part. It was then, supported by a wonderful group of fans, when they were unleashed, direct and specific. Rayo fought back with steel nerves and body: ball to the ground and play. Juan L. Cudeiro



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