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04 Mar 2013
Hopelessness at the Riazor after the tasteless draw against Rayo Vallecano; still the coach and the players were keeping their speech of hope. Neither the rival was content as Paco Jémez felt like he missed a great chance to pick up the win.

Coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that he was disappointed after his team can only add a point at the Riazor, “The situation is at the limit, everybody knows it. It’s extreme, extremely difficult. Today’s game was important, we needed the points and you noticed the need and anxiety.  At times the players were losing the ball without reason and it is for the nerves. Today’s game was a great opportunity to win and we didn’t’ do it. We need to win seven or eight games and within that space we still have time.”

“I try to take the team to the limit; I want them to give everything. I feel proud, because I believe I made a connection with them, I believe they are following me. I’ve hope and the next games are going to be difficult, but I believe that we can still reach the victory, to see the team feeling invulnerable. Since that point we can continue growing, but it’s something we haven’t acquired yet.” He added.

The Galician coach was comparing the performance of his team to the one had against Real  Madrid, “The feelings could have been different against Rayo if we would be stealing the ball quicker and then go out as we did against Madrid. Normally the fans are feeling that we were different today. Our behavior was similar, but the point is that the rival was better. Actually, I wasn’t surprised to realize that we had more problems than against Madrid.”

Finally, Vázquez believes that the red card over Marchena was an excessive punishment, “The referee was too hard over Marchena in both fouls. Sometimes the readings of the referees are different. In the first half there was a clear foul of Javi Fuego and he decided not to show any card. A team, in order to defend, doesn’t need to commit late tackles. Marchena committed an error and the team is paying the price. I spoke to the players about it, but sometimes it is difficult to fix it.”

The players were trying to explain what happened in the game. Sílvio Azevedo commented that, “The true is that our only goal was to win, but we played against a very good rival, a team that plays pretty well. The true is that we didn’t achieve the goal and now we can only fight until death. We are content despite we didn’t have the joy of scoring a goal. We need to work harder in order to score goals and not allow any.”

“One of our goals in any game is to not allow any goal, the objective was to not suffer and score; we didn’t score and right now we can only thing of the next game. We must fight. Hope is the last thing you can lose. You need to fight until the end. We visit Barcelona and we need to work hard in order to make a good game.” The right-back added

Diogo Salomão was saying that Deportivo played a good game in the first half, “I don’t think the first 45 minutes were bad. We were retracted, because Rayo arrived here in order to attack, so things turned to be complicated. With the passage of time, and having more confidence, we put more pressure up front and bring more problems as we took the initiative away from them.”

“For us it was a bad result; we knew that we should have won and that the only thing that mattered was the victory. That’s why we went out for the win in the second part, we put more pressure and both teams had opportunities to score. We must keep the same thoughts, I believe it’s possible until the end, it’s complicated, but we’ll try.” He added

Pizzi was trying to explain what happened in the match, “I believe the team ran and lot and we worked hard, but things weren’t as we wanted. Still, we must remain with the performance in the second part, because it was pretty good. We wanted to win, but Rayo have a good team and know how to control the ball possession.”

“In the first part they have the ball possession and we never know how to put pressure over them. We never got that goal that could have brought the calmness. We cannot say that this was the last chance, people know it, we are the last place and haven’t won since a while, but now we need to focus on Barcelona. Later we’ll face three meetings against direct rivals.” The winger added.

Ayoze Díaz was trying to remain optimistic, “We must continue fighting, there’s no other way. We must keep fighting in order to achieve the salvation. It’s difficult, but we must try. I believe that, in the first part, we were waiting for the rival and truly they were dangerous. We weren’t stealing the ball as it happened in the previous home meeting, and in the second part we put pressure up front and had more opportunities, but we didn’t capitalize it. “

“Still, the point is worthless as we need to add the three points. At least we clinched a clean sheet after several games allowing goals. We know that fewer games are left, but we must try to continue fighting. The next game is difficult, but must try to win it.” The Canarian defender added.

Dani Aranzubia was saying that Deportivo didn’t deserve a different result, “The true is that we have some defensive problems in the first part, in the second it was fixed with the exception of the final minutes, but well…. We neither had clear chances to claim the lead in a game that we had to win, yes or yes. It’s a wasted opportunity and only a few games are remaining.”

“You always face a team that does the right things or sometimes they are better than you and today we couldn’t match Rayo. They were better planted in the first half and we tried to wait for them, but they created danger against us and we were unable to go out in the counterattack. In the second part we put more pressure, but neither was capable to create danger against them. Perhaps we were too anxious and they capitalized this factor.” The keeper added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that the draw was fair, and was also trying to be optimistic towards the near future in la liga, “What we can say is that we clinched a draw; the team fought hard and they had their chances, so we can say that the draw was fair and we still think that the team needs to keep fighting. The difference is not only in the number of times you need to win, but also in the number of failures from the others, so we must remain faithful of our chances. “

“Truly this is a difficult situation, but a lot of liga still ahead. Then neither we have been lucky with the part of the calendar that we are facing. We had to face rivals that are at the top and therefore, after the game at the Nou Camp, we are facing the other side of the story. It was always said that the last twelve matchdays of the tournament are the ones that will decide the league, the relegation and the other important stuff. So, we keep believing in the team and can only ask the players to make a big effort. The difference isn’t so big. I believe that there are other teams that are coming down and I have to be optimistic. I believe this team is more of what the standings say. Anything is possible and we’ll try to achieve it.” Depor’s boss added.

At Rayo Vallecano, neither Paco Jémez was content with the result, “Without doubt I am leaving with the feeling of dropping two points. In the final analysis we were superior. This must lead us to the conclusion that we need to improve. Still, I would be worried if we would have failed to create opportunities. I am not concern about the lack of aim. It is a matter of working hard. The team is following the right path.”

Finally, he admitted that his former club is running out of options, “The feeling is complicated, it is at the limit. It wasn’t a matter of defeating us or not, but they have to win a lot of games. They sought for our goal, but in the first part you could see that they were surpassed by us, they escaped alive and in the second part they went up front, the fans cheered them up. In a situation like the one of Deportivo the hopes of survival vanish little by little and the possibilities are increasingly lower.”


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