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06 Apr 2013
Both coaches described the game as a final, though Jimenez said that the final result won’t be determinant. Vázquez keeps saying that his team hasn’t done anything yet, though the salvation is now closer than before.

Manuel Jiménez Jiménez is a former player and coach of both Sevilla Atlético and Sevilla CF that never succeeded at his homeland and that was forced to search for a better life outside of Andalusia. He was the coach that promoted Sevilla B to Segunda División and later assumed the job at the first team after the exit of Juande Ramos during the season 2007/08.

The true is that he never ended below the fifth position at the standings, but the ghost of the destitution always surrounded his career as the public was demanding much more from his Sevilla. On March of 2010 he was fired after 28 matchdays and with the team lying at the fifth position. Seven months later he was hired by Greek club AEK Athens and lived a similar situation, ending third on the season 2010/11, but without the support from the fans. He was fired after just four games on the following campaign.

He returned to Spain for the past season in order to take command of a desperate Real Zaragoza, club that was close to go to Segunda, at some point his team was 15 points below the safety, but somehow the Aragonians reacted under his command and clinched the salvation at the last matchday-historically it’s the best recovery in the history of la liga- This season things haven’t been so positive as Los Maños are sinking and remain winless in 2013 This is his first meeting in liga against Fernando Vázquez.

Depor’s trainer offered his press conference on Friday and it took place at the Riazor; he talked with reporters for seventeen minutes. In several opportunities he insisted that things are better than in previous weeks, but at the same time wanted to remember that Deportivo remain to be the last place at the standings, “Well, we are content and it’s the emotion after the recent outcomes, but rationally we remain to be the bottom team and it’s the reality. So, to have won two straight games it’s something to enjoy, but in the other hand we must have both feet on the ground, knowing that we remain at the bottom and that we need to win more games.”

“Truly, as I commented previously, the victories are helping us to have an easier scenario for the following game, but well… people coming here on Saturday must be prepared to suffer; that’s the reality and let hope the award for all the suffering could be a new victory.” He added

He insisted that the fans should prepare themselves to suffer, “We won’t win the game at minute 1 or 10, we can be losing at some point and it will be a real suffering, but the team remain in the fight; the important thing is that we all are together, and what we must do now? Well to continue working in the same direction, training at Abegondo and at the Riazor. Also to have the fans supporting us, but always within a limit, the victory over Zaragoza would be important, but we must remain thinking that we haven’t achieved anything yet. We must enjoy the victories and wait for the next game.”

About Zaragoza, the Galician tactician commented that, “The way to play still to be decided and everything still to be planned. We’ll study Zaragoza tomorrow. You know I don’t like to talk of the rival. I want to see my team doing what it must do, improving what it must improve. We must try to win, possibly going out for Zaragoza, we don’t know yet, it still to be decided. We will try to score first and later manage the result. I don’t know what Zaragoza will do, but I’m careless as the only thing I want is to see my team doing the right things, aggressiveness, concentration, intensity, solidarity and I believe we’ll have a lot of energy trying to defeat Zaragoza. The team must remain calmed, to stay far from the game before the kick-off. I wish the team can be calmed and relaxed before the game.”

“Zaragoza have a great team, great players; it’s an example of what we should imitate; last year they did something similar to what we pretend to do now, so they’re capable of a lot of things. That they haven’t won? Well someday it will be the first win. We just want to be better than them. I am worried of Depor and nothing more.” He added to the previous comment.

Vázquez was quite happy as the situation at the standings isn’t so critical as some weeks ago, “We are no longer in the emergency room, we are now in a hospital room, they removed the assisted breathing machine; now we can breathe by ourselves and have a little more air. We are closer. We remain to be the last rider in the race, but we’re closer to the rest and only need to past three riders. We have strength and energy and the victories bring confidence, so our lungs are okay.”

Asked about Pizzi, Manuel Pablo and the reason why the team didn’t train at the Riazor on Thursday, he explained that, “I came to the Riazor in order to train on the pitch, but later changed the plans as the pitch was too soft and I don’t want to ruin it. Pizzi and Manuel Pablo trained apart and they’ve positive sensations. Tomorrow we will make a final decision and let’s see what happens. The pitch will be okay for Saturday, it’s just that I don’t want to complicate the scenario. We are optimistic with the players and will see their feelings after tomorrow’s training.”

There was a question about Salomão and the previous comments of the coach about seeing him acting as a side defender; this time the veteran coach commented that, “I said before that I liked Salomão, what happens is that sometimes I cannot put the players that I like, for one or other reason. Salomão was waiting for a chance and is ready to play in different positions. It’s all I can say.”

Many analysts said that Depor’s players looked much better in terms of their physical state during the past game against Mallorca. Asked if this was a product of the work done during the break in la liga, the coach said that, “The physical condition is a combination of the physic, tactical and strategic aspects; they say that any coach has his own book. I believe that Deportivo still can improve, in all aspects, and I believe that against Celta, and especially against Mallorca, we made a step forward. We were a more static team against Barca, though it was planned like that, and now we’ve the capacity to move around. The team is gaining confidence. The players now understand that they can move without losing stability.”

The Castrofeito-born coach also had a brief comment regarding the comeback in the score of Depor at the Iberostar stadium, the first playing on the road after a few years, “Sometimes the games don’t turn to be what was you expecting; sometimes the opposite force is stronger; the initial idea was to search up front; within the first 15 or 20 minutes we had some chances and you can already saw our intention, so after their goal we didn’t change and some people even said that their goal was a benefit. The team never changed the behavior despite having the advantage, and it was only changed when I decided to replace Valerón with Ze Castro.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez didn’t hesitate to describe the match against Real Zaragoza as a final, “Well, the game can be read in many different ways; evidently it’s a final due to its importance; it could be an historic game. If we stay at Primera then it could be important. I believe we’re more calmed now and cannot relax, evidently; we cannot relax now that we are closer, but we must remember that we are the bottom club, so this is a final. Clearly if we defeat Zaragoza we are back into the group; it isn’t a big group of clubs involved in the fight to survive, but well the important thing is to remain part of it.”

Zaragoza’s coach addressed the media on Friday; like Fernando Vázquez did on the day before he also described the game as a final, “Against Deportivo we play the first of the nine finals that are left. All of them are important, but tomorrow’s one is the biggest, because it is the next one. Then we’ll wait for the second. We’ll go out in order to win, like we always do. Against Madrid almost everybody thought that we weren’t going to get a point and we deserved to win.”

“It is a difficult meeting, since we land this afternoon in A Coruña until the referee whistles the end. It’s important to win: the three points, the tie-breaker and to get some distance, but no matter what happens the game isn’t determinant. If we win then a lot will be done, but we would have to keep fighting, and the same happens if we lose. It could mark a tendency to start making calculations.” He added

The Andalusian coach admitted that the casualty of Apoño is an important setback for his team, “Surely nobody can temporize the ball at midfield as he can do, but I appreciate his honesty as he told that he cannot play when he wants to do it; it’s just that he isn’t ready to play. Now I have to choose between three specific players for the job [Movilla, Romaric and  José Mari] besides to Pinter".

The ex-Sevilla boss was also comparing the background at Deportivo to what Real Zaragoza lived on last season, “The city is supporting Deportivo and their players are showing pride and confidence. But, although they are far, we also have our fans too. We created the philosophy of the ‘yes we can’ and we must understand that we created it. Now we are the first ones that must believe in ourselves as the others are imitating the feat.”

Jimenez also answered a couple of questions related to the performance of some men that have been criticized by the media; staring with defender  Loovens, “That he was too slow in the goal of Ronaldo? It was Ronaldo, but Loovens, despite what people are tweeting, is a defender that brings a lot of stuff. He knows where to stand and have balance…”

Finally, he talked of Romaric, midfielder that has only played twice in the second round, “Evidently he hasn’t added all the things that we were expecting from him, but whoever doubts of his quality has no idea of football. I am the first one expecting things from him and I hope he can bring some of his football before the end of the season.”



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