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07 Apr 2013
Dramatic game at the Riazor, with the score changing of hands in three opportunities and with the Galicians clinched a third straight victory. A lot of defensive errors, but the heart was stronger; pure oxygen in the quest for the permanence.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was repeating the lineup of the past two games against RC Celta and RCD Mallorca; Dani Aranzubia defended the goal, Manuel Pablo performed at the right-back position, Sílvio played at the left, while the centre-backs were Aythami Artiles and Carlos Marchena.

Juan Dominguez and Abel Aguilar played at midfield, Valerón was the playmaker in the 4-2-3-1 scheme, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Pizzi did it from the left and Riki was the central attacker.

At Real Zaragoza, coach Manolo Jiménez presented a 4-2-3-1 scheme, the novelties were Christian Romaric claimed the spot of injured Apoño at midfield, while Edu Oriol was repeating his participation at the right wing. Rodri and Portuguese Helder Postiga were the main references up front.

Unfortunately, hours before the kick-off there was a fight between radical fans of both clubs in a bar near the Plaza de Pontevedra. The facts aren’t clear, just that a large group of Depor’s radicals attacked a group of 30 radicals of Zaragoza and the result was two people ending injured; another person suffered an anxiety attack and damages at the bar. Until the game started, five persons had been arrested.

Very nervous first half; Depor had the same joy and punch of the previous meetings, but the errors at defense were really expensive as it allowed Real Zaragoza to score twice. Depor deserved more than a 2-2 draw by half-time, but it’s also true that the Aragonians were pretty accurate.

The game was moved since the kick-off, though there were no clear opportunities within the first minutes; it was until minute 8 that the Galicians had the first chance to score. Riki made a solo-play inside the area after collecting a pass from Manuel Pablo and his final shot from close-range was saved by visiting goalie Roberto (8’).

And then Deportivo were going to claim the lead; Juan Dominguez stole the ball to Romaric at midfield, he assisted Riki and the Madrilenian eluded two men to make a pass back to Juan Dominguez, then the midfielder assisted Valerón and El Flaco just drilled the ball into the left corner of the area, Bruno Gama appeared there to score the goal drilling the ball into the near post of Roberto.

But just five minutes later the Aragonians conquered the equalizer in  a very childhood play; Aythami tried to clear the ball during a cross coming from the left, but he touched it with the hand before it went into the path of Postiga and the referee whistled the clear penalty. Then the Portuguese attacker didn’t miss from the penalty spot.

Despite having two goals in a matter of fifteen minutes, the true is that both teams missed spark in attack. Valerón and Juan Dominguez weren’t controlling midfield territory and the team missed some depth, the rival was pretty smart as it moved the ball across the field always searching for the sides, in this way they looked dangerous in the counterattack.

But at the middle of the half the Galicians claimed the control over the ball possession; they missed ideas, but the cracks at Zaragoza’s defense just made things easier. At minute 23, Depor wasted a great opportunity to claim the lead again; a free-kick action ended with Pizzi sending a cross into the box, and Abel Aguilar missed the target sending the ball over the crossbar when he was alone at the far post. Two minute s later Pizzi and Riki wasted a double chance, though later the referee whistled the offside.

Abel Aguilar had a new opportunity at minute 34, he headed on target a lateral free-kick of Pizzi and Roberto made the save. And the visitors were going to score again in a new distraction of Deportivo’s defense. Manuel Pablo lost the ball at midfield; Los Maños launched a quick counterattack that ended with Movilla assisting Francisco Montañes and the winger scored the goal from close range; his attempt hit the body Aranzubia and turned into a volley that landed inside the goal.

As it happened after the first goal of Depor, the advantage only lasted five minutes, because the Galicians scored the equalizer after a new lateral free-kick of Pizzi. There were two headers inside the area and the visitors couldn’t clear the danger, then Abel Aguilar jumped between two rivals and headed the ball into the path of Marchena, who just had to push the ball from the box.  It was a similar action to the goal scored by the ex-Valencia man in Majorca. A far outcome in a highly entertaining meeting at the Riazor.

Drama at the Riazor; Depor were better at the beginning of the half and conquered a vital goal, then Zaragoza pushed strongly and the excitement was lived at both areas, though curiously there were no shots on target in this half. Once again the set-pieces turned to be decisive for Depor as two of the three goals were born form a set-piece.

The game followed the same path of the first half; with Depor committing errors at midfield and defense that were compromising the result, one of these errors ended with a yellow card for Manuel Pablo, who will be suspended for the next game at Levante UD.

And Deportivo was the side having the best chances at the beginning of the half; at minute 52, and after three straight corner-kicks, Aythami got the ball at the far post after Riki headed it first and the defender hit the near post when he was alone at the box. Aythami had a second chance two minutes later, but this time his header was too weak and a defender cleared the danger at the goal line. The Galicians turned to be a hurricane before a very weak defense of Zaragoza and the goal was a matter of time.

And it arrived in a new set-piece; Pizzi threw a corner-kick, the ball was going into the path of Abel Aguilar and Silvio, duo that was standing at the penalty spot; they missed the ball but it went into path of Abraham Minero, who couldn’t avoid to deflect it with his chest and the ball went into the back of the net. The game continued to be moved, Depor were looking accurate and with a lot of room before a rival that was more desperate with the passage of time.

But Depor didn’t seize the situation as they didn’t create too many opportunities, while Zaragoza started to gain the control over the game, passing the ball rapidly to the sides and with Postiga pretty active in the game. At minute 67, Romaric was close to surprise Aranzubia in a free-kick action, but the keeper made the save.

Then both teams made the first modification; at Zaragoza Victor Rodríguez entered for Edu Oriol and Ze Castro replaced Aythami. The Canarian defender was upset and he didn’t want to salute Fernando Vazquez. The coach didn’t give importance to the fact during his press conference and said that he made the change as he feared Aythami could get a second yellow card.

The last twenty minutes were electric, with both team exchanging blows; the ball was barely spending time at midfield. But the true is that there were no shots on target in this second part; a lot of nerves and desperation, but the teams left the aim at the locker room.

The second modification at Deportivo was the entry of Salomão replacing Riki, who was dragging muscle problems. The mover put Pizzi at the centre of the attack, while Salomão covered the left wing.

Referee Teixeira Vitienes turned to be a protagonist in the game and was protested by both teams. He forgive the second yellow card to Săpunaru after a late tackle over Riki, but Abraham was sent off with two yellow cards after a tackle over Pizzi. The referee also sent off coach Fernando Vázquez; in his act he wrote that it was for “protesting” and for “leaving the marked area for the coach”. In the end he showed ten yellow card and two red cards.

Fernando Vázquez said before the game that the fans should be prepared to suffer, and he was right, because everybody suffered at the end. There was high anxiety within the last ten minutes, but no clear scoring chances. Just an opportunity at minute 79 in which Aranzubia missed the ball in a high cross, but the defense cleared the danger and then an offside was whistled. Besides there was an accurate counterattack for Depor in which Salomão released a low cross that was hardly cleared by Zaragoza’s defense (86’).

The players were really exhausted and Manuel Pablo, Abel Aguilar and Marchena were dragging muscle injuries; the Canarian was replaced by Ayoze and the other two players had to stand until the final whistle. The modification switched Sílvio to the right side of the defense. The final whistle brought the party at the Riazor and the players celebrated the victory on the pitch.

Third straight victory for Deportivo and the dream of the salvation is more alive than ever before. The game against Real Zaragoza was dramatic, with the score changing in three different opportunities. Depor committed new errors at defense, but the heart of the players, and the punch in attack, were enough to certify these three important points.

The victory is helpful to leave the bottom place after the defeat of RCD Mallorca at FC Barcelona. Now the Galicians wait for the result of RC Celta hosting Rayo Vallecano. On next Saturday, the Blanquiazul outfit visits Levante UD (Ciutat de Valencia stadium, 18h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo (Ayoze 87’), Marchena, Aythami (Ze Castro 61’), Sílvio – Abel Aguilar, Juan Dominguez – Bruno Gama, Valerón, Pizzi – Riki (Salomão 74’)
Zaragoza: (4-2-3-1) Roberto –  Săpunaru, Loovens, Álvaro, Abraham – Movilla, Romaric (Bienvenu 76’)  – Edu Oriol (Victor Rodriguez 60’), Rodri (Carmona 84’), Montañes - Postiga
Goals: 1-0: (11’) Bruno Gama, 1-1: (16’) Postiga (penalty), 1-2: (35’) Montañes, 2-2: (40’) Marchena, 3-2: (57’) Abraham (o.g.)
Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes. He showed yellow card to Aythami (14’), Săpunaru (21’), Abel Aguilar (33’), Manuel Pablo (47’), Roberto (55’), Riki (56’), Marchena (66’), Loovens (70’). Abraham was sent off with two yellow cards (39’ & 82’)
Venue: Riazor (30,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (15 – 9); Total shots (13 - 7); Shots on target (7 - 3); Saves by the keepers (1 - 3); Corner-kicks (6 - 4); Offsides (8 - 4); Fouls committed (13 - 18); Passing accuracy (83.91% - 75.71%)




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