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08 Apr 2013
The players were happy and said that coach Vázquez has been an important fact in Depor’s recovery. The coach and Aythami cleared out the doubts after the Canarian defender was replaced. Meanwhile, Jiménez complained of the referee.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was happy with the victory, “We are content and excited. That’s the reality. The response from the fans is great and phenomenal. We are happy and are where we wanted to be. We were hoping the team was going to react and remain fighting with the last group at the standings. We’ve oxygen and will suffer, but at least will suffer for a pretty cause, not suffering for been at the bottom. The fans have the chance to continue suffering and support us. Let’s hope we can clinch the goal.”

Regarding the game he commented, “Well, the team tried to do something that it was difficult; I believe they were a little nervous, tense, and they tried to have the ball, they did it, but with tension. In the second half we thought the defense should improve in order to win the game, because Zaragoza was giving us options. The team was prepared in order to hold on and go out in the counterattack and I believe that the victory was fair.”

“We had clear options to score more goals. Their goals were avoidable, so we need to improve, and I believe that the players are better than two months ago. We knew it was tough to win the tie-breaker against Zaragoza, but they are close to us and we’re content with three more points.” He added

A journalist asked about the incident with Aythami [the Canarian didn’t shake hands with the coach when he was replaced] the answer was, “In today’s football things are complicated when the players are booked, and I took him off as I didn’t want to lose a player; evidently I was pending more of the cards than of rebuilding the team. I was trying to protect ourselves. A gesture? I didn’t watch it. Let’s move to another subject.”

There were ten yellow cards in the game, one of them to Manuel Pablo, who’s now suspended. About this issue the Castrofeito-born coach said that, “I believe we are going to appeal the yellow card of Manuel Pablo, because he did nothing and we hope they will give us the reason.” Finally, Vázquez tried to explain the reason why he was sent off, “It was an anecdote. I didn’t say anything serious. I just told to the fourth referee: you are incredible. That’s what I said.”

Aythami Artiles commented the match, “We knew the game was important, if we would have lost then I believe things would be almost impossible for us and now we see things clearer. It seemed we had forgotten on how to play football, and now things are working out. I want to emphasize that, together, the fans and the team are pushing up and let’s hope things will end like last year.”

The Canarian defender also apologized for the incident with Fernando Vázquez, “The coach replaced me and later the partners told me that he wanted to give me his hand, I don’t know. I just didn’t see him. I want to apologize. I simply didn’t see it as I was upset. I want to ask apologies to the fans, the club and my partners, because these things can happen. We needed someone with optimism and the coach has brought a lot of things, besides the team is fine in a physical sense. I believe he’s doing things right.”

Silvio Azevedo commented that, “Yes, there’s life. The victory brings hope as we believe that the miracle is possible. I'm content as I´m helping the team. We achieved the comeback and it was important. Everything was pretty and the fans were great. Each day things are better for me; each day I have more minutes and I’m glad to help Depor to reach the goal. “

“This victory is a product of the daily work. The coach gave us life. We must continue on the same way in order to reach the goal. The nine points in three games bring a lot of hope, now we’re leaving the last place. The fans have been supporting us and it’s pleasant.” The Portuguese side defender added.

Manuel Pablo was explaining why he was replaced, “I was dragging problems during the week and then got a knock in the knee during the second part, it was bothering me and I was doubtful of continuing or not, and then decided to allow the entry of a partner.”

The captain also commented the action in which he was booked, “The yellow card should be appealed, because I tried to hit the ball and then the rival collided with me.” Finally, he commented the current state of Deportivo, “The movie has changed. Before sometimes we played well, but were losing, then we were playing badly and never know how to play, and the new coach had cleared everything and you can watch the team hunger and moving the ball, though we also suffer [he laughed]”

Bruno Gama scored the first goal in the game; he talked to reporters on Sunday and said that, “I am very happy, because we won. It was an important game, it was a final, and also for the fact of scoring a goal. It was something I needed and I’m happy for it, very happy.”

“We added the last nine points and are pretty confident. We are sure that the salvation is possible and truly thing change from one day to the other. I believe the previous two victories brought confidence. We were also losing in Majorca, yesterday it was the same, and we clinched the comeback thanks to the fantastic support of the people. The team is more ambitious.” The Portuguese winger added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented that, “Despite the circumstances we said that, after a few games, we could be back into the fight if we could defeat teams from our league, especially at these moments. The team needed a morale injection and Fernando Vázquez has united the team, besides to the incredible fans. “

“The tickets were sold out and we still have to play nine more games. It’s something helping the players to go up, the players have morale and the team made an absurd first part in the tournament and now the players are responding. And when people have faith then things work out. We faced a lot of problems at the end of the game, after missing so many chances. Today’s a party day in A Coruña.” He added. Finally, a reporter asked if Fernando Vázquez is earning the renewal, and the president just answered that, “He´s earning a hug by me.”

At Real Zaragoza, coach Manolo Jiménez was blaming the referee for the defeat, “It’s a painful defeat due to our errors and the one of the referee in the third goal. We did the difficult part, which was to get the 1-2, and in their third goal there was a clear foul. We did a great first half, but the third goal hammered us and the expulsion of Abraham just put things more difficult. We can make a video of all the things that the referees haven't watched""

“Deportivo weren’t superior to us in anything, just in the support of the fans, they pushed them throughout the game, especially after the third goal. We did a great first round in la liga and this fact is keeping us alive; the second part was terrible, with good games in which we missed the victory. We’re alive due to the first round that we made. The dynamic can only be changed with results, with attitude as we showed against Madrid and the first half today, but you cannot commit so many errors as we did today.  We remain one point over Deportivo and have won the tie-breaker.”



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