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06 May 2013
The coach and the players were content with the final score, but for Lendoiro it wasn’t a positive outcome. Nobody liked the work of referee Ayza Gámez, but overall the comments were measured and balanced toward him.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was content with the final score, “We don’t seek for the draw, we want to win, but the point is fine. Beyond the point it’s a matter of watching the team with several not original pieces that are armed and still, the engine is working. We didn’t allow goals and have spent a while without losing. We are starting to be a solid, solvent and tough to beat team.”

But what was upsetting the Galician coach is the performance of referee Ayza Gámez, “My team is a little upset, because this referee was the same one that whistled us in Majorca. “There are referees in la liga that hasn’t whistled us yet. It’s difficult to understand why, but it’s true. There were penalties in our favour, their goal seemed legal and the score would have been 2-1 if we would have scored the penalties.”

Still, he was satisfied with what he saw on the pitch, “Clearly the referee wasn’t too good, it is true, but I always say that the important thing is how the team was and to realize that we have spent seven matchdays without losing. About the intensity of the team, we were great on the field; we were highly involved in the actions, fighting until the end and supported by great fans. The true is that we put things difficult to Atlético, we didn’t allow goals and this fact, though it doesn’t seem like it, is important.”

He isn’t worried if this draw would be enough to help the team to avoid the relegation, “I don’t know, we now have to go to Valladolid and win the game. I´m only focused in my team and normally don’t see the standings. We only know that we have to win.” Finally, about the entry of Ze Castro, Vázquez said that, “I just decided to switch one centre-back as I thought that Ze Castro was the right player for this game, and I was right.”

Ayoze Díaz was one of the normal substitutes that was part of the match and he completed two of the three shots on target in the game; he commented that, “I believe this was a good game; the draw isn’t a bad result despite we had our opportunities to win the game, but well… we must continue in the same path. We must now think of the game against Valladolid; let’s see if we can get the three points. We still in the fight and that’s the important thing.”

About the penalties that weren’t whistled, the Canarian left-back said that, “I don’t know, don’t know what the video will show up. From the inside the first penalty seemed clear. I don’t know about the second, because it was a fast play. The one over Bruno [Gama] was clear, the other I don’t know.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was satisfied with the performance of the team, “It was a tough game and we were hopeful of getting a positive result, but it was also a meeting against a rival that’s complicated. In a general sense we are leaving satisfied with the work done by the team. We didn’t get the victory, but we still adding and let’s see if we can follow the same path. Logically, you want to win the games, but you are aware that this is a difficult moment and we are aware that we competed against a great rival. I believe that we need to repeat the same performance in order to win the next games.”

El Flaco didn’t give importance to the errors of the referee, “The first one seemed to be clear; it left the impression that it was a clear penalty. I didn’t watch the second, because I was coming from behind, but these are things of football, what are we going to do? This is football and it can happen. The referee decides, sometimes they affect you, sometimes doesn’t, you don’t need to give importance to it.”

Daniel Aranzubia also thinks that the draw is a positive result for Deportivo, “The important thing is that we added against a complicate rival such as Atlético Madrid and I believe that it’s positive. Truly you left with a weird feeling after those plays that could meant a penalty. It seems both actions were clear.”

The keeper was also asking himself why Ayza Gámez has been the referee on this match, “We haven’t been lucky with him. For me it’s weird to realize that he was the head referee for us in three or four games on this season. We ended unsatisfied in the major part of them, and then we realize that there are three or four referees that haven’t been named for our matches during this season. Let’s see if he crosses our path again in the rest of the season.”

Álex Bergantiños commented that, “Cleary we all left affected by the penalties, but a point against Atletico is good. They have a great team and their intensity pushed us to our area. Neither there were too many chances to score. We must accept this and cannot do anything else. The referee committed more errors in other games in which we were involved, but I want to think that it was an accident.”

Augusto César Lendoiro was the only one that wasn’t happy with the draw, “Taking in mind the circumstances, you don’t see the result with good eyes. Yes it’s a point against a rival that still fighting for the second place. The game was complicated and I believe that they carried with the weight of the match during the first part. In the second, it was more balanced, and later there were punctual plays. We had two clear chances and we haven’t been lucky. Truly, this year, we cannot say that luck has been on our side.”

“I don’t think there are doubts and I insist that we aren’t having luck. Unfortunately it is what you have and we must accept it. Truly we aren’t leaving content with the point, though it’s also true that we were facing an important rival, so the draw against Atlético Madrid could have been understood as a good result before the game, but taking in mind the circumstances it isn’t.” The president added.

At Atlético Madrid, coach Diego Simeone believes that the final score was fair, “If there are no goals then the result is fair. The numbers say that Deportivo have changed. They’re competing in order to surpass a difficult situation. They did well, and with their weapons they tried to harm the rival. We missed clarity in the final meters.”

He also felt affected by the work of the referee, “You [talking to the journalists] surely can be more precise in your chronic of the match regarding that final play. I believe that in the play of our goal the ball wasn’t touched by anyone. Sometimes anxiety makes you believe that all the plays are penalties or goal. There was also a penalty over Raúl García”

Centre-back João Miranda was inside the area in both polemic actions protested by Depor; he commented that, “Perhaps I am not the right person to talk of the referee. I believe that there could be good calls and errors, but this is football.”



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