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03 Aug 2006
The endless negotiation for Dudu Aouate continues. Deportivo already accepted to exchange Pedro Munitis for the Israeli keeper. But the Cantabrian winger hasn't responded to Racing's offer. He participated in today’s training although yesterday Lendoiro suggested that he should rest in order to avoid any injury.

Uncertain. This is the best word to describe the case for Dudu Aouate (28). Racing Santander and Deportivo have an agreement in order to exchange the keeper for Pedro Munitis. The Cantabrian club has even offered to maintain the salary of the player for the next six seasons, plus the opportunity to join the staff of coaches at the end of his career. But Munitis hasn't accepted the deal yet.

Yesterday, during Barrag??n's presentation, Lendoiro said that Munitis should not take part in today's training in order to avoid any possible injury. But Caparr??s had other things in mind. He let Munitis participate in the first training of the day arguing that "the best way to maintain a healthy condition, is to train."

Later Caparr??s talked in the press room: "I recognise that my position has been radical about this issue. I'm only thinking in the sporting view of this situation. but it's also true that we should see other facts. I recognise that things could change for Pedro if an interesting offer arrives for him." These were the first declarations of the Sevillan coach after he denied to comment in the past week about the possible exit of Munitis.

The Sevillan coach has finally accepted that Munitis' exit could be a good thing for the player and the club, but who seems not to be convinced at all is the player himself. His agent has only affirmed that the offer will be studied really carefully. In the meantime, Munitis continues to train with Depor. All eves are over him, including the ones of Aouate, Pedro Tom??s, Momo and R??ben. Players that now depend on his decision.

The signing of a new goalkeeper will not be the last one in the Galician squad. Lendorio himself has admitted that the squad isn't closed yet although that he has signed eleven new players for the season 2006/2007. He explained that further incorporations will depend on the movements during these days.

Sportpaper Marca speculates that Depor will try to sign a new left winger and a new striker. The exit of Munitis will cause a hole in the left wing and Lendoiro will try to cover it with a substitute that has been already selected. The name wasn't revealed by the paper. But the same source wrote that the striker that Depor wants is Kepa Blanco Gonz??lez (22).

The young striker lives a complicated situation in Sevilla. The arrival of Chevant??n is blocking his progress and clubs like Getafe and Celta are also interested on him. Marca reported that Deportivo asked for his situation. It seems that Sevilla will ask at least €3 million for him, an amount that's impossible for Depor at this point, but the presence of Caparr??s could be a positive point since Kepa knows him well.

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