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04 Nov 2005
A new candidate to occupy a place in the striking zone of Deportivo has appeared. The Argentinean player is starting to emerge with Boca Juniors after scoring eight goals in twelve games. Newspaper La Opini??n as appointing him as a possible reinforcement for Depor. The main problems for his incorporation are the facts of been non-communitary and having three clubs as owners of his rights.

Rodrigo Palacio is a 23-year-old striker that was born in Bah?a Blanca (Argentina). He started his career at Bellavista (2002) and later he was transferred to Hurac??n, a investor of the club saw his potential and immediately he bought a part of his rights (65%). His performance called the attention of Racing Santander and Alav?s, but instead he decided to move to Banfield in 2003.

In the period 2003-2004 he scored 11 goals and Boca Juniors bought the 17.5% of his rights. The coach Ben?tez gave him only a few opportunities to play, but after a disastrous year former national coach Alfio Basile took the command of Boca Juniors. Palacio started to have more chances and during the current year he exploded. He has scored eight goals in the Torneo Apertura and his performance has been so brilliant that has sent Guillermo Barros Schelotto and 'Chelo' Delgado to the bench.

Palacio also debuted with the national team of Argentina during this year, it was in the confrontation against Bolivia in the road to Germany 2006 (Duscher and Scaloni played in that match too). It was an anecdote since he was in the pitch during the last four minutes of the match, but it could be also a message about his potential. Curiously, under Pekerman's era is the only 23-year-old player that has debuted in the national team without passing first trough the U-17 nor the U-20 squad.

His performance was also noticed by Palacio was included recently in FIFA's list of promises to be followed. In that article the words of Eduardo Bustos Montoya were included. His former partner at Banfield described the skills of the young promise: "He's fast and has precision. There aren't too many players of his characteristics in Argentina, he's a guy that attacks very deep on the wings, an old fashioned winger and that are his main skills. Rodrigo always perform in one of the wings and he's good making crosses. I was usually expecting his passes. You must add to this situation the fact of having facilities to score goals. He's very complete... isn't?"

The characteristic of been able to play as winger and also as striker seems to be the main attraction to Depor's officials, but the possible incorporation has two problems: Firstly, the three spots of non-communitary players are covered in Deportivo (De Guzm??n, Mun??a and Taborda). Secondly, his target price has been establish in €6 million, but the Galicians must negotiate with three clubs (Boca Juniors, Banfield and Hurac??n). A tough situation that could easily increase the amount of the payment.

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