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08 Jun 2013
It’s time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the season that has ended. This second part presents the analysis of the six centre midfielders and the playmaker that performed for Deportivo during the campaign 2012/13.

Mixed readings with the midfielders of Deportivo. In a general sense they were responsible of the debacle at defense, but also of the important number of goals that were scored. The pivote position was the most populated one at the team, which caused to see several players having a grey season at Primera Division.

Abel Aguilar: -Lion- (2,412 minutes during the season) One of the few new signings that made an impact at the team. The Colombian is a very complete player, capable of been in the list of more steals and at the same time appear in the list of more goal attempts. He was a basic piece for the three coaches that passed through the club and if he only played in 28 of the 38 matches it was for been suspended twice and for a couple of injuries. Still, he was the centre midfielder with more minutes at the team. His best moment was when he scored a brace in the surprising comeback against Valencia CF (matchday 02).
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0

Juan Dominguez: -Exact- (1,867) He wore the shirt with the number 10, a big responsibility, but the point is that the ex-Fabril demonstrated that he has the skills to play at Primera División as a starter. He demonstrated to be the perfect partner of Abel Aguilar, actually Depor only lost three games when these two players were starters, though two of these matches were the crucial ones against Malaga CF and Real Sociedad. Perhaps he lacks a more daring behavior at the moment of trying to score goals –only 7 shots on the season, 2 of them on target and one goal in favour- but was the player with the best pass ratio (88.7%). The successor of Valerón?
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Álex Bergantiños: -Degraded- (2,059) The player with more minutes on last season had to step back on this campaign. He was the main ‘victim’ of Abel Aguilar’s arrival, curiously he managed to play more minutes than Juan Dominguez, but the true is that he never left the feeling of been a regular starter. He started and ended the season as a substitute, and only was a regular participant of the starting eleven at the middle, just when Oltra lost control of the situation and also with Domingos on. The best moment for the Galician midfielder was when he scored a goal against FC Barcelona (matchday 08)
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

André Santos: -Unutilized- (337) A lot of things were expected from the first signing of the season, but in the end he barely played. With Oltra he never earned a chance in liga and was only a starter in Copa, the arrival of Domingos Paciência revitalized his stage at Depor as the Portuguese coach switched into a 4-3-3 figure. In this moment he played his best game: the home meeting with Malaga CF (matchday 18), match in which he played for 84 minutes (his highest on the season), but the results didn’t came and Domingos left the club, so he returned to be a mere companion with Fernando Vázquez, and it’s that André only played five minutes with Depor’s latest coach.  He did nothing special during the minutes he spent on the pitch.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Jesús Vázquez: -Troupe-  (174) The second player at the first team with the lesser number of minutes on the season, so it’s hard to judge his performance rather than to be a good team mate inside the changing room. The only time he played for the full 90 minutes was in the second-leg in Copa against RCD Mallorca, later he was only a starter in liga twice: in the visit to Real Sociedad (matchday 19) and in the visit to Getafe CF (matchday 22). With Fernando Vázquez he only played for a total of 36 minutes during the home game against Real Madrid (matchday 25) and the visit to Real Valladolid (matchday 35)
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Paulo Assunção: -Unnoticed- (625) The third signing during the winter window; he arrived from Brazil trying to have an impact at midfield, but was swallowed by the downward spiral at the beginning of the second round. He was a starter with Domingos and in the first games with Fernando Vázquez, but he never showed anything special and later the Galician coach opted for the couple Abel Aguilar and Juan Dominguez, so the role of the ex-Atletico player was to stay on the bench and sometimes even out of the list of picked players. He only appeared once in the last stretch of the season and it was to play fourteen minutes in the home game against Athletic Bilbao (matchday 32).
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Juan Carlos Valerón: -Magician- (2,271) The last of the thirteen seasons of Valerón at Depor didn’t have a happy ending, but el Flaco gave his best in order to clinch the goal. He was the best assistor at the team (9) and was also the soul of Deportivo. He was a fixed starter with Oltra, the arrival of Domingos put him on the bench as the draw was changed, but later regained a spot with Fernando Vázquez. His last goal at the club was in the visit to Levante UD (matchday 31) and also had a starring role in the derbies bringing three assists against RC Celta. He seemed tired within the last seven games, just when Depor needed of his magic. The consequence is that Depor only won one of these seven meetings.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0



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