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08 Jun 2013
It’s time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the season that has ended. This final part presents the analysis of the five wingers and the three strikers that played for Deportivo during the campaign 2012/13.

Like in the case of the midfielders, there were winners and losers regarding the attackers of Deportivo. They were pretty solid throughout the campaign as the team scored 47 goals in liga, a better mark at the club than in 5 of the last 7 seasons at Primera. The problem is that the attacking line fell down at the end as the Galician outfit ended scoreless in three of the last five liga meetings, just when the team needed goals and points.

Bruno Gama: -Constant- (3,146 minutes during the liga season) The player with more minutes on the season and the second men in the history of the club that’s a starter in all the games during a 38-match season. The Portuguese was the owner of the right wing and, despite having a slow start, turned to be an important piece in the plans of the three coaches that passed through the club. He ended the season as the most in-form player at the team and scored six goals plus providing five assists.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Pizzi: -Dagger- (3,089) One of the few good signings, he was the starting choice for the left wing only missing three games, two for been ineligible to play against Atlético and the other for injury reasons (matchday 12 Vs. Levante UD). Many people criticized him for been too selfish at the moment of ending up the plays, but in the end he was the second best scorer (7) and the second best assistor (6) at the team. He was the expert in set-pieces and scored four goals from the penalty spot and another one in a direct free-kick action (matchday 08 Vs. FC Barcelona). The pity is that he didn’t have the same impact at the end of the tournament, because he looked tired. And it’s that he remained scoreless and neither provided any assist within his last six games.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

Diogo Salomăo:  -Fighter- (430) The Portuguese was the victim of Pizzi’s arrival to the team; he only made two appearances as a starter and didn’t even pass the 500-minute mark in liga. Besides he had the third worst pass ratio at the team (73.7%). Still, he left a feeling of freshness at the end of the season, just when the rest of attackers looked tired. The best example was the fact that he revolutionized the team during the twenty minutes that he spent on the pitch for the visit to Malaga CF (matchday 37). He netted a goal in that meeting. He was the emergency solution for the final game against Real Sociedad entering the game at half-time, but unfortunately wasn’t able to repeat the previous performance.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Javier Camuńas: -Unnoticed- (652) Another new signing that never found a place in the plans of the three coaches that passed through the club. The left winger was used to perform at both sides, and also at the playmaker’s role, but apart from his goal against CA Osasuna (matchday 20) the true is that he never made an impact at the team. The loaned winger from Villarreal was the fifth player with the worst pass ratio at the team (77.9%).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Saúl Fernández: -Ghost- (0) The only player at the first team that never enjoyed of minutes in the liga competition. He was only picked once for the home clash against Levante UD (matchday 12). The Asturian only played 69 minutes in Copa before RCD Mallorca and didn’t leave a positive impression. He left the club during the summer window and joined SD Ponferradina, team where he played 15 straight games scoring one goal.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Riki -Unleashed- (2,708) His best season ever at any of the clubs in which he played; he scored thirteen goals, the best mark at the club in almost a decade, and was a constant threat for the rivals. Even the injuries respected him as the Madrilenian striker only skipped two matches due to injury reasons (matchday 27 at FC Barcelona and matchday 31 at Levante UD). But Riki missed aim as he wasted several scoring opportunities, including two penalty-kicks, and the worst part is that he disappeared at the moment of truth after failing to score within the last five games. Still, he’s leaving Depor been part of the top-ten list of goal-scorers.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

Nélson Oliveira: -Misused- (851) No one can deny the quality in this 21-year-old striker, the point is that neither Oltra nor Domingos nor Fernando Vázquez knew how to use his potential. Neither the player contributed to the cause due to his attitudes. He started strongly scoring two goals within his first four games, but later didn’t know how to take the spot away from Riki and to make things worse he spent two months injured. In the end Oliveira ended as the player with more appearances as a substitute in the history of the club (28). Nélson also had a confrontation with the fans as he was feeling frustrated and silenced the crowd in the celebration of his goal against RCD Espanyol (matchday 36). It only brought more enemies to his side.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Rodolfo Bodipo: -Harmless- (80) Perhaps the best thing with the Equatoguinean attacker is that he finally left the club releasing the club from his high wages. He played in Copa and five times in liga taking advantage that Oliveira was injured and never left a positive impression. At least he scored a goal, though it was useless as Depor lost 3-5 at Real Zaragoza (matchday 11). Bodipo joined Xérez CD during the winter window just to find out the relegation to Segunda B
RCDLC.com rating: 5.0



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