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02 Jul 2013
Second analysis of the rivals that Deportivo are going to meet at Segunda División. In this second chapter the five clubs that avoided relegation, the other two relegated clubs from Primera plus the four promoted from Segunda B.

If the reader thinks that the situation is tough for the teams that faced a better season at Segunda then it should look to what’s going on with the rest. It’s just more of the same: financial crisis, problems to adapt the budgets, top-scorers leaving their teams and lack of resources to reinforce their teams. So, the major part of these teams will have a hard work if they want to revert the poor impression left on this year.

The first two teams in this chapter are the relegated clubs from Primera, RCD Mallorca and Real Zaragoza. Both are facing a similar scenario: suffering the consequences in the reduction of their incomes after a long spell at Primera, though they recover a respectable amount through the relegation assurance (between €7 and €9 million).

Still, both outfits need to adjust their budgets; that’s the reason why they haven’t made signings yet as they are waiting to see if they will make important sells. Zaragoza have Hélder Postiga as their more expensive resource, and Mallorca have Gio Dos Santos. Both are hearing offers from other clubs. For now they have only signed the coaches, and both are familiar faces: Oltra and Paco Herrera. Two men that already succeeded at Liga Adelante.

Clearly their target is to return as soon as possible to Liga BBVA, but it’s hard to predict right now what their role will be. If they are able to keep some of their best men, or at least to replace the important casualties with valuable players, then they surely be candidates, just like Depor was two seasons ago.

The last part of the season was negative for Córdoba CF
Córdoba CF is one of the biggest disappointments on the season; they fell down in the final stretch of the Segunda campaign losing 7 of the last 10 meetings. They also lost their top-scorer, ex-Depor Xisco (8 goals), who didn’t accept the offer to sign a new contract. They are also losing promising winger Fede Vico, who was sold to RSC Anderlecht, and veteran López Garai. For now they have signed two unknown strikers, Eial Strahman and promising Benja from Córdoba. Besides their new coach is someone without experience in this league: Pablo Villanueva. They will hardly match the performance of two seasons ago, time when they reached the playoffs.

CD Mirandés completed their first season at Segunda and clinched the goal of the permanence, though suffering until the end. The big surprise of the past Copa Del Rey edition have a decent and assembled squad, without important exits –they’re keeping top-scorer Díaz de Cerio (8)- though they have a new coach: Gonzalo Arconada, who already clinched a promotion to Primera with Tenerife. They don’t have big debts, but their conversion into a limited company was menacing to cause the relegation, now it seems improbable though.

CE Sabadell have clinched the permanence within the last two seasons, now they would love to aspire to bigger things. The eyes will be upon them as this Catalan club is now under the control of a Japanese fund investment that already allowed a signing from Asia: Japanese Sotan Tanabe. But they will need more than that to reach the top-positions, especially after coach Lluís Carreras left the project together with top-scorer Manuel Lanzarote (14), who was signed as a free agent by RCD Espanyol. 

Hercules CF was close to suffer the relegation
Hércules CF miraculously escaped from relegation after a really poor start, but their situation outside the pitch remains difficult, in the middle of the administration process, but dragging a debt around the €60 million. So, there’s little money to reinforce the squad of renewed coach Quique Hernández. But the connections of Quique Piña, president of Granada CF, plus the fact there are keeping their top-scorer –Javier Portillo (17)- could convert them into one of the surprises for the new season.

The bizarre case for next season is Real Murcia, they should have been relegated due to the things done on the pitch, but the financial problems of CD Guadalajara at the moment of their conversion into a SAD opened a window to the Murcians. But despite the miracle the future isn’t promising. This is another club in administration , with a considerable debt of €28 million, of this amount €5 million must be paid before November, so there aren’t resources to reinforce a really limited squad, besides they don’t have a coach yet. Only another miracle will make them avoid the status of “relegation candidate”.

CD Tenerife celebrating the promotion
The final four clubs in the list are the promoted clubs from Segunda B. CD Alavés and CD Tenerife were the winners in the playoff round of champions. Both have several things on common, among them been historic clubs that passed in a short period of time from Primera to Segunda B –in the case of CD Tenerife they suffered two straight relegations-

Both clubs still have to assemble their squads for the new season, but surely will see with good eyes if they can clinch the permanence in their retuning campaign to Segunda. A little different is the situation for Real Jaén and SD Eibar. The Andalusians from Real Jaén are returning to Segunda after a decade, while the Basques of Eibar are returning after five years. Their weak economy means that they will focus on the permanence during the new season.



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