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09 Aug 2006
Lendoiro presented two new signings for the 2006/2007 season. Dudu Aouate will spend the next four seasons at Depor while Antonio Tom??s signed a five-year contract, although as yet nobody knows his destiny for the new season.

Depor's president said during the presentation that Aouate was the keeper that coach Caparr??s always wanted. The deal signed with Racing included the transfer of Pedro Munitis plus the loans of R??ben Castro and Momo. The Canarian duo will play in Racing for the 2006/2007 season. The deal also included the arrival of Antonio Tom??s and 50% of the rights over a Racing youngster: Sergio Canales.

Canales is a player in the Cadetes category. According to Lendoiro, he's one of the main promises in Spain. Meanwhile, Antonio Tom??s said during the presentation that he will fight for a spot at the Galician club. "My desire is to fight and play in Depor during the next five seasons." Lendoiro praised the young midfielder’s skills. "He is one of the best pearls in Cantabria.  He's young and already has good experience in the Primera."

Aouate said that he is impressed with the Depor squad.  "I'm really happy to be in this team. Here we have good defenders, midfielders and strikers. We also have a coach who’s a winner and to be honest, Deportivo is a very interesting club in Spain and even in Europe."

After the presentation, Lendoiro explained the case of Antonio Tom??s.  He said that Depor has received 100% of his rights, while Racing will keep 40% of a possible sale in the future. The 21-year-old midfielder signed a five-year-contract, but Lendoiro doesn't know if he will play in Depor during the new season or if he will be loaned out to another club.  "That matter is up to our coach, although I know that we are overbooked at this point." Lendoiro explained that Tom??s will train with Depor during the next few days, and later Caparr??s will decide if he has a spot in the squad or not.

Depor's president also reminded people that the new project is one that should bear fruit in the long term. "We are putting our faith in youngsters who possess great qualities. We must understand that a change of this proportion is difficult to fulfill. This is a long-term project, but the sooner we can achieve results the better."

Lendoiro didn't want to talk about any confrontation between Scaloni and Caparr??s.  He just made a new statement about the discarded players. "There are some players who we don't count on for our new plans, and we have made every possible effort to find new teams for them. Sometimes you don't get the offers that you were expecting. But yesterday we concluded a deal that took us several weeks, so we must have patience. Nobody is a magician with the ability to put every player in their desired club.?

Meanwhile Pedro Munitis said goodbye at a press conference that took place at the Riazor. The Cantabrian winger expressed his happiness at returning to Racing, but he is also sad about leaving Depor.  "I'm really happy because I am going home, but at the same time, I am sad because I was very happy at this club. It's a weird situation. People always treated me really well and I have to thank them."

The Cantabrian winger also had some words of support for Caparr??s' new project. "I would like to ask the fans for their support.  This squad is really young and has a lot of ambition. They will need support and the fans must stay with them, as they always have. I think that this will be a really good season for them."

Finally, Munitis said that the only thing he didn't like was the fact that he was notified about his situation through the media. "The proper way is to negotiate between clubs, and later they should tell the player.  What bothered me was that I found out from the media."

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