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28 Jul 2013
The second pre-season stage has brought the first impressions on the performance of the eleven academy players that have been performing with the first team during the pre-season. Fernando Vázquez prepares his final valorizations.

The stage in Monforte de Lemos brought the first impression to coach Fernando Vázquez regarding the eleven players from the academy that are making the pre-season with the first team. The lineups in the four friendly matches disputed so far were mainly composed by these players, a clear indication that beyond been a phase in the pre-season, this was an exam for them.

Depor’s coach will announce in August the names of the players that will be promoted on a permanent basis, the rest will stay at Fabril, but always having an open door in order to train with the first team, and even to enjoy of minutes during the Segunda season and the Copa Del Rey tournament.

For now it’s clear that centre-back Pablo Insua will be one of the promoted players from Deportivo B. What remains to be clarified is his role on next season, because for now he’s the fourth choice as there are other three centre-backs at the team having more experience: Aythami, Ze Castro and Kaká, but the first two could end leaving, which means that Insua could end up being a normal starter in the new season.

Uxío Marcos is also waiting to see what happens with the possible exits, because he seems to be one step behind Insua, which means that he could end up spending one more year at Tercera División, but the exit of two of the centre-backs at the first team could give him the chance to reach a primary role.

The second player with more options of been promoted is striker Luis Fernández, who impressed in his first friendly at the team scoring three goals. Besides, the lack of attackers at the first team is giving him a starring role on the pre-season.

Álvaro Lemos was the third name on the list, but his unfortunate knee injury will sideline him for the half of the season. The incident might open a spot for playmaker Javier Fernández Abruñedo ´Bicho’ who, despite been only 17, has impressed coach Fernando Vázquez. It was expected that Bicho was going to spend the major part of the season at Depor B, having some minutes at the first team; now this injury case could bring him a more participative role, though always depending in the signings.

Bicho during the pre-season

Similar is the case of Dani Iglesias, another young attacker expected to mature and gain experience at Tercera División, but with the chance of getting some minutes, probably in Copa Del Rey. In any case he will always be behind Luis due to the age of both players.

Perhaps the most intriguing zone is midfield territory. Playmaker Jorge Romay, plus centre midfielders Paulo Teles and Oumar Sidibé have left a positive impression during the friendly games and, taking in mind that Fernando Vázquez needs to cover some punctual functions, they could get the desired chance.

But it will be hard for them taking in mind there are other players at the first team for those positions, like Juan Carlos, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez and Paulo Assunção, though the latter could leave the club.

In any case the players are dreaming of getting the big chance, as Teles told to reporters on Friday, ”I hope to be able to play and not being just one more player. I want to be an important player at Deportivo. It depends on the coach; whatever he tells me to do, it is what I’m going to do.”

Finally, the case of keeper David Gómez; he is the only player in the concentration in Monforte that didn’t play any minute in the four friendly games disputed so far, but it was because this is just one more step for the 19-year old keeper, who’s going to play his first season at Tercera with Deportivo B.



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