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31 Jul 2013
Short press conference by Depor’s coach. He was serious during the conversation with reporters and defended the position of the players regarding their unpaid wages. Still, he’s confident that everything will be fixed.

Coach Fernando Vázquez talked to reporters about the current situation at the club. His press conference just lasted seven minutes and didn’t mention anything related to the preparation of the players for the Segunda season, instead he tried to transmit a message of positivism as the club is menaced with the demotion to Segunda B.

He began transmitting the idea that everything will be fixed, “It’s clear that you cannot ignore what’s about to happen. There’s a problem that we need to fix and I believe we’re playing with the definitive card. I’ve plenty confidence on the reasonableness of all the parties involved. It’s incredible for me to think of any other solution of what it should be, of what this city, club and history deserves. The history of Deportivo cannot end due to a lack of agreement that isn’t complicated, honestly. A centenary club cannot disappear just for that amount of money. “

“I compromise to produce things having low expenses, to say it in one way; we will obtain players from the academy with the needed quality to get hope and a monetary return, so I believe that we should rely in Deportivo and the work done at Abegondo. We must see the future with optimism, because surely we are going forward with this. Deportivo is going to be a viable club; evidently it’s going to satisfy our current needs. It will produce the money we need to face the restlessness affecting us right now. I have plenty of confidence in the meeting that’s taking place right now.” He added

Then the Galician coach confirmed that on Monday he had a meeting with Lendoiro and Ernesto Bello, though he described the reunion as simply routine, “I believe we are going out of this, which means that we are going out in order to compete. In this sense we make these reunions from time to time in order to polish some aspects of the planning. Yesterday it was the same. We are building up the team and we are overcoming the obstacles. We are lacking some clarity, but the meeting is for this: to polish some details of players that could come or that already joined the team.”

Later he was optimistic about Wednesday’s game against FC Arouca, “I still think we are going out in order to compete and that we will travel to Portugal, so for the moment… hours are left and we are waiting. Let’s see what the people with the responsibility say about this regard. Since that point we will prepare the sporting subject.”

Once again he was asking for union between the fans and the players, “It’s hard to control the thoughts of the fans. I understand some could be upset, but I already said before in Monforte de Lemos that it would be sad to witness a lack of union caused by something that has nothing to do with the team. I still asking for the union between the fans and the club, we cannot search for somebody to blame and should wait for the solutions.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez supported the players in their demands, “I believe everybody should assume their own responsibility; the players are just defending their interests. If you think calmly, taking the feelings off, you will realize that they are right, so the players won’t be the guilty ones of what could happen and we must be with them. We need a solution that could satisfy their interests. I’m convinced anyone would do the same under those circumstances.”



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