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02 Aug 2013
On Thursday the captains of Deportivo addressed the media; they told to reporters that their sacrifice allowed the saving of the club; they also praised the commitment of the club’s authorities and the AFE.

After Thursday’s training session the first team players were visited by the representatives of AFE, including president Rubiales. They were informed about the terms of the negotiations held on the day before. They were satisfied with the result and addressed the media together for the second time in a matter of four days.

In the previous press conference there were five captains at the press room (Manuel Pablo, Aranzubia, Laure, Juan Dominguez & Álex Bergantiños), and on this opportunity there were nine men on the room: Álex Bergantiños, Manuel Pablo, Aranzubia, Zé Castro, Bruno Gama, Seoane, Ayoze, Aythami & Laure.

Another difference is that this press conference was more joyful, with the players laughing instead of the seriousness of the previous conversation with reporters. The captains transmitted two messages: they, supported by the AFE and the club, were the ones that made the sacrifice that allowed the final deal that saved Deportivo, also that the criticism against them is unfair, mainly the one over Manuel Pablo.

Álex Bergantiños was the one that started talking, “We are here in order to explain what happened and to support Manuel (Pablo). He always represented the opinion of the full squad. Several lies were told within the last hours regarding some things. We always were supported by the AFE and the club, and there was a previous agreement that all the demands were going to be lifted at the same time. I believe it’s unfair to hear people criticizing us. The AFE explained it: the other sides were pulling too much and in the end the ones that offered a solution were us. Many unfair things have been said regarding us and my partners.”

The Galician midfielder also said that things should have been fixed before, but that the lack of commitment by some parties caused the problems, “For us the negotiations could have taken place before, because some people didn’t give their best before in order to solve the situation. AFE always supported us and they explained that many similar cases were solved in the same way and fortunately it all ended well.”

Daniel Aranzubia was the more critic player during the press conference; he blamed the banks, the Tax Agency and the club’s administrators for the drama lived on Wednesday, “This was a long process. Maybe the players can be blamed for this, but this issue remained unsolved since many months ago. The fans suffered until the end and they didn’t deserve it, but it wasn’t our fault. There were many parties involved like the Tax Agency, the banks and the administrators that didn’t want to reach an agreement. Things could have been fixed before, but it wasn’t our fault.”

“I’m sure people will realize that we also made a sacrifice. People will understand that, if it wasn’t for us, things wouldn’t have been fixed by now. If it was going to depend on the banks, the administrators and the Tax Agency, then we would by at Segunda B at this point.” The keeper added

Manuel Pablo felt sorry for solving the situation until the last day, also for the criticism towards the players, “We cannot manage all the things said in the media, but we always tried to stand together until the end. We didn’t want to reach this situation at the last day. The players didn’t’ want the relegation. The ones that reached the agreement were the AFE, la liga, the players and the club. The others didn’t. There are many lies about us. If I am pointed out for what happened yesterday then I can only say that I don’t like it, but you need to be the captain, either for the good and the bad things.”

Ze Castro ended the press conference defending Manuel Pablo after all the criticism towards the captain, “The fact of been here is to demonstrate that this is a large and united group. He has been here for ages and he’s the player that trains harder. He’s the captain and the captain defends the interest of the rest. We are supporting him. He’s a person that always helped the club and cannot be pointed out. All the players were patient and helped to solve this issue. He was fundamental.”



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