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03 Aug 2013
Deportivo reactivated the moves during the summer window and closed the return of Javier Arizmendi. The Madrilenian striker returns to A Coruña after cancelling his contract with Getafe CF and signed a two-year contract.

Surprising news on Friday as Deportivo confirmed the return of Javier Arizmendi, the striker that spent two seasons at the club during the stage to Caparrós and that was later transferred to Valencia CF in a three-side operation with Atlético Madrid.

It was surprising, because nobody expected this operation. It was knew the club was about to announce some signings after unblocking the conflict with the players, but nobody reported the name of Arizmendi as one of the targets. After all, the Madrilenian was having four more years of contract with Getafe CF, but he didn’t have a room there and his contract was cancelled late on Thursday.

And just hours later the club announced that the attacker was already in A Coruña undergoing the medicals. In the afternoon the player was presented at the club’s headquarters at Plaza de Pontevedra and it was announced that he’s signing a two-year-deal.

Arizmendi during his presentation
In the presentation, president Lendoiro told to reporters that this was a brave move made by the player, “You need to be brave in order to make decisions like the one made by Arizmendi. In the first opportunity he arrived at a very delicate moment and now he arrives in a more delicate situation, which demonstrates his love for the club. He always trusted in our club.”

“I want to thank Manolo Quilón [the player’s agent] for his collaboration , because they never doubted. We were waiting to sign the player as soon as he was cancelling his contract with Getafe. If someone relies in signing twice then you must thank him. At Depor, Arizmendi became an international player and lost some euros when he signed for Valencia. It’s an example of professionalism.” Depor’s boss added.

Later the player explained why he’s returning, “This was an easy decision to make. I have great memories of A Coruña; I spent great years here at all levels. The familiar issue was important [his wife is Galician] I felt comfortable on here and sign with the hope of having a happy ending like the past opportunity. There have been many turns before coming back, some were better and other worse. I’ve now more experience, but having the same hopes compared to my first arrival.”

“I didn’t have the opportunity of a long spell at any club, but would love to spend the rest of my professional days in A Coruña. I would like to grow and to see the club growing too. I would feel comfortable in any position the coach decides to use me. I will work hard in order to be useful to the team. I feel fine at any position, tough not too much performing as a winger.”




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