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10 Aug 2013
Depor’s president assured that the club is only pending to resolve details in order to close the arrival of Geijo. He also revealed that Wilk will sign a two-year deal and expects to define the exits at the beginning of next week.

President Augusto César Lendoiro always answers the questions of reporters at the moment of making the presentations of new players. And on Friday the’ tradition’ continued as he talked to reporters for about twenty minutes during the presentation of Argentine Culio. The major part of these inquiries were related to the transfer window.

The main thing that he explained is that the signing of Alex Geijo is close to occurring, “We have been working for days in this operation and I calculate that the matter is close to be resolved. He has to solve a tax issue and this fact is delaying his arrival. It seems he has been in Spain, Italy and England and he wants to clear some issues before making the switch. In any case we are hoping to welcome the player within the first days of next week. We are waiting to confirm the agreement and sign the papers. There’s shouldn’t been a problem, but you know how football is. He should have been here since fifteen days ago”

About Polish midfielder Wilk, Lendoiro confirmed the terms of the deal, “It’s for two years. He cannot have the medicals tomorrow, because he will arrive from Porto at the hour of tomorrow’s match, around 8PM. We depend of this.”

He also said that the situation with Luis Fernández still to be resolved, though it seems the striker is staying at the first team, “I think this is one of the subjects that has been discussed at this point. We’ll wait before making the official announcement. I say this because we didn’t have time to solve this issue with all the situations that we are dealing at the club. The true is that the subject has been on the hands of Ernesto [Bello] and I don’t know the details. As soon as we have news we will inform you.”

There were also questions regarding the possible exits from the team, starting with rumours of a possible offer for winger Bruno Gama, “If this depends of the club then I can tell you that Bruno isn’t going out. What happens is that the terms of the contract are really special and it doesn’t depend on the club. There should be an offer satisfying all the parties involved. If an offer appears then we have two options: to accept his exit or to buy the rights owed by the other party, something complicated at this point. If this would depend on Depor then you can be sure at 100% that it shouldn’t happen, but the fact is that it doesn’t depend on us, this is the dangerous part and we’ll try to avoid it.”

What it should be a fact is that Depor will allow the exit of players [Aranzubia, Ze Castro & Assunção], and Depor’s boss stated that it should happen early on next week, “I expect that at the beginning of next week we will have movements in this regard. We have been talking and working with some of the players, because the amounts of their contracts are unaffordable at Segunda. We are waiting to find the ideal solution for all of them. We might have novelties on Monday.“

He was also asked about the information presented in La Voz de Galicia regarding a salary cap of 3.4 million Euros and also about the possibility of negotiating the reduction in the wages of some players, “I’ve heard the comments, but there are no agreements about this. It’s a pity to read information coming out regarding the amounts earned by the players, especially since the numbers aren’t true. There isn’t a salary cap and nothing is defined yet.”

Another question was related to the status of defender Aythami, who has been linked with UD Las Palmas; he said that there are no novelties on this subject, “We don’t have any offer from Las Palmas and neither from the player; it seems there were some comments, but at this point there’s no offer from Las Palmas and neither a petition of the player.”

There was also time to talk of the state of the negotiations with the creditors and the plan to pay the debt, “There are no novelties with the plan. They haven’t presented a viability plan and don’t have any proposal to work on it. We’ll keep working in order to present a different plan and right now we are concreting some issues with the LFP and the AFE.”

He also clarified the kick-off time of the Teresa Herrera, “There has been a misinterpretation; Depor and Real Madrid are forced to play at that hour, because there are Europa League matches, so we don’t know yet the exact kick-off time, it should be around 7PM. Real Madrid will play with all their star players.”

Finally, Lendoiro was asked of the controversial situation at the youth teams as the youngsters traveling to Abegondo were left without buses, “We are cutting everything, so Gamallo [youth teams coordinator] and the directors of Abegondo preferred to cut in this issue and not in the quality of the coaching staff.”



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