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14 Aug 2013
President Lendoiro explained the cases of Luisinho and Aranzubia, while he warned that the administrators are pushing in order to allow the exit of Ze Castro, Bruno Gama and Paulo Assunção. He also hopes to sign a second goalie.

The presentation of Wilk was used by president Augusto César Lendoiro in order to explain the current situation of Deportivo regarding the transfer window. He explained that Aranzubia is leaving for free, also that he plans the signing of a second keeper and that Luisinho is only pending on the administration's  approval. One of the surprises is that Depor’s boss assured that the low budget is pushing the administrators to request the exit of Bruno Gama, something he will try to avoid. The following is the resume of the main things explained by Lendoiro during his 19-minute conversation with reporters.

“As you might know and, after several days negotiating with Atlético Madrid, we reached an agreement for the exit of Aranzubia. It was a request of the administration regarding the budget. We still have to fix some issues and more will problems will come. He’s leaving for free and simply Atlético Madrid had compromised to play one Teresa Herrera and, you already know of our good relationship with Miguel Angel Gil and Enrique Cerezo, we are also working in order to bring arrivals linked to the good relationship between both clubs, this for future opportunities. There’s no negotiating with Atlético regarding if they could pay the debt that we have with the player; what’s owed to him will be paid by us. The only obligation is to pay the expenses of the trip for the Teresa Herrera, something that must be completed within the next three years.”

“There are big variations in the budget thanks to the exit of Dani Aranzubia, to whom I want to thank everything he has done for Deportivo throughout these years. Deportivo also tried to give back this help allowing his exit. It’s a situation where he will earn more things,, not only in monetary aspects, but in playing at Primera, the Champions [League] and the Super Cup. Let’s hope he can be lucky. We celebrate for him, because he has been an important player at Deportivo.  He deserves it and is one of the persons that are worthy.”

“We have also reached an agreement, only pending on the signing by the administrators, for the player Luisinho. A player we have been chasing for a while at Paços de Ferreira and that we tried to sign one year ago, it wasn’t possible as Benfica got in the way. He didn’t play too much, but t’s a good player, both on the wing and the left side of the defense. I believe he’s an interesting player for Deportivo. We’re only pending on the signing of the administrators.”

“ We already reached agreements in la liga regarding the money’s disposition at Deportivo [salary cap]. Some issues still to be closed in this regard, including some singings, but the arrival of Luisinho was already negotiated, then we have some obligations asked by the administrators. Those are important decisions for the future of the club. Theoretically he’s signing for three years, with the 50% of the rights owed by Benfica. We must remember that Benfica paid a transfer last year and now he lands for free on here. The 50% of a possible sell belongs to Benfica. Mendes helped, but his agent isn’t Jorge Mendes.”

I repeat what I said before, and I don’t know what’s left to do in the future, but right now what we are missing is to see him reaching an agreement with Udinese due to a tax issue, because for been between Italy, Spain and England it seems that he will face some problems. He wants to clarify the issues before making the switch. It’s the only problem in the negotiations between Udinese, his agent Alvaro Torres and Deportivo. Initially he should have been here since… I don’t know, the true is that I’m really tired with this thing.”

“In this life you can never say I won’t drink of this water.”

“They’re forcing us to allow the exit of Bruno  Gama. They’re forcing us to allow the exit of Ze Castro. They’re forcing us to allow the exit of Assunção. And I don’t know if Aythami too. I think that don’t, but with the rest the administrators have made this decision. We agree in some things, and in others don’t “

“It’s an obligation dictated by the administrators, another thing is that we will discuss it and accept it. We can reach another agreement, but at this point it is what they are asking to do. This is an important problem and will try to search for solutions in order to minimize the situation.”

“This should be solved as soon as possible because if don’t’ then we cannot make more signings.”

“Are you surprised? If this is calling someone’s attention then it is because they haven’t been in Spanish football. I don’t know, I’ve been talking of this for a while. We’ll wait to see what will happen. We knew it since a while ago, though without having proofs. It wasn’t only during that year and I think that’s fine to assume these problems right now. It’s an issue that can affect the viability of the club, because we can be talking of 21 million Euros in losses. We’ll see what happens, but if you never believed in this it’s because you are an unbeliever. Everybody in Spain knew of this.”

“We must sign a second keeper, I expect the administrators will allow us to sign a second keeper. I attach to it. Second or first keeper, we must be alert. It´s elemental to have a second keeper, how we are going to play without a second keeper? We cannot give the responsibility to a kid from Juveniles neither to someone that hasn’t been training with the team.”

“I assume that if La Voz de Galicia is publishing this it is because they have good sources, but I ask if it’s ethical to have the lawyer of the club as a one of the candidates, because this could be harmful for the club.”

“We are negotiating with la liga, but still far from what Deportivo request, deserve and want. We had a meeting yesterday that lasted until midnight.  It started at 7PM and we ended at 12PM, at 10PM the administrator joined us. We will have new meetings and will search for agreements.”



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