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18 Aug 2013
Refreshing victory for Deportivo after all the problems lived during the summer. Solid work at defense, with a lineup having six players with a past at Fabril and Bicho debuting at the age of 17. Insua scored the goal, but the best man was Arizmendi.

For the first time in 23 years Deportivo were presenting during a liga game a starting lineup with five players that had played before at Fabril. Coach Fernando Vázquez sent a 4-2-3-1 formation; with Lux at the goal, Laure performed at the right-back spot and Manuel Pablo playing at the left. Insua and Kaká were the centre-backs.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders; Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, the surprise was to see Julio Culio as a starter, Arizmendi covered the left wing and Luis made his official debut as the central attacker.

At UD Las Palmas, coach Sergio Lobera presented a 4-4-2 figure with the only novelty of Jesús Rodriguez Tato playing alongside Máyor in attack. Ex-Depor duo Momo and Valerón were also starters.

Taking in mind the circumstances lived during the pre-season it was a decent first half for Deportivo; the rival dominated the actions at the middle, but the Galicians had the best scoring opportunities, mainly within the last five minutes, and only the saves of Barbosa kept the game scoreless, before Lux made good saves too. Arizmendi, Bruno Gama and Culio were the best players in this part of the match.

Nothing special occurred within the first ten minutes; both sides were trying to step into the rival’s area, but there were no shots on target. The first attempt to score came until minute 11 with Luis throwing a free-kick that missed the target. Two minutes later Tato completed the first attempt on goal in the game, but it was saved by Lux.

Arizmendi was the most active player at Deportivo; always bringing problems with his penetrations by the sides, he earned the three first corner-kicks had within the first twenty minutes, which turned to be the only damage made by Depor until this point.

Las Palmas had a slow start too; mainly as Valerón was too delayed on the pitch, though with the passage of the minutes he earned confidence. As soon as El Flaco began to find Nauzet Alemán Depor’s defense began to face problems; in the first combination between both men Máyor was close to score, but Lux was there to make the save (21’).

The first modification in the game was the exit of Atouba, who got injured in an action with Culio, precisely the Argentine man was the creator of the first dangerous play in the game for the Galicians. He assisted Luis inside the area, but the striker was unable to beat local goalie Mariano Barbosa.

Things changed at the end of the first part. At minute 37, Arizmendi stole the ball at midfield and ran towards the centre until releasing a high shot that was saved by Barbosa.  It seemed that this play released Deportivo, because the Galicians had the best opportunities to claim the lead within the final five minutes.

Firstly Bruno Gama attempted a drilling shot that was cleared to corner-kick by Barbosa (40’), in the  resulting cross Arizmendi headed the ball on target and the Argentine goalie was once again the savior, and he crowed his performance saving the last chance on the half, again before Arizmendi (45+1’). In the middle Momo made a shot on target that was saved by Lux (43’).

Solid performance for Deportivo; the Galicians had lesser chances, but this time they seized one of the opportunities. The team looked strong at defense and not even the controversial expulsion of Culio was useful to break the deadlock. Arizmendi was the best player, while Bicho and Rudy had their first minutes.

Things were tranquil at the beginning of the first part; Las Palmas were trying to attack, while Depor could only create damage through the corner-kicks, precisely it was the way used by the Galicians in order to find their first goal in liga. Ironically it was an error of Barbosa, who saved his team at the end of the first part. Culio released the cross into the far post, the Argentine goalie miscalculated the trajectory of the ball and Pablo Insua was there to head it home.

Las Palmas began to take control the game, though without having clear chances. Valerón disappeared in this half. He was too delayed and Nauzet Alemán was never a factor at the sides. The work done by Kaká and Insua was very helpful; both centre backs were perfect. Perhaps the only spot at defense was the problems had by Manuel Pablo at the left side.

But Deportivo feared the worst when Culio was sent off at minute 62 in a controversial decision. The Argentine man was booked in the foul that caused the injury of Atouba, but the second was totally underserved as he cleared the ball before touching Vicente. In this way Depor played the last half an hour with only ten men on the pitch.

The first modification for Depor was the entry of Rudy replacing Luis. The Galician attacker only appeared once up front, but the true is that he was an important piece in the puzzle of Fernando Vázquez as he was putting pressure to the defense. In the meantime the Portuguese winger looked fresh and skillful, in a couple of opportunities he created problems to the Canarian defense.

Despite the numeric advantage UD Las Palmas never created any danger before Lux; Deportivo looked superior and spent the time locked at the back zone, though at times with long ball. The second modification in the game was the entry of Juan Carlos replacing Arizmendi, the latter was the best player in the game, sacrificed at defense and also enjoying chances to score.

It was expected an avalanche for the final ten minutes, but contrary to the expectations it was Deportivo the side having the opportunities to score. At minute 82, Juan Dominguez couldn’t define an action at the right side of the box as Barbosa made the save. Three minutes later Bruno Gama sent the ball over the crossbar after a combination with Rudy.

Las Palmas ended the game with ten men too after Xabi Castillo was sent off with two yellow cards. The only shot on target in the second part for the locals came until minute 90, it was a direct free-kick of Nauzet Alemán that was blocked by Lux.

The last change in the game was the entry of Bicho for Bruno Gama, in this way he became into the youngest player that debuts in liga after 34 years. The Canarians had a last chance in a corner-kick action, but Tato headed the ball over the crossbar (90+2’).

Both teams seemed unprepared for the liga tournament; something that was expected due to the circumstances lived at both clubs. But the point is that Depor looked more solid at defense and created enough scoring chances to pick up a very refreshing victory playing away from home. The controversial expulsion of Culio, with thirty minutes left on the game, never affected the performance of the team.

Arizmendi was the best player, but Lux, Insua, Kaká and Bruno Gama also shone in the clash. Rudy and Bicho debuted in the second part. Deportivo will debut at the Riazor on next Saturday as Córdoba CF will visit A Coruña (17h00 CET).

Las Palmas: (4-4-2) Barbosa – Aythami Álvarez (Galán 75’), Deivid, David García, Atouba (Xabi Castillo 31’) –Nauzet, Vicente Gómez, Valerón, Momo – Tato, Máyor (Delev 63’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Kaká, Manuel Pablo – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama (Bicho 87’), Culio, Arizmendi (Juan Carlos 80’) – Luis (Rudy 75’)
Goal: 0-1: (49’) Insua
Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vázquez . He showed yellow card to Tato (22’), Momo (54’), Delev (65’) and David García (70’). Culio was sent off with two yellow cards (27’ & 62’). Xabi Castillo was also sent off with two yellows (51’ & 84’)
Venue: Estadio de Gran Canaria (10,132)



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