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19 Aug 2013
The coach and the players were pretty content after adding the first three points of the season; Vázquez explained that he changed the scheme at the middle of the first half, while Culio complained of his red card.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was dedicating the victory to the fans, “Taking in mind from where we are coming from, this is a very important victory. The guys have a tremendous merit for victory. If we are now 20,000, then my wish is to be 30,000. This is a victory for the fans, for the people that have been the base of Deportivo.”

“The rival had a solid start in the game, but little by little we neutralized them. This was just the first match of the season, and I believe they also reduced the pace. It isn’t easy to lock yourself at the back and then attack a team that’s well positioned on the pitch.” He added.

The Galician coach confessed that he changed the tactic at the middle of the first part, “Las Palmas were having fluidity at the beginning of the game and I changed the draw, because Valerón was loose. We fixed it and defended better after modifying the structure at minute 15 as things were getting complicated.  Later we were reduced to ten men with a lot of time remaining. In a tactical and strategic way we were perfect and were able to stop the rival.”

Finally, Vázquez was talking of the 4-2-3-1 scheme used in the match, “I chose to play with wingers, with Bruno Gama and Arizmendi, and things were fine. If we would have decided to not play with wingers, then I would have played with three centre-backs. But I preferred a defensive line of four men.”

Jorge Culio was sent off at the middle of the second part in a polemic decision; he was complaining for it, “It was clear that I take the ball off from him. I didn’t commit a foul, but we all can be wrong. I explained it to the referee when we were at the locker room, it was a respectful conversation. I hope we could appeal in order to be available against Córdoba and before our people.”

The Argentine man also confirmed that Depor’s coach ordered to change the scheme at the beginning of the first half, “The coach changed my position during the first part and I felt more comfortable. It was a fair victory, we did the right things. We won at this very difficult pitch, but we still have to play forty-one finals. We must be ambitious.”

Javier Arizmendi was among the best players in the match; he commented that, “It was a good game despite the circumstances surrounding the club. The team had the control over the game, even when we were reduced to ten men. Truly I was too tired at the end of the game, but it was normal as I didn't make the pre-season with the team. We must be content and proud, but still can improve. This is a triumph to hook up the fans.”

There were many new faces at Deportivo, one of them was keeper David Gómez, who was the alternative on the bench; he commented on his Twitter account that, “We are going home with the three points inside the pocket, now we must keep adding. Thanks to everybody!”

But the youngest player in the group was Bicho, the 17-year-old playmaker had a couple of minutes and later posted a photo of his shirt in Instagram and commented that, “Many thanks to everybody that helped me to fulfill this dream. I cannot be happier…”

Pablo Insua was the hero of the game as he scored the winning goal in his first match at Segunda; he commented that, "I am satisfied for the three points. It's important to win the first game playing on the road. I’m very content with the three points and for the contribution to the result. Yes, I am content with my goal, but I’m happier because we won playing away from the Riazor.”

“I believe we were nervous at the beginning, but starting at minute 20, we were better. After the expulsion we were locked at the back, but were controlling the things too. The work done at defense was solid and it allowed us to add the points. Still, there are a lot of things to improve.” The centre-back added.

Canarian Manuel Pablo said that, “They were better, they were well positioned on the field and starting at minute 30 we began to create danger. The heat and the temperature affected us, later we were left with one less men, but knew how to hold on.”

At UD Las Palmas, coach Lobera commented that, “We had two very different halves. The first one lasted until we allowed the goal. I liked it, because the team was well organized. We had our chances to take the lead. Since their goal we have watched a team that I didn’t like, because we never created any harm. We were playing with one more man. The draw was different, because they had an advantage that they had to defend.”

“We tried to attack with the full-backs joining the attack. That’s why we replaced Aythami with Galán, but we were unable to turn the game upside down. When you face a normal defensive system then you find lesser cracks. It’s hard to find them and we missed freshness. We all know what we are missing, we all know that we are working, we must be patient.” He finalized.

Finally, Juan Carlos Valerón commented that, “We had the opportunities to take the lead in the first half, but they were defending pretty well. We were fine at the beginning, but the goal was for them. They closed the lines and we never found the way to open a gap and harm them.”



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