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20 Aug 2013
Luisinho and Fabricio have been authorized in order to join Deportivo, but Fernando Vázquez still waiting for the strikers, this since the club needs to get rid of more players before allowing the entry of the reinforcements.

The exit of Bruno Gama allowed the club’s administrators to accept the incorporation of goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto and left-back defender Luis Carlos Correia Pinto ‘Luisinho’. The Canarian goalie made the first part of the medicals on Monday and will join the team for today’s training session.
In the case of the Portuguese defender, he will also join the squad during today’s training after he made the medicals on last week.

Both arrivals were approved after the club sold Bruno Gama. But coach Fernando Vázquez still waiting for the reinforcements in attack. Striker Borja Bastón is already signed, but the club’s administrators won’t allow his incorporation until new departures are made, this in order to fulfill the salary cap rule.

Depor’s coach gave an interview to Radio Onda Cero Coruña and explained this case, "Borja Bastón already a player of Depor for many years, it will belong to us. He’s a kid that needs our help and we are going to form him. We’re only pending on the approval. We hope to make him into the star that everybody was talking about. I hope his development is going to continue on here."

Later the Galician coach talked of Geijo, who remains without fixing his tax issue, "Geijo is the big mystery. He wants to be here with me. I talked to him and he told me that Depor is his first option, and the proof is that he hasn’t joined yet any other team, but there’s some kind of tax issue that’s blocking his arrival. All the parties involved want to see him on here, though for now the money is blocking it. Don’t ask me what money issue, because I don’t know. We are going to wait, but until a certain limit. We’re just waiting.”

On Monday, Sportpaper AS wrote that Aythami Artiles was close to join UD Las Palmas, but the defender completed the training without  novelties and later Vázquez said that he doesn’t know anything of the issue, “I don’t know, it’s the truth. According to my information UD Las Palmas want him, but the situation remains uncertain. The club hasn’t told me anything. His name is in the list, probably yes or no.”

At the same time Sportpaper Marca wrote that Carlos Marchena was close to return, once again the coach said that he knows nothing on the case, “In the beginning I don’t know anything. I know Marchena would love to return to Deportivo, but before I need to know who leaves and who stays.”

The administrators are requesting the departure of Ze Castro and Assunção in order to allow more signings, but both players were normally training on Monday, which leaves the impression that their exit isn’t so close as it was previously reported.

Meanwhile, the coach was saying again that full-back Diego Seoane and centre back David Rochela have big chances of leaving, “I mentioned Rochela and Seoane before, but at some point their chances of staying were bigger, because we were having problems to sign a left-back, now we will see. Evidently Rochela is leaving and the situation of Seoane is in the limbo. But if Aythami leaves then the situation of Rochela will change, but we don’t know yet what we are going to do if this happens.”

One of the mentioned names in order to replace the departure of Bruno Gama is Diogo Salomão, but El Profesor believes that it won’t happen, "The issue is already forgotten. You never know, but the chances of getting him are remote. He’s a player that Sporting CP is trying to renew, but he doesn’t want to sign and there are problems between both sides. Besides, his loan would be expensive.”

Finally, the coach said that, despite all the problems, he was aware this situation was going to happen and that he remains calm, “I know that all of this was going to happen, so it isn’t surprising. I was prepared, always knowing we were going to wait and that the team was going to be completed late, because the reinforcements were going to arrive almost in September, and that’s what’s happening right now.”



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