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29 Aug 2013
Striker Borja Bastón was presented as the newest reinforcement of Deportivo. It’s a complex deal that for now will be registered as a two-year loan, though later the club can get his transfer rights. He said to be happy with it.

The operation for Borja Bastón was finally sealed on this week. There was already an agreement between Deportivo and Atlético Madrid since two weeks ago, but the issue with the salary cap delayed the arrival of the striker to A Coruña until the exits of Assunção and Ze Castro were done.

It was speculated that this was going to be a final transfer, but in the end president Lendoiro confirmed that’s a two-year-loan spell, but the president explained that it’s a complicate deal as Deportivo could get the players’ right at the end of the loan period. The player can also be sold and Depor will get part of the income.

Borja traveled to A Coruña on Tuesday and made the medicals on Wednesday; he will join the team on Thursday and could have minutes in the Teresa Herrera match against Real Madrid. He’s one of the two strikers that Fernando Vázquez was asking in order to complete the team.

Borja Bastón during his presentation

The striker was presented in the afternoon; as always, Lendoiro was welcoming him, “We want to thank Borja, one more Galician that joins the club. We hope he can be an explosive mix of Galician and Madrilenian. Surely he will bring a lot of things, not only on this season. Initially this is a loan spell for two seasons and this contract is hard to explain, because it could last more time or could be limited to only two years depending of future agreements.”

“He had suffered, despite only been 21, because he sustained a serious injury that sidelined him, but he’s here, trying to move forward. We hope he can be lucky on here. You can notice he’s a mature person. It’s time for him to succeed and we hope it will happen at Deportivo.” The president added.

Then Borja addressed the media and expressed his happiness for landing at Depor, “Since the first moment my agent received the call of Deportivo I didn’t think twice. I told him to force the situation and to fight for this option until the end, surely the last days were uncertain due to some issues. Now I’m here hoping to add things and help the team. Juan Carlos told me great things of the team and the city. I also talked to Adrián, Filipe and Aranzubia, who just landed there, and they gave great references.”

“I come here in order to bring goals, but especially hard work and humility. I believe the goal is the promotion, because this team belongs to Primera División and deserves to be where it belongs. Since the call was made I knew I wanted to come here. I’ve family on here and it’s a pride to be in a big club like this one. Some teams were interested, but as soon as Depor got in the middle I didn’t think twice. It lasted to complete the deal, but I’m happy to be here.”




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