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29 Aug 2013
Depor’s president accepted the interest in re-signing Carlos Marchena and also pointed that the target of the club is to sign a new winger and a new striker. He also left the door open for more exits at the first team.

Five days before the closure of the summer transfer window and president Augusto César Lendoiro addressed the media in order to talk of signings. He admitted that the club is targeting the return of Carlos Marchena and also the signing of a new striker and a winger that can replace Bruno Gama. He also explained the exit of youngsters Julio Delgado and the Leira’s brothers. The following is a resume of the things explained by Depor’s boss.

“There are some terms that I cannot tell [Borja’s arrival], because it is referred to the player and Atlético. For the moment it’s a loan for two years, but at the end of the period it’s possible that Deportivo could get the player’s rights. Atlético Madrid would cancel his contract with the player and then Depor would take charge of his contract, we also have the right to receive part of a possible transfer. Later we also have a deal with three youngsters [Julio Delgado, Alberto Leira & Jaime Leira] that were linked to Deportivo and that had told us that they didn’t want to continue. It was impossible to reach an agreement with those players, Over two of these players we are keeping a series of rights [Julio Delgado & Alberto Leira] including the 50% of a possible transfer plus incentives if those players reach Atlético Madrid B or the A team, plus other circumstances.”

“Beyond an agreement with Atlético this is an agreement with their agency, because [Grupo] Bahía represents Borja and also these boys. There was a problem as both [Julio Delgado & Alberto Leira] were linked to the club and didn’t want to play at Deportivo, actually we were talking with Burela [a team from a lower league in Galicia] in order to see Julio [Delgado] playing there, while the elder of the Leira’s brothers [Alberto] told us they were going to pay the formation rights. Facing this situation later there were no problems to solve the issue as Atlético is paying them ten times more. I’m my opinion this is a good deal as they didn’t want to continue and we reached this agreement, which is a triangle that goes from Borja to Leira passing through Julio Delgado.”

“In a few moments we’ll have a meeting with the board of directors. Everybody knows the importance of getting a new central attacker; we are no longer giving a name. Before we were giving the name, but now we’ll only say that we want a “solid central attacker”. We want to close the incorporation of Marchena, but are also pending to get the approval.  We are also pending to get a new winger. Beyond the expenses, these arrivals depend on the incomes. We are not content with the system used so far and we believe we can get an agreement on this regard with the administrators and the liga itself.”

“Perhaps, in order to reach an agreement, we’ll have to see some players leaving. In this regard there are players that could leave if they [la liga and the club’s administrators] force us to allow these exits. We already reduced the expenses and there are other ones that have been reduced by the administration process. This means the budget for the expenses is lower. What we want is to avoid cutting he expenses that we need to do in order to close the squad. We also want to see them recognizing that some expenses doesn’t belong to the category of the squad, like the social security. This means 300,000 or 400,000 Euros.  If inside the budget of 5 million dedicated to the team, we include 300,000 or 400,000 Euros for the social security then we have a new concept that shouldn’t be included in the expenses of the squad, because the latter is only applied to the wages.”

“This means that the team is non-viable. Besides, there are incomes that are bigger of what they accept, like the item for the transfer after the departure of Bruno Gama, and this should be included as part of the budget. We are working on this and we’re conscious that only one week is left. Perhaps we’ll need to get rid of the players earning more. We are limited. You have an overbooking with the fullbacks and in other positions at midfield, that’s what we are trying to do. I believe we have a team aspiring to the promotion, and right now what we need to do is to cover some spots that need reinforcements. What is real is that we aren’t going to touch any of the important players at the team, but in any case we could have to allow the exit of someone if we cannot sign the striker that we want.”

“We’ve been talking about the issue for the last three, four or five months… later people think we are leaving things for the last moment. You have the case of Borja, who was closed as soon as it was possible. But there are other cases in which we don’t know what could happen. I talked to Botas [his agent] about the case with Rochela and nothing happened. We need to solve these cases in order to allow more arrivals.”

“At this point I cannot rule out anyone, but what I cannot do is to be here without knowing anything. We cannot do anything. Initially we had an agreement with the players and the club’s agents, but since there is a tax issue between the player and Udinese then you end like this. He hasn’t been training properly and neither is playing, so it’s making you to change the plans. The situation is the same than one month ago.”

“There are difficulties in several issues, but he’s one of the players we want to sign. I don’t know what he thinks, but for our side he’s one of the players that interest us.”

"We won’t give names, there are many names that are interesting, and let’s hope that one of them can end on here. Since a while ago we are searching for solutions. We are thinking of a more veteran and known player.”

“It’s important to valorize the effort that Real Madrid are doing, sometimes it isn’t assessed, but they are coming from free and it’s special as they are coming in the middle of two liga matchdays, one of the few opportunities they will have in order to rest. It’s a gently touch with Deportivo and the board of directors. It’s something to cheer up, though later you cheer up for your own team.  It will be unfair to not thank for this effort. About the TV rights of the game, it belongs to Mediapro, not to Real Madrid. Before, Deportivo, in the good years of the Champions, sold the rights to Canal Plus, and it must be clarified as it isn’t Real Madrid the side selling this game as it was said previously. In any case it will be a party for everyone. Surely there will be a nice attending, like in the old Teresa Herrera tournaments.”



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