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01 Sep 2013
Depor’s coach talked of the signings and also of how his players are arriving to the meeting; at Sabadell, the coach is concern as his team is missing a lot of players in this beginning of season.

Javier Salamero Marco is an Aragonian coach with a short, but at the same time successful career at Segunda División. It’s short as he always arrived when the season had already begun in order to replace someone else. It is successful as he saved Girona FC twice from relegation. He was the sporting director of Girona FC during the stage in which the team climbed from Tercera División to Segunda División A (2007-2012). He coached the first team twice on the Segunda season 2008/09 and won both games, enough to save the team from relegation.

Later he was called again to coach the Catalan team as it was struggling to survive at Segunda; Girona FC was living at the drop zone and he debuted with a 1-0 over Oltra’s Deportivo (matchday 32, season 2011-12). Then he only lost one of the following ten games and his team once again clinched the salvation. But Salamero didn’t stay and instead he signed as the new sporting director of Unió Esportiva Llagostera, a little Catalan club from the Primera Catalana league (5th tier of the Spanish football league system).

Curiously the Aragonian just lasted two months there as in October of 2012 another Catalan club, Gimnŕstic de Tarragona, called him in order to replace Kiko Ramirez. At the time the team was playing at Segunda B. In this opportunity he didn’t match the expectations as his players had an intermittent behavior, because Nastic only won five of the first nineteen matches with Salamero on board, then clinched eight straight wins to end missing the victory in the last six matches of the campaign, for this reason the team ended sixth and didn’t make it to the playoffs.

For the present campaign he was hired by a fourth Catalan club, CE Sabadell CF, which turns to be his first experience as a coach that begins a season.  This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez. It’s also the first time in which the Galician coach faces Sabadell playing for an official tournament

Depor’s coach offered a press conference on Saturday; he talked for thirteen minutes to reporters and explained the situation at the transfer market and also the status of the team before the visit to Sabadell. About the delay in the signings he said that, “It would have been great to have the full squad one and a half month ago, but it wasn’t possible. I know this was going to happen and assumed the responsibility. Four days are remaining and the team will be the one on here on September 2. I believe we are going to build up a team that, at the beginning of the season, was looking impossible, so we must be content”

He emphasized that the priority is the arrival of one more striker, “I don’t know of Marchena, but before we must get a striker. The striker will come first and later, probable, Marchena. I don’t know if Marchena will come, I don’t know. I don’t have the information. I am not saying that he isn’t coming, only that the striker will come first.”

“First a striker must come, that’s what we have talked to the club. I cannot deny that two more players could arrive, but evidently the priority is the striker. Three could come, let’s say it’s the highest goal. The lowest goal is to sign one striker, the highest is the sign a striker plus other two, but first we must do the minimal.” He added regarding the issue.

About the game against CE Sabadell CF, the Galician coach commented that, “You know all the games are difficult; Segunda División is complicated and we know it. It will be the same story on each weekend. It’s complicate to win, but I believe we have the knowledge to pick up the victory. I believe in my players.”

He was asked if Culio could be returning into the lineup and he said that, “Yes. I left out three kids from the academy, they will play with the B team tomorrow, also Ayoze and Seoane, about the rest, they are part of the team.”

El Profesor was pretty about the chances of Luisinho and Borja Bastón regarding playing the game “He [Luisinho] made a full pre-season stage elsewhere. The same with Borja, though maybe Borja is missing more pace, in any case he made enough training sessions to be fit, though the pace can only be provided by playing games.”

Vázquez was also praising Rudy, “He’s a player that was described as a genius for some things; he’s tactically correct and works hard. I believe he can help and add things, he will also score goals. We are content though he’s dragging a toe problem that’s still bugging him.”

The Castrofeito-born coach didn’t give importance to the big loss in the Teresa Herrera, “The other day you saw how they played against Real Madrid, but against a rival that was so superior you can notice the deficiencies. It was also helpful to me as a test. We must return to the reality of Segunda División. Real Madrid were demanding a lot of things from us, and we are lacking things, both individually and collectively, but we are here in order to fix the errors.”

Then Depor’s coach confirmed that Ayoze Díaz is no longer part of the plans, while he left an open door to Diego Seoane. He was pretty clear with the case of Ayoze, “It’s something already defined. He already knows.”

About Seoane, he said that, “I believe that, in the current situation, the chances of Seoane are almost high. I thought at the beginning that he was going to leave, but I changed my mind and talked to the player. The arrival of Luisinho changed his role, and now it has changed again with the case of Ayoze. He’s a kid that has passed from black to white in a blink of an eye. I understand he can be a little upset, but at my team he will be able to compete before Laure, Manuel Pablo and Luisinho. I can almost rule out that he’s leaving.”

There was also a warning taking in mind the big loss of RCD Mallorca when they visited CE Sabadell CF a fortnight ago, “It was a warning. At Segunda there’s equality, mainly at the beginning of the season. Everybody is happy at the start, and with the passage of the time you can start predicting of who is having more chances, but at this point it’s hard to say who can win a game.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez confirmed that Juan Dominguez is going to play as a centre midfielder, “The normal thing would be to see Juan Dominguez in a more delayed position. You can see that I was wrong with his position against Córdoba, which is normal when you lose, but we hope the performance of Juan can be improved, so the team could be better.”

Sabadell’s coach addressed the media on Friday. He’s concern as his team is dragging a long list of casualties caused by the injuries, “I am not worried, but busy trying to avoid more cases. There are some injuries that are dragged from last season and we cannot do anything. We can only hope that our best signings will be the players that are now injured and that still recovering. We want to recover important people like Juanjo.”

“We must try to identify the origin of the problem, this in order to not repeat the cases. We need to be cautious, but I also know that some of the injuries are unavoidable like the one of Raul Goni, but later there are other cases like Moha in which he was operated from a problem that he already had. Jesús Olmo and Arteaga too. These are problems that can be avoided. There are also cases like Collantes and Gato that are normal outcomes from the trainings. You can have injuries, but we need to recover them in order to face the games.” The Aragonian coach added regarding the issue.

About Deportivo, he commented that, “We will play one-on-one against Deportivo and surely will go out for the victory since the first minute. Depor are a very dangerous team as a block and also have great individual moves; they have improved in a lot of things, but we can surprise them in set-pieces.”

"Depor, two years ago, had great difficulty to clinch the promotion. Now they know that it’s very difficult to perform on this league. The two previous matches of Depor have been very similar. They have great individual moves and dominate the pace of the game. I expect a team that will have the ball possession and especially I expect a team controlling the tempos of the match. They’ve chances to win all the games. I would like to have the team that Depor have. They lost Bruno Gama, but just signed Borja. Beside they have quality players at the academy and are recovering Culio, a player beyond the level of Segunda.” He added.

Finally, Salamero didn’t give importance to the fact that next week all the Segunda teams are playing three games as they face the Copa too, “You say we have three games in one week; I say that we have one game and later other two. We are going game by game, without looking to the next one. Once the game with Deportivo is ended then we will look to the next one. It’s the way to remain focused in the daily work.”



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