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02 Sep 2013
Demolishing second half for Deportivo. Borja Bastón scored a brace and Rudy impressed with his moves. Solid game at defense despite some initial errors. The Galicians clinched their second away win on the season.

Coach Fernando Vázquez selected a 4-2-3-1 formation with the novelty of Borja Bastón as the starting striker. The Madrilenian was making his official debut; the same occurred with left-back Luisinho. German Lux was the starting goalkeeper, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, the left side was for Luisinho and the central spots were for Kaká and Pablo Insua.

Álex Bergantiños was the selected partner of Juan Dominguez at midfield, Juan Culio performed in the playmaking function, Rudy attacked from the right, Javier Arizmendi did it from the left and Borja was the central attacker.

At CE Sabadell CF, coach Javi Salamero decided to leave Juan José Collantes on the bench, so the spot at the right wing was for Manuel Gato and, as it was expected, ex-Guadalajara man Anibal Zurdo was the central striker.

Interesting game despite there were no goals in the first part. Sabadell pushed within the first minutes, but in the final stretch Depor were better and had a couple of chances to claim the lead. The pressure put on the pitch was the fact that switched the game. Rudy was pretty good and debutant Borja Bastón failed at the definitive moment, though later he redeemed himself.

The first minutes were moved, with both sides trying to control the ball and with quick passes in attack, the first shot on target came at minute 6 and it was for the local team. Cristian chipped the ball into the area and Gato found it to attempt a crossed shot that was stopped by Lux. Depor responded with a wide shot of Borja Bastón.

With the passage of the minutes, the Catalans claimed the ball possession and were trying to surprise Depor with long throws and penetrations by the side defended by Luisinho. Depor decided to spent the time waiting at their zone of the pitch and were trying to create some damage through the long runs of Rudy and the set-pieces of Culio, though Los Blanquiazules, wearing this time the yellow kit, were unable to create any clear chance within the first half and hour.

The game was lacking emotion at both goals, because both sides were unable to create scoring opportunities. Still, it cannot be said that the game was dreadful, because there were some interesting individual moves. At Depor Rudy was unstoppable joining the attacks running from the sides and into the centre, while Culio was clever with the ball on his feet.

The best chance in the half for Sabadell came at minute 26, another chipped ball into the centre allowed Anibal to face Lux one-on-one. It was a big error of the centre-backs, but the ex-Guadalajara striker didn’t connect the ball properly and his attempt was firstly deflected by Depor’s goalie and the second attempt was cleared by Kaká.

It was then that the game changed, the visiting side began to put more pressure on the pitch and the outcome was that Sabadell were losing the ball in compromised zones of the pitch. In this way Deportivo had their best opportunities in this half. It also helped the fact that Luisinho gained confidence and started to penetrate the rival’s defensive zone with his moves on the left wing.

Depor’s best chance came at minute 32, Culio stole the ball at the right wing and then the Argentine entered into the area to end drilling the ball into the box, Borja Bastón was there, but he slipped and didn’t connect the ball properly, his crossed attempt hit the far post and then local goalie David De Navas got the ball. Four minutes later, Rudy missed the target from close range.

The final opportunity for Depor in this half came at minute 44, the Galicians surprised at Sabadell’s side of the pitch after a new stolen ball and the action ended with Culio throwing a free-kick putting the ball at the far post, but Arizmendi headed the ball wide.

Deportivo confirmed the good feelings had at the end of the first part with a demolishing second half in which they scored three goals passing over a confused rival. Borja Bastón scored a brace in his debut and the visiting team had enough chances to clinch a bigger victory.

And the second half began as the first ended: with Sabadell losing the ball in a compromised zone of the pitch. The ball was bouncing exactly at midfield, and Kaká was quicker than Japanese Sotan, the ball turned into a volley that Kiko Olivas should have cleared, but he missed to clear the ball and Borja Bastón was there to get it, run towards the area and score his first goal of the season with a crossed and accurate attempt.

The goal brought the best minutes of Depor on this start of season and the Galicians harassed the area of a confused rival. At minute 51, Luisinho was close to score with a drilling shot that passed close to the left post. Three minutes later the visiting side had a double opportunity, in the first Laure collected the ball after a pass from Culio, his shot was blocked and the loose ball went into the path of Borja Bastón, who released a strong shot that was saved by De Navas.

Sabadell were no longer throwing long passes searching for Anibal and Gato, something that made life easier to Depor. Coach Javi Salamero switched the draw into a 4-3-3, this with the entries of defender Martí Crespí and winger Collantes. It just made things worse and Deportivo were looking more dangerous and proof of this was the large number of scoring opportunities in favour of the Galicians.

And Deportivo capitalized the next two chances to score. In the first Luisinho combined with Álex Bergantiños at the left side of the area, then the Galician midfielder drilled the ball and Borja Bastón scored with a screamer that hit the far post and ended at the back of the net.

Impressive debut for the Madrilenian attacker as he netted a brace, the last player with two or more goals in his liga debut was Roy Makaay as the Dutch scored a hat-trick in the 4-1 win over Deportivo Alavés in the opening matchday of the Primera season 1999/2000.

And just four minutes later Deportivo killed the game, curiously it was the same medicine suffered before Real Madrid in the Teresa Herrera. Sabadell was throwing a corner-kick and in the counterattack, led by Javier Arizmendi; the Galicians scored a wonderful goal. Rudy penetrated by the right side of the defense and drilled the ball into the path of Arizmendi, who gently chipped the ball over De Navas to score from close range.

In the middle of both goals Depor made the first substitution: Juan Carlos replaced Culio, the Argentine was a key piece with his experience and intelligence to have the ball, but he was punished by the fouls and already had a yellow card over his shoulders.

Depor were living in a cloud and had another great chance to score the fourth goal, Juan Carlos assisted Rudy, and the Portuguese made a wonderful paly inside the area eluding a rival and releasing a strong shot that hit the woodwork. One minute before Luis had replaced Borja. The last modification was made at the last minute as Bicho replaced Rudy.

It seemed that this was going to be a more complicate game for Deportivo; at least it was the impression after watching the first 30 minutes, but Depor improved a lot and scored the goals in the second part. Great performance by Rudy and Culio, while Borja Bastón scored a brace in his debut. The defense also improved a lot with Kaká and Insua commanding the zone, while Luisinho looked great at the left side.

This is the second win for Depor during the Segunda season, it’s also the second in two away meetings. On next Sunday, the Galicians return to the Riazor in order to face Real Murcia (12h00 CET).

Sabadell:  (4-2-3-1) De Navas - Cristian, Kiko Olivas, Carlos Hernández, Javi Barral (Crespí 70’) – Ruper, Sotan (Collantes 57’) - Gato, Llorente, Longás (Roldán 82’) - Aníbal.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Kaká, Luisinho – Álex, Juan Domínguez – Rudy (Bicho 89’), Culio (Juan Carlos 77’), Arizmendi – Borja Bastón (Luis 84’).
Goals: 0-1: (47’) Borja Bastón, 0-2: (74’) Borja Bastón, 0-3: (78’) Arizmendi
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz. He showed yellow card to Longás (37’), Llorente (43’), Culio (54’), Ruper (66’), Luisinho (88’) and Roldán (89’)
Venue: Nova Creu Alta (4,612)




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