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05 Sep 2013
Alex Geijo isn’t the first case of a failed signing at Deportivo, just to remember that last year two players made the medicals and they never signed for the club, actually there are weirder cases, like the one of Fernando Baiano.

In the end Alex Geijo ended at RCD Mallorca after making the medicals at Deportivo, which released the fury of Lendoiro and the frustration of coach Fernando Vázquez. The president blamed the administrators for it as they didn’t accepted the signing arguing the club had to respect the salary cap. According to the president the difference over the limit was only €200,000.

Meanwhile, Fernando Vázquez told to Radio Cadena Cope that the promotion chances of Deportivo were now more complicated after the club failed to sign a third striker, “I am not disappointment, but frustrated. I was confident this was going to work. It was negative. There’s a reduction in our chances of success. The options of promotion have been reduced.” He said.

The weirdest thing is this case was to see Geijo together with Marchena in a convertible waiting for the sporting director of the club after making the medicals. One day later he was presented by RCD Mallorca, club that took advantage of Depor’s problems to sign the striker.

Marchena & Geijo on deadline day

But this case wasn’t the first one at Deportivo, actually there’s a long list of failed signings during the era of Lendoiro. It’s normal to see a football club failing to sign a player after long negotiations, but what’s not normal is to see the deal collapsing after an official announcement was made or after the player undergoes the medicals.

Just to remember last year’s cases with striker Christian Stuani and centre-back Alberto Rodriguez, two players that made the medicals and that didn’t sign for the club. In the case with Stuani, the striker made the medicals despite Deportivo hadn’t closed the negotiations with Reggina Calcio. It was an assumed risk by the club as the deadline day was approaching, but two days later the deal collapsed and the striker ended signing for RCD Espanyol.

Stuani presented at RCD Espanyol after making the medicals at Depor

Meanwhile, the results of the medicals with Rodriguez were negative as he was dragging a knee injury, so the club rejected his signing and in the end and the player ended at Rio Ave FC, actually one month ago he played against Deportivo in the friendly game played against the Portuguese outfit.

Rodriguez in A Coruña, one day before making the medicals

Another case that cannot be forgotten is Francisco Javier Peral Periane ‘Javito’. The winger was signed as one of the three reinforcements during the winter window of 2012, but he never played for Depor. FIFA initially rejected the operation due to two reasons: the fact that the information was introduced in the transfer system one day after the deadline, and the fact that there was a contradiction in the information reported by his former club Aris –Aris reported the player was ending contract and Deportivo that it was a loan- Depor ended at Segunda that season and Javito went to Hércules CF. Currently he’s a direct rival of Depor as he signed for AD Alcorcón, the current leader at Segunda.

Javito posing for reporters outside the Riazor

Perhaps the weirdest of all these cases was striker Fernando Baiano. During the summer window of 2005, Deportivo reached an agreement with the owner of his rights, Uruguayan club Rentistas, but secretly the agent of the player had reached an agreement with RC Celta. Deportivo thought that everything was settled and even booked a hotel room for the player and his agent; however both men landed hours later in Vigo.

The surreal thing is that they were discovered by Sportpaper Marca and, after a funny incident in the airport, they escaped from reporters running away by a back door. Marca poke fun at RC Celta for the incident. Baiano ended scoring against Depor at the Riazor, but two years later he forced his exit from RC Celta. Currently he performs for São Bernardo FC in Brazil.

Runaway Baiano before been presented at RC Celta

One year before to the case of Baiano, Depor wanted to sign José Luis Acciari in order to replace injured Mauro Silva. Everything was made on deadline day and the club tried to send the papers to the LFP, but they missed the transfer, reason why it was rejected. What happened is that Real Murcia never gave the okay to the operation as they failed to sign Luis Helguera, who was going to be his substitute. Acciari will visit the Riazor on Sunday in order to play against Deportivo.

Acciari presented at Real Murcia after returning from Girona FC

Another weird case was Henrique Guedes, ‘Catanha’. In the summer window of 2000, Deportivo agreed to pay €13.8 million to Malaga CF plus €1.2 million in add-ons in case Depor could reach the quarterfinals in the UEFA Champions League or if the Brazilian would have scored at least 18 goals in one season. The club even made official the operation on July 15, 2000.

However, the player never landed in A Coruña. What happened is that his agent, Iñaki Espizua, wanted more money –around €1 million for his commission plus add-ons- and the deal collapsed. RC Celta, like it happened years later with Baiano, got in the middle and ended signing the player. Meanwhile, Depor opted in signing Diego Tristán, who joined Roy Makaay at Depor’s offensive line.

Catanha presented at RC Celta

Finally, a case that isn't a failed signing, but without doubt is the most successful of the weird cases saw at Deportivo: Sylvain Wiltord. In the summer of 1996 he was signed by Depor after the Galicians paid €1.5 million to Stade Rennais FC, but the French striker realized he was going to be on the bench as coach John Benjamin Toshack was going to prefer the options of Rivaldo, Renaldo and Manjarín.

Wiltord during his presentation at Depor

So, just days after been presented Wiltord returned to Stade Rennais FC on a one-season loan spell. He only scored 3 goals in 35 games on the campaign 1996/97, but Depor managed to sell him to Girondins Bordeaux for €2.4 million, an amount that was increased in €5 million after the striker was transferred to Arsenal FC. So, Depor got seven times what they paid for him, and he only spent a couple of days in A Coruña.



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