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10 Sep 2013
Several interesting comments after the game. Vázquez said the team can end up switching the strategy for the home games, Álex was complaining of the referees, while Lendoiro reminded that before he promised to leave the club.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was feeling sorry for the defeat and blamed the lack of cohesion at the team, “It was something that can happen taking in mind how the team is assembled, because when you play at home it’s more difficult to construct and it’s easier to play on counterattacks, but well this is a lesson. Clearly we cannot aspire to anything important without winning at home. I don’t think we are disaster. We created opportunities, you turn to be pessimistic with the defeat, but for now I am not.”

But he denied that the youthness of the team was the factor that defined the game, “Pablo [Insua] and Uxío played a wonderful game. I don’t want to justify the defeat on that, despite everything the team had enough opportunities to win the game, what happens is that, when you don’t have goal, any isolated play can put you down in the score, and later we missed clarity in the second part. Later Juan Carlos entered, I probably cut the wings to the team hoping to bring more ideas and to make passes searching for Borja and Borja, but it didn’t work out.”

 Neither El Profesor believes that the lack of signings was a factor in the match, “I know the team that I have and cannot justify the result on that; it’s absurd. I know that we need to win games with this team, and I believe we can win the games. The situation is complicated and depends on the president’s capacity to justify the need. I believe that 18 professional can be enough, but only if we have balance. I prefer to have 18 players with quality rather having 24. I prefer quality over quantity.  I don’t think this has to do with the lack of signing, this is related to our lack of training, because some players arrived late to the pre-season, and it’s a tactical thing, nothing more. We should have won this game, yes or yes, and we lost.”

The Galician coach understands that the goal of Real Murcia was a great strategic play and refused to compare it to what happened against Córdoba CF, “You have players marking by zone and you end up having a numeric disadvantage. I believe they made a spectacular play; we were where we should be. We must congratulate them as they did the right things. The day of Córdoba was a serious error, so it was different.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez confessed that he could change the strategy of Depor for the future home games, “We had chances, but clearly missed the goal. How to build up that? In the first place we need to attack better, secondly to improve in set-pieces, thirdly we need to change the strategy, which means to play more together and rely on the counterattack. There are many options, but everything is passing through making a good work and especially to not allow the first goal. We need more precision and to create more chances to score.”

Javier Arizmendi commented that, “We are feeling bad, really, we didn’t learn the lesson from the past game, truly, we lost due to a little detail. Our intention was to convert our home into a fortress and is frustrating as we had picked the points on the road. A little detail is costing us the points and it’s frustrating.”

“The team had many chances and the ball didn’t want to enter. We can only congratulate them and try to fix our errors, to improve before the opposite goal. The circumstances of both home games are similar and I believe the goals will arrive. Neither can we be worried, we need to improve. We were better than the day of Córdoba, but it’s useless to create chances if we don’t win. We need to win in any possible way, the season is long and what we need to do is to win.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Uxío Marcos made his official debut with the first team; he said that he felt comfortable on the pitch, “I felt pretty comfortable. The true is that it leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth as a little error is causing the defeat. I had a muscle problem within the last five minutes, but I was able to end the game.”

“I believe we were fine, but need to be more attentive. We still need more aim. I believe we had enough chances to score and missed more luck. I think we have enough people to score the goals. The team goes out in order to win all the games and now we just have been a little unlucky.” He added.

His all-time team mate, Pablo Insua, was disappointed with the final result, “We are feeling rage; the rival didn’t do the merits to claim the three points. We had great chances to score, but the ball didn’t want to enter. I don’t know what’s going on at home, but I’m sure the victories will come if we continue displaying this level.”

The Galician defender was complaining of the referee, “The error of the goal was of the whole group and must try to fix it. There was a clear penalty over Culio and those plays are determinant. The referee wasn’t fine and the play of Culio was important.” Later he praised Uxío, “I know Uxio for a while and he’s a great centre-back; we have been playing together since our childhood and I feel pretty comfortable playing alongside him.”

 Meanwhile, Alex Bergantiños was complaining of referee José Ramón Piñeiro, “I believe that if the referee would have whistled the penalty over Culio, and if we had tied the game, then we would have felt more comfortable. They just came here in order to clear the ball and play on counterattacks, but I believe we defended pretty well these plays. The penalty was scandalous, he was fouled and in the next play he was booked. Especially what I don’t like is that the referees don’t want to talk to you. It seems they want to hide. We don’t like this, but it is what we have. Last season the referees didn’t whistle two penalties to us against Atletico. I don’t say they should help us, but must be fair. They showed too many cards just for talking.”

But the midfielder was also listing the errors of Deportivo, “We missed criteria to open the game, especially at the end of the match, just when we had two strikers over the pitch. We should have opened the game in order to collect the crosses searching for Borja. But this is difficult and must move forward. It’s true we lost the first two games at home and also that we didn’t score, but it’s also true that we were the ones that deserved to win. We had more shots on goal. Probably we fell down at the end of the second part, but the point is that we played the whole game at their side of the pitch. It’s always tough to claim the lead in this league.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was insisting in making signings despite the disapproval of the administrators, “We will try to demonstrate to all the sides involved that our numbers are correct. We need more margin to make signings. We won’t allow that for a small amount of money the team is going to lose more chances of clinching the promotion. It seems someone wants to see Deportivo failing to get the promotion.”

Finally, Depor’s boss said once again that he will leave the club, “Yes, I will do it in the short term, but before will leave the team in the best possible condition. It will take place at the right moment. We will make decision when we have to do it. We will fulfill our word, but want to leave the team in the best possible situation, and if it is at Primera, the better. We want to defend the creditors and if we are at Primera it will be easier to pay them.”

At Real Murcia, coach Julio Velázquez confessed that his team suffered a lot in order to clinch the victory, “We knew how to suffer, because Deportivo have a lot of quality and we knew how to stay together, this victory is a merit of the players. It isn’t easy to add points in a context like this one. This is a stadium from Primera, a team and fans from Primera and we knew it was going to be complicated, so I am really content for the three points and the process to get them, because the players gave everything.”


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