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17 Oct 2013
A harmless Deportivo were unable to create any danger before a solvent rival; two set-pieces were enough to knockdown the Galicians from Copa Del Rey. The scheme prepared by Fernando Vázquez never worked out.

Coach Fernando Vázquez presented the expected 5-2-2-1 formation, but there were novelties with the position of some of the players. Uxío Marcos was a starter at the centre of the defense, which moved Carlos Marchena to midfield and Juan Carlos to the right wing. Totally there were three players from Fabril at the starting eleven.

Fabricio was the starting goalie; Luisinho and Laure were the full-backs, while the trio at the centre of the defense was composed by Pablo Insua, Uxío and Kaká. Midfield was territory for Paulo Teles and Marchena, the latter played before at this position during his stage with Valencia CF. Bicho and Juan Carlos were the playmakers performing towards the wins, finally Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

At Real Jaén, coach Manolo Herrero presented a 4-5-1 draw with several novelties, starting with the fact that ex-Fabril Jonathan Mejía ‘Jona’ was a starter at the Andalusian team. He’s the top-scorer for his team after scoring four goals in the start of season at Segunda. Left winger Santi Villa was ruled out of the meeting and therefore Jozabed Sánchez was a starter.

Boring. It was the best description of a first part without scoring opportunities. The draw prepared by Fernando Vázquez was based in the depth by the sides, but with Luisinho and Seoane too delayed the combinative game was inexistent. The half ended without goals as the locals, despite having the ball possession, lacked talent to transform the possession into clear opportunities.

Nothing special occurred within the first twenty minutes; both outfits were just exchanging the ball possession and there were no scoring opportunities. The only approximation for the Galicians was a corner-kick action in which Teles sent the ball out (10’). The best chance for the locals came at minute 12, Victor Curdo released a cross from the left, Jona got the ball inside the area and his strong shot went out. 

The idea of the 5-2-2-1 draw was to have depth on both wins playing with Seoane and Luisinho, but the true is that the ball spent more time at midfield and the side defenders seemed more concerned in helping in defensive tasks. At the same time Depor weren’t suffering too much as Los Lagartos were barely stepping into the area of Fabricio.

Without aids by the sides, Juan Carlos and Bicho were having big problems to show up in the game, while Luis was practically playing at midfield in the quest for the ball. Neither the defense had too much work despite the Andalusians were having the ball possession.

The first shot on target came until minute 25, Jona showed up inside the area of Depor to deflect with a header a cross of Nando, the ball went directly into the face of Fabricio and later was cleared by Seoane. Jona appeared again five minutes later to attempt a scissors kick attempt that was caught by Depor’s goalie.

The former attacker of Fabril was the best player in the first half, always incisive, though missing some luck to score the goals. Jozabed was also pretty active with his plays at the left wing, perhaps the reason why Seoane was more delayed on the pitch.

Luis Fernández appeared for the first –and only- time at minute 35, but his shot missed the target. That was a clear demonstration of the poorness of Depor in this half. Fortunately the locals missed more punch and will to break Deportivo’s defensive wall.

The final forty-five minutes had a little more of fluency, with both sides having their chances, and it was Jaén the side that was going to score thanks to the set-pieces. Fernando Vázquez tried to react switching the draw, but it was too late.

The boredom continued within the first minutes of the second part; the ball was spending more time at midfield and the shots on target were scarce. At minute 53, Juan Carlos attempted a shot on goal, his attempt hit a rival, but the referee didn’t granted the corner-kick.

But things improved since minute 55. Los Blanquiazules were playing a more combinative game, led by Juan Carlos, but they also missed depth, reason why they weren’t creating scoring opportunities. At minute 58, the locals were close to score after Israel released a drilling cross from the right that didn’t meet any receiver and that was luckily cleared to corner-kick by Kaká.

At minute 65, defender Servando Sánchez missed the target from close range after collecting a loose ball in a corner-kick action, which was a warning of what was going to occur minutes later.  Depor responded with a double opportunity, in the first Kitoko cleared the danger after  a dangerous cross coming from the right (66’), one minute later Bicho unleashed a powerful shot from outside the area that local goalie René Hinojo cleared to corner-kick.

That was a vital save, because in the next minutes the locals stroke to claim the lead, first Jona fired from the left corner of the area and Fabricio cleared the danger, in the resulting corner-kick Jozabed released a high cross that Servando met at the far post and he scored the goal with an accurate header.

Fernando Vázquez reacted immediately and switched the draw into a 4-4-2 as Antonio Núñez and Dani Iglesias replaced Uxío and Teles. Núñez was debuting with Deportivo. The changes brought some depth to the team, but it was too late.

It was clear that the game was over after the Andalusians scored the second goal, again in a corner-kick action. Jozabed released the cross from the right, the ball was cleared by the defense, but substitute Juanma Espinosa was there to release a drilling attempt that was impossible for Fabricio.

Ten minutes were remaining and Vázquez sent his last attacker on the bench, winger Cañi, who replaced Marchena.  Depor pushed, but without too much conviction, while the locals were just hanging around. In this way there were only two scoring chances within the final minutes, the first a one-on-one action of Víctor Curto facing Fabricio that was patiently cleared by the keeper (87’), one minute later Núñez made a long run on the left wing, but his drilling attempt missed the target.

Perhaps the worst game in this start of season. The 5-2-2-1 scheme of the coach never worked out and Depor only created two scoring opportunities. The rival didn’t do too much, but seized two corner-kicks to win the game. The team, mainly composed by Fabril’s youngsters, played a woeful game, very different compared to the one of the previous round visiting Córdoba CF.

The result means the elimination from Copa Del Rey and it’s the first loss in this competition since the 1-4 at UD Levante (2011). Now Depor return to the Riazor in order to play in liga, this time hosting Real Zaragoza (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Real Jaén: (4-4-2) Rene – Servando, Machado (Mario Martos 61’), Hugo Álvarez, Quesada (Juanma Espinosa 46’)  - Israel (Alberto Cobo 80’), Nando, Kitoko, Jozabed – Curto, Jona
Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Fabricio – Seoane, Uxío (Dani Iglesias 74’), Insua, Kaká, Luisinho – Teles (Núñez 74’), Marchena (Cañi 80’) – Juan Carlos, Bicho – Luis Fernández.
Goals: 1-0: (71’) Servando Sánchez, 2-0: (77’) Juanma Espinosa
Referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez. He showed yellow card to Seoane (83’)
Venue: Estadio Nuevo de La Victoria (5,600)



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