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18 Oct 2013
The media was disappointed with the performance of the team, which led to the elimination in Copa. The papers were conscious that Depor have other priorities, but disapproved the scheme of the coach and the way to defend the set-pieces.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo threw the Cup. Depor, full of substitutes and players of Fabril, paid its lack of experience and lack of guarantees at midfield, and fell down in the third round of the Copa Del Rey tournament against a Jaén that took the tie much more seriously as they dominated the game at will.

Although Fernando Vazquez proclaimed before the game that he wasn’t going to throw the Cup, the starting eleven that he put on the pitch showed that, for the Castrofeito-born coach, the knockout tournament rather than a secondary competition it was a nuisance, a distraction from the real and only goal, which is to stay in the fight for promotion to the Primera Division. There was a fear to load the 'untouchables' in liga with more minutes, so the coach of the Blanquiazul outfit prepared a team full of substitutes and kids. And he didn’t even bother in putting together a midfield capable of creating game.

Marchena is an excellent defender, but his presence in the double pivote figure alongside Portuguese Teles caused that Deportivo found itself without a motor. ‘Overbooking' of centre-backs at Deportivo (playing with five a defensive line of five men). The result of this experiment was that their game was very flat, plane, if not nonexistent. Israel Zautúa

La Opinión A Coruña: The strategy pulls down Depor from Copa del Rey. The farewell to Copa Del Rey can be resumed in two plays. Two similar moments. Almost identical. A corner of Jozabed headed by Servando. Six minutes later same beginning, cross from the corner by the Jaen’s player, and shot from outside the area of a Juanma, who picked up the clearance of the defense. The slate, which is again becoming into the major weakness of Deportivo, destroyed the aspirations of a team full of homegrown players. The return to Primera is now the only concern for the Galician team. .

The meeting was an opportunity to bounce back for the less habitual players. Also for young talents like Bicho and Luis Fernández, who are called to be protagonists in the medium term. At the end, the defeat is closing the participation in the competition of the KO. Deportivo must now focus on its reality, a league in which it needs to end the run of negative results that has been accumulated at the Riazor. On Sunday, at 12:00, a new opportunity to reverse the dynamics facing a direct rival as Zaragoza. Carlos Castrillón

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo La Coruña says good-bye to the possibility of an exciting tie against a good team of Primera playing for Copa del Rey . they lost against Real Jaen, side that took the game more seriously and that was more aggressive having the ball and eventually found a reward for its indisputable superiority during two set-pieces. Deportivo repeated the ultra-defensive profile of Barcelona, but without the goal to anchor a game in which they gave up the ball possession and barely created danger at the penalty area.

With three centre-backs, and with Marchena ahead , Deportivo didn’t surprise anyone in Jaen. Everyone knows that the cup does not bother, but it didn’t care either, and the kids got their second big change. But the ball didn’t reach Bicho, Teles and Luis. They barely touched the ball, because Jaén wanted and had more will. With the side defenders attacking, with Curto and Jona in constant motion and a strong pressure at the centre, Real Jaén unequivocally dominated the game.

The locals created some opportunities in the first half that Fabricio refused even with his face, but the feeling was bad for Depor, side that had problems  to leave its side of the pitch; they made very hazardous mistakes in the output of the ball, they only made one attempt in the boots of Luis and without reaching the target. Jaén clearly lost some pace after the break having problems at midfield. Machado and Quesada switched their positions and it seemed that Depor grabbed some air. Anchored in the quality of Bicho (which forced René to make the big save of the night) and details of Juan Carlos, it seemed they were entering the game.

But two almost consecutive set-pieces eventually finished Depor. Servando headed his third corner-kick to finally beat Fabricio, and a few moments later Juanma got a rebound after another corner-kick. The defense of the Galicians, with Uxío, Insua and a discreet Kaká, was not conclusive on all night long. Few tears will run after the elimination of Depor, although the offensive symptoms of the team are still not giving reasons for joy. M. Piñeiro

AS: Servando and Juanma left Depor out of Copa del Rey. Jaén will fairly be in the next round due to their desire, football and because Deportivo showed that they were seeing the Cup as a problem. Now, the Andalusian fans can only expect a good prize in the draw for the next round with a big club from Primera that can allow them to continue enjoying their promotion.

The desire of both teams was clear from the beginning. Herrero retained the block that played in the league with only three changes, while Vazquez made up to ten modifications compared to Barca B (Kaká was the only one that repeated). The experiment of the Castrofeito-born man didn’t end there and he tested a five-man defense with Marchena in front of them. The new scheme didn’t fit Depor as all the players looked uncomfortable in their new roles.

In contrast, Jaén enjoyed, but they didn’t’ kill. The left flank with Nando and Machado was a highway where Seoane only saw passing the rivals. In a virtuous combination of both players it was born the most dangerous play in the first half, which was a headed attempt of Jona that Fabricio, between the body and face, managed to deflect.

In the second half Depor improved a little (it was difficult to do it worse) and even brushed the goal through Bicho. But justice finally arrived and, interestingly, with two strategic moves before a defense of five men (plus Marchena). Servando, who had already warned, sentenced in a corner-kick. Then Juanma with a shot from the edge of the area after a new corner-kick, both goals put an end to a tie in which it won the only side that wanted: Jaén. Luis de la Cruz

El Ideal (Jaén): The Super team was Real Jaen. A night to remember, magical night. With waves and Olés, so it ended another day in Copa at the Victoria stadium, game in which Real Jaén clearly exceeded its opponent and the opponent was no other than Deportivo La Coruña, the former ‘Super Depor’. Little remains, unfortunately in this year in hell for the Galicians, of that  team that for good part of Spain was the second preferred team; nothing of it was seeing yesterday at La Victoria stadium. If there was a team that seemed super it was Real Jaén.

It exceeded in absolutely everything facing a decaffeinated Deportivo, locked at the back the entire match except at the beginning of each half, and not by choice but by the requirement of the rival. Los Blancos had more intensity, more desire, more ideas, more speed, more game, ultimately more football than the opponent. Depor traveled not "in a ride" to Jaen, coach Fernando Vazquez stated the day before. In the end the one that made a ride was Real Jaén.

Something unimaginable just a few months ago. Everything worked out all right. The best for the Galicians, with a champion of Europe as Marchena at the team, proved to be the result, which fell short. The pity was that the Victoria stadium had a soulless attendance, very different to other big nights like against Logroñes in the early nineties and Atlético Madrid a year ago; partly by the hour of the match and the day, for the fair itself [it was holiday in Jaén] or the price of the tickets. Still, it was a Super Jaén. Miguel Ángel Contreras.



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