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18 Oct 2013
Coach Fernando Vázquez was content as his team is no longer playing in Copa, though he didn’t like the performance of the team. The players admitted that the rival deserved to win the match and that Depor played badly.

Coach Fernando Vázquez didn’t have any remorse for the elimination in Copa, ”The Cup wasn’t a goal for us. I said it before facing Córdoba and also before playing against Jaén. The Cup is made to see the giant clubs reaching the final stages. If it wouldn’t be today, then we would have lost in the next round.” He was even upset when a local journalist asked him about the old Depor of past brilliant moments in Copa, “If someone was thinking this Deportivo is like the old one, then this is over” He answered.

About the game, he commented that, “I was expecting for this Jaén and I told to their coach before the kick-off that this team has pace and plays good football. It’s daring and I was aware that we were going to have problems with them. I wasn’t surprised at all and I liked it. Still, both goals arrived in corner-kick actions and not in dynamic plays.”

“The true is that my players had big problems when they had the ball at their feet, so the rival deserved to win the game. What I still don’t know yet is if this happened because the rival blocked all our ways or because our players were too confident.” The Galician coach ended.

Carlos Marchena was admitting that the final result was fair, ”It’s a Copa game in which they brought more things compared to us. We tried, but must remember that some of us, the less habitual players, came here in order to have minutes and the ones that are playing stayed in Coruña. Real Jaén gave everything and is the deserved winner. They were the ones that tried to play and the final 2-0 tells everything.”

Antonio Núñez debuted at Deportivo and couldn’t do more in the few minutes he spent on the pitch; he was also admitting the superiority of the rival, “Watching the occasions of Jaén, especially in the first part, I would say that the result is fair and even not too big. They have several clear opportunities and deserved to claim the game.”

“We came here thinking of the Copa and passing the round. Trying to achieve the victory, but we have found a rival that was superior to us and that didn’t grant too many opportunities. This won’t be a pleasant debut for me, but at least I returned to play. Let’s hope that, little by little, I can enter into the lineups.” The winger finalized.

Another player that shared the opinion regarding the merits of Real Jaén was Diego Seoane, “The goals of Jaén were set-pieces, but we never deserved to win the game. It was in set-pieces, and as it’s usually said: it was a miracle that the goals didn’t come in normal plays. Jaén were the clear winner. The game belongs to them. We never had the chance to score a goal, truly we were bad.”

“In the first part we were bad positioned at the moment of defending. They always found the cracks and were combining. We were unable to make three straight passes. We were better in the second part and had some arrivals, but it isn’t enough to win a game.” The side defender added.

Meanwhile, Cañi was one of the Fabril’s players that had the chance to play the game; he was feeling sorry as Deportivo were eliminated from the competition, “A 2-0 loss in Jaén, it’s a sad trip returning home, it wasn’t possible. It’s also important to learn from these experiences.”

Paulo Teles was another of the youngsters that had the chance to play; he also criticized the performance of the team, “We defended more than attack and later allowed two goals in set-pieces, it was then when we lost the game. We started well and later it was a matter of defending and defending.  If we spend the time defending then we allow the rival to attack and score a goal. We must improve at the defense at the moment of defending the set-pieces. The Cup was our opportunity. It was important for us, because it was the moment to demonstrate that we worth the chance.”

At Real Jaén, coach Manolo Herrero was proud of his team, “Each day we are doing things better. Before Depor we made a complete game, either when we had the ball and when we didn’t. We must congratulate the players, because we even deserved to score more goals. We deserved more goals, but well, if those goals that we didn’t score in Copa can be netted in liga…”



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