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20 Oct 2013
Deportivo’s coach is aware of the problems to create scoring opportunities and hopes to fix the problems with the passage of time. The coach of Zaragoza is aware of the problems with the injuries, but prefers to be optimistic towards the game.

Francisco ´Paco’ Herrera Lorenzo is a Catalan trainer with a large experience at Segunda División: 323 games in the league. In this way he’s the coach with more games in this league among the twenty-two coaches in the tournament. As a way of comparison Fernando Vázquez only has 80 games in this league, though he already clinched two promotions against one for Herrera. This is their first official meeting.

The Catalan man has international experience as in the summer of 2004 he joined his compatriot Rafael Benítez at the coaching staff of Liverpool FC, working as both assistant manager and chief scout, this  during two seasons. During his stage at Anfield Road the Reds conquered the UEFA Champions League 2004/05 and the Intercontinental Cup 2005/06.

He was hired as the coach of RC Celta ahead of the season 2010/11 and was hardly criticized as the team fell down in the second round of the Segunda tournament to end missing the promotion; however he stayed in the job and commanded the return of Celta to Primera after five years of exile. Last season he was fired as the team approached to the drop zone, a measure highly criticized in Vigo. In the summer of 2013 he was named as the coach of Real Zaragoza in their attempt to return to the elite of Spanish football.

Depor’s coach offered his press conference on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for eighteen minutes. He began talking of Marchena and why he isn’t part of the list for the game, “No, there’s not a problem with him. I won’t explain it, because it will be a vicious circle. I would need to explain each time why a player wasn’t picked. The reason is between the coach and the player. I won’t explain the reason why I didn’t pick Bicho or another player.  It isn’t for what he [Marchena] said yesterday; I admit the freedom of speech. These are just decisions. I just needed to make the list and fortunately there are other players available. I made a judgment of what I needed and I acted according to it.”

He was asked for Barkero, the former player of Levante that insinuated a match fixing game on last season and who now plays for Real Zaragoza, “I criticized Barkero for what he said and insinuated; I thought it was offensive towards Deportivo, but tomorrow I will be with him and will explain the situation, if he has any memory of it. I already had forgotten the issue.”

Then the Galician coach analyzed the rival, “Zaragoza is an important and strong team; it will be hard to beat them and it’s evident. They will play like the rest of teams that have visited us. Their presence won’t eliminate our problems; we are the ones that should improve. “

“They’re settling little by little, which is normal; the good squads tend to settle. They’re also going out after suffering injuries. They have important players out of the team. The thing that wasn’t normal was what happened at the beginning of the league.” He added regarding the issue.

Once again he was admitting Deportivo’s problems in order to create scoring opportunities, “We have only scored eight goals and that’s too little, besides we have only created a few scoring opportunities and we need to fix this problem as soon as possible if we want to be aspirants.”

Asked if Antonio Núñez is fit to play, he answered that, “It’s a weapon, his velocity, despite not been at the top, could be useful. It’s a positive thing and in case of been necessary we can use him. It’s the reason he is part of the list. He isn’t 100% ready, but can bring what we need. Núñez is a pure winger, with velocity and a long run; his qualities can be useful.”

As always the Castrofeito-born manager didn’t give too many clues on the lineup for the game. Asked if he was going to play with a 4-4-2 figure the answer was just, “Possibly”. Asked if Luisinho is going to replace Manuel Pablo the reply was, “Maybe. It isn’t for sure. It’s a possibility to see Manuel Pablo replaced by Luisinho, any of them could play. We will decide it this afternoon.”

There was a question regarding the way Depor prepares the set-pieces and El Profesor admitted the problems with these kinds of plays, “We are working on it. The other day in Jaén the rival connected the ball in the six corner-kicks. We lost twice on the season due to free-kicks, but the second wasn’t defendable [against Real Murcia]. When a team guesses right and scores a goal in strategic plays it’s hard to avoid it. It’s also true that we need to improve in set-pieces when we attack. We are working on that. We need to improve our dynamic game, in the counterattack and in set-pieces. It’s clear.”

Then there was a long analysis on how the team plays, “We always want to have the ball possession. Look at Atlético Madrid, where are they? Atlético is at the top of the standings, and watch where they recover the ball and where they begin the plays. They are locked at their side of the pitch, even at the Calderón, but no one comment on this, because it isn’t important. Deportivo recover the ball easily, but we are missing to do things when we recover the ball. In Barcelona we recovered the ball in many opportunities, but we were unable to create more harm to the rival. “

“We cannot transform something positive into something negative. The team is defending well and it’s positive. The other part is what we need to improve. They have only scored once against us in a dynamic play, and it was a counterattack in Gijón when we were losing 0-1. It’s something impressive, but our problems have nothing to do with it. Just look to the teams that are leaders, watch where they stand to defend. Napoli, they are locked at the back. Chelsea too. It’s a normal way to defend.” He added.

A journalist asked if he’s worried to witness the mark over Juan Dominguez, and the answer was, “Juan Dominguez needs to try to escape from it. The mark is a principle in football and defense, so the players need to learn how to escape from it. Surely Juan Dominguez will improve and it won’t affect his performance.”

He later analyzed the offensive performance of the team and made a comparison with a heavy truck that lacks movement, “We need a dynamic block, a group that can move behind the ball. It would be excellent. What I want is to see us moving and avoid being static; we are working on that. What we cannot lose is the capacity to be a compact team, Instead of being a heavy truck, incapable of moving on; I would love to see the mass of ten players moving at ease. It’s difficult, but we are working on that. I always liked teams with fluidity. I always wanted to have strikers scoring a lot of goals. Sometimes we lose the balance at defense, because we spent the major part of the time defending, but little by little we are facing this unbalance.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez confessed that, as December approaches, he isn’t optimistic about making singings before the winter window, “There will be elections and these subjects are complicated. I don’t want to have false hopes.”

Zaragoza’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was talking of the importance of a victory in this match, “To win at the Riazor it would mean a giant step for us. It wouldn’t be definitive, because it’s too early. But if we win then it would be to present our candidacy and to say that Zaragoza is there, that we are serious. Thinking of the future it would be a giant step.”

The Catalan man was also commenting the casualties of Paglialunga and Acevedo, “I am not one of those who complain of the casualties. What happens is that it would have been good to keep the same starting eleven for two or three more weeks, but I’m confident that the team is going to work. The casualties won’t harm us as we were consolidating an idea, but nothing beyond that. We are prepared to win despite the important casualties at the team.”

“Both casualties are the centre midfielders and it isn’t the kind of position to make changes. It’s a different kind of game the one we are facing now. It could leave me to change a few things, but it isn’t according to the casualties of the centre midfielders.” He added regarding the issue.

The ex-Celta coach also talked of Deportivo; he praised the level of the squad but also pointed out the problems to add the points at home, “They have a magnificent squad and a very reliable starting eleven. They’re solid and serious on the road, but at home they are suffering the same thing than us: they have anxiety and precipitation. At home they will return to the 4-4-2. It’s a team that presses a lot and that locks you inside your area. We need to fight hard. “

Little by little the coach started to reveal his plans with the lineup; he firstly admitted that no changes will be made in attack, “Up front the same players will perform.” Later he confessed that his main doubt is who is going to play at the centre of the defense, “Álvaro is going to play and I’m deciding according to what I see. Both [Paredes & Laguardia] deserve to play. No matter the final decision it will be unfair. I prefer to keep it for myself, but nothing special will occur. I prefer to give the lineup until Sunday.”

Finally, Paco Herrera talked of Tarsi Aguado, the young centre midfielder picked for the game in order to cover the casualties, “It could be the so-desired and wanted game by the player. He has the chance to debut on this year in a game as important as this one. I don’t have any worry if he plays as a starter or throughout the game.”



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