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21 Oct 2013
A late equalizer allowed Depor to rescue a point after conceding a new goal in a set-piece. The Galician outfit remains living inside the promotion zone and Lux established a new record, though Culio & Luisinho are suspended for the next game.

Coach Fernando Vázquez presented the expected 4-1-4-1 formation. Insua and Luisinho were the differences compared to the squad that defeated Barca B on the previous week. Lux was the starting goalie, Laure performed at the right-back position, the left side was for Luisinho, while Álex Bergantiños joined Insua at the centre.

Cezary Wilk was the lonely centre midfielder, Culio and Juan Dominguez were the playmakers in the formation. Rudy and Javier Arizmendi attacked by the sides, finally Borja Bastón was the central attacker.

At Real Zaragoza, coach Paco Herrera presented the expected lineup with the only novelty that Javi Paredes was joining Álvaro González at the centre of the defense. The references in attack were Francisco Montañés, Víctor Rodriguez and Ángelo Henríquez.

Deportivo showed the same lack of punch and spent another 45 minutes without scoring a goal. This time the rival suffered the same problem and there were only two shots on target in this half. The defense had some problems with the counterattacks released by the rival, but once again they were the best part of Depor.

The first approximation was for the visiting team; Montañes took advantage of a poor clearance by Laure and managed to face Lux one-on-one, but he couldn’t resolve the play with a shot on target (4’). Depor responded with a combination between Juan Dominguez and Borja Bastón that was cleared by the defense to a corner-kick.

Depor had the initiative since the beginning, while Real Zaragoza was waiting at the back trying to unleash the counterattack.  But both sides lacked depth and ideas up front, so one more time Depor were playing a home game without scoring opportunities and once again the main problem was the lack of quality at both wings. Rudy had a great game, but he isn’t a natural winger capable of creating danger with his crosses. Different was the story with Arizmendi, intermittent and elusive the whole game.

At minute 15, Arizmendi attempted from the edge of the area, but his shot went wide. Los Maños responded with a free-kick of Barkero that passed close to the top-left corner of Lux (18’). At minute 22, Bastón didn’t arrive on time in order to pick a long pass from Juan Dominguez.

Víctor Rodriguez was close to score at minute 25; he picked the ball inside the area and his strong volley just passed close to the left post of Lux.  At this point in the game both outfits were exchanging the ball possession and the dominion, but still without creating any harm.

The best chance in the first half came at minute 30, a combinative play ended with Laure releasing a cross that Borja Bastón met at the box, but his attempt went over the crossbar. Two minutes later, after Fernando Vázquez was sent off for protesting, Víctor Rodríguez starred a long run in a counterattack, but his final attempt was blocked by Lux.  This turned to be the first shot on target in the match.

The weird play came at minute 36, Laure ran 30 meters eluding four rivals and later assisted Rudy, the play ended in a corner-kick in favour of Deportivo. The first shot on target for the Galicians came until minute 43, and it was a header of Arizmendi that was an easy catch for visiting goalie Leo Franco.

The game wasn’t violent at all, but referee Pedro Sureda Cuenca showed five yellow cards and sent off Depor’s coach during the first half. One of the yellow cards was for Culio, who is now suspended for the next game visiting CD Tenerife.

No changes at the beginning of the second part, though the last fifteen minutes were a real nightmare for Deportivo after the team switched the draw, allowed a goal and was reduced to ten men, but this time a last-minute goal saved a point. Núñez was the revulsive and Borja Bastón the savior after the great free-kick of Culio.

The script in the second part didn’t change; both sides were lacking ideas to create scoring opportunities and were exchanging the ball possession, so Fernando Vázquez didn’t hesitate ordering the first substitution as Antonio Núñez debuted in liga replacing Arizmendi (53’). In the next play Borja Bastón wasted a bad clearance of Zaragoza and couldn’t score the goal before the presence of Leo Franco.

With the passage of the minutes the Galicians gained depth, but were lacking aim to score the goals. At minute 56, Wilk had an attempt to score with a shot from the edge of the area, but the ball went over the crossbar. Núñez revitalized the attacking line of Deportivo, because he was penetrating by both sides and ended releasing six accurate crosses that brought problems to the rival, more importantly Real Zaragoza were now worried in defending both the sides and the centre, so the Galicians began to find some cracks at the defense.

At minute 65, Rudy stole the ball at the left wing and ended releasing a shot from long-distance, but it went directly into the arms of Leo Franco.  Two minutes later Borja Bastón didn’t arrive in time to connect the cross released by Culio. There were lights and shadows among the players. Wilk was making a great game at midfield, Núñez was the revulsive, while Rudy and Culio were leading the attacks. But Juan Dominguez suffered the mark of the rival and barely appeared, while Borja Bastón was missing to capitalize his chances.

Depor were growing in the game and Lux broke the unbeaten mark at the club, so things seemed under control, but then it came the craziest last fifteen minutes. First Fernando Vázquez risked a lot as he switched the draw into a 4-4-2 replacing Wilk with Luis Fernández. The Polish was the motor at midfield, but now the coach understood that he needed fresh legs up front.

And ironically Real Zaragoza scored the goal one minute later, and again it was in a set-piece, the cause for the two losses at home on this season. Montañes released a corner-kick from the right and Álvaro González headed the ball at the near post, it turned to be a perfect pass that found Víctor Rodriguez alone enough at the far post to score the goal.

The nightmare continued as one minute later Luisinho was sent off with two yellow cards after a tough tackle over Víctor Rodriguez (he was booked at minute 56 for handling the ball). Things dramatically changed for Depor; suddenly they were losing the game and were in numeric disadvantage. The team continued pushing, but without creating a clear scoring opportunity.

It seemed that a new distraction in a set-piece was leading to a new defeat at home, unfair for what Depor had done in the second part. But this time things were different as Los Blanquiazules met a late equalizer to rescue a point, and ironically (again) the goal came in a set-piece. Culio was fouled at the edge of the area and the Argentine man threw the free-kick releasing an impressive curved shot that hit the hand of Leo Franco, then the crossbar and then the back of the keeper, it wasn’t clear if the ball entered or not, but Borja Bastón was there to push the ball in from close range and the referee reported the Madrilenian as the scorer. It’s his fifth goal on the season and the first time that Depor and its rival score a goal in the same match during the league campaign.

Vázquez made a last substitution and Manuel Pablo replaced Rudy, a modification made for two reasons: the Portuguese was tired and the coach needed to balance the defense. Depor even had the chance to win the game after earning a corner-kick during the stoppage time, but Culio and Laure didn’t seize the play.

Night and day at the Riazor. Depor showed the same lack of ideas to create scoring opportunities and once again conceded a goal in a set-piece, but this time the team was able to react and rescued a point, though it was at the last minute. The true is that the Galicians deserved a better reward thanks to their performance in the second part. The entry of Núñez changed the game.

The goal keeps Depor living at the promotion zone, while German Lux established a new record: 459 minutes without allowing a goal. A record in the 2000's. The bad news is that Deportivo are losing Luisinho, Culio and Fernando Vázquez for the next game, which is the visit to CD Tenerife (Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium, Saturday, 20h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-1-4-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Álex Bergantiños, Luisinho – Wilk (Luis 77’) – Rudy (Manuel Pablo 90+2’), Juan Domínguez, Culio, Arizmendi (Núñez 52’) – Borja Bastón.
Zaragoza: (4-2-3-1) Leo Franco - Cortés, Paredes, Álvaro, Abraham – Movilla (Cidoncha 59’), José Mari -  Barkero (Tarsi 65’), Montañés (Laguardia 83’), Víctor Rodriguez – Ángelo Henríquez.
Goals: 0-1: (79’) Víctor Rodriguez, 1-1: (90+1’) Borja Bastón
Referee: Pedro Sureda Cuenca. He showed yellow card to Movilla (33’), Insua (33’), Laure (42’), Culio (45’), Barkero (45’), Lux (78’) and Leo Franco (85’). Luisinho was sent off with two yellow cards (56’ & 80’)
Venue: Riazor (22,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (59% - 41%); Attempts to score (8 – 2); Total shots (14 - 5); Shots on target (3 - 2); Saves by the keepers (1 - 2); Corner-kicks (6 - 3); Offsides (1 - 4); Fouls committed (11 - 16); Passing accuracy (84.94% - 75.56%)




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