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19 Nov 2013
This time the media was satisfied with the performance of Deportivo in order to defeat a direct rival and remain at the second place. The papers in Mallorca are hammering Oltra and the lack of direction at his team.

La Voz de Galicia: One point behind the leader. Deportivo consolidated its position at the upper positions of the standings. It defended the second place and cut the gap with the leader, Recreativo, only one point above. Depor beat Mallorca at the Riazor in a good exercise of pressure and patience. The team of Fernando Vazquez, though supported by their public, isn’t afraid to give the ball and the initiative to the opponent. And even though that in the first few minutes of each half Mallorca gave a sense of danger, the Galicians were the superior side throughout the 90 minutes.

Forcefully at the back (again big game for Insua and Marchena), sacrifice in midfield (with a leading role for Bergantiños and Culio) and the optimization of the opportunities (mostly arising from set-pieces or taking advantage of the opponent’s mistakes). With these three pillars, watered by a suffocating pressure in hot areas of the field, Deportivo clings to the good results and good feelings. Perhaps it fails to create a precious game, but dwarfs the rivals until devour them. F. Balado

La Opinión A Coruña: Strategy at both sides. Lacking self-confidence, poise and nerve, Deportivo continue matchday after matchday, and now after fourteen, appearing as a united team, disciplined and solid, like it has been repeated by the coaching staff whenever they are questioned about their benefits. As much as yesterday the team consented more approaches of the ones often allowed to the rivals, Los Blanquiazules known that they’re strong defensively, confident that they’ve achieved a consistency that despite the gaps allowed them to be only one point behind the first place.

The opponents so far have only found a crack in the strength shown by Vazquez, who are still choking with the set-pieces. Of the seven goals conceded by Deportivo five of them had arrived in this type of actions. However, within the last games, the team has been able to give back the blows in this department.

Last week Pablo Insua's header at the far post allowed the victory over Recreativo and confirmed the team at the highest positions of the standings. The goals conceded from set-pieces were hitting Deportivo as much as the lack of fluidity shown by the team and their problems to dominate the opponent. The last two meetings, however, have served to correct these deficiencies timidly, to the point that the team was a little more attuned and more self-confident to manage the ball.

It helped especially Culio’s performance moving across the attack and assuming the tasks in principle reserved for Juan Dominguez, who seems now going through a rough patch in his game. Finally, for the second straight game, the team has played with the proper amplitude, both in attack and defense, and this is achieved with side players performing on their positions (Luisinho). It was a very good work between Luisinho and Culio on the left, especially in the first half. In the set-pieces and from the sides we still allowing and scoring goals. M. Otero.

AS: Deportivo enjoyed in the return of Oltra. Depor had its placid day at the Riazor coinciding with the visit of Oltra, someone that will now face a tough week. The opposite happens to Fernando Vazquez, who’s greasing a machine that’s almost perfect in terms of order and that’s improving in the offensive aspect. With today’s win it makes three straight victories and the leadership at reach, just one single point away. To frame it.

The match was largely marked by the expulsion of Geromel at the 28 ', but before a lot of things happened. The first thing was a frantic start for Los Bermellones, owners of the lawn until the tenth minute. After it there was an exchange of blows in which the defenses suffered. The first blow was for Depor, a team that without noticing it can transform a dime into a Euro. Culio assisted Arizmendi, the Madrilenian made the assist and Luisinho, who besides being a headache for his markers, even brings goals.

Five minutes later, Geromel saw the red card, and that's too much advantage for a Depor that nobody has managed to steal any points if they score first. The next character called to the game was the strategy, because thus came the last three goals.

Luis got the 2-0 after a clearance of Miño in a corner-kick that was connected by Marchena. Just at the start of the second half, Victor headed on target a free-kick of Riverola. Only eight minutes later Marchena was getting another header, again after another corner, the definitive 3-1 despite Mallorca, with ten players, gave a hard battle until the end.

In this section of the game the protagonists were the assistants, and it was positive. After the 2-1 Alfaro scored, but was offside. Marchena's goal was one of those who are called ghost goals, but it was legal. About Geromel, it’s something to discuss, because it’s one of those plays in which everyone is right. Luis de La Cruz.

Mallorca Esports: The promotion is impossible in this way.  Twenty minutes of good football are not enough to win a game. The team of Oltra again became a victim of its own mistakes and fell by three goals to one at the Riazor. Two more goals from set-pieces, errors and the questionable expulsion of Geromel were too much for them. Real Mallorca are now eight points from the promotion. Sebastían

Diario de Mallorca: Fourteen matchdays of depression. Oltra and the team run out of arguments to justify the bleak first third of the season, closer to relegation than to the target -if it still is- the promotion. And better to throw balls out or acknowledge that the team isn’t working in any manner prior to express, after a defeat so clear, that the team is growing. Oltra is wrong for many reasons, but mainly for two: you cannot fight the reality of the numbers, paupers, without any justification, and cannot fool the fans, who are receiving one blow after another. They’re waiting for some time ago to see the team clinching a positive streak that can allow reaching the top positions. They dreamed it with the visits of the modest Lugo and Ponferradina, rivals that couldn’t be defeated. The team doesn’t match the expectations before stronger rivals and whatever Oltra says, the defense is a real loophole as you can see with the 26 goals conceded in fourteen matchdays . This is not going anywhere.

All symptoms are negative. But the main one is that the team doesn’t know how to compete. Yesterday was another good example of this. The first fifteen minutes were encouraging. Los Rojillos seemed to take control of the game. But, as so often occurs, it collapsed with the first goal, a collective error of the entire defense. Then it came the expulsion, rigorous, of Geromel, as almost always out of place, and the second goal, another one in a set-piece. Beyond recognizing that the team fails more than a gun without bullets, the team, with the coach in front, could benefit from training behind closed doors, without the hassle of the press, to practice the set-pieces, a drain that’s costing too many points.

If Serra Ferrer, who long time ago lost confidence in the coach, has not made the move to dismiss him, it is because he hasn’t found anyone with guarantees to replace him. The sporting director, as so many fans, doesn’t like what he sees. The days pass and the team not only isn’t growing -Oltra dixit- but has lost its way. Ricard Cabot.



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